These 10 Japanese -style wet -applying lotion, let you follow the autumn dry skin Say Goodbye

Autumn has come quietly, but our skin has different problems. The most serious of which is the lack of water! Even if there is a good care of the skin every day, there is still a phenomenon of stuck powder and peeling in makeup, so that the little partners have invested in the new sauce to solve the problem.

In fact, if you have skin peeling and other phenomena in this season, you can use wet compress to solve!

What is wet compress?

Wet compress is to pour the cotton cotton cotton on the face that requires wet compresses, which are used like a mask. In fact, this is a process of conditioning the stratum corneum, hydrating and moisturizing, and opening the skin’s absorption channel, so that subsequent maintenance can add points. Generally, most lotion is suitable for wet compresses, but it is recommended to use fresh and non -sticky lotion as the choice of wet dressing water, so that the skin will not have too heavy burdens.

What to apply is better?

The most convenient way is to buy a mask paper, and then open it on the cheek after soaking the lotion every day. Of course, there are more convenient ways to tear the cotton pad into a few slices, pour the lotion and stick to the cheeks, forehead, chin, and even neck, body, etc.

How long does it take to apply wet to?

It is good to apply the general lotion for about 5 minutes, and the type of acne should not exceed 10 minutes. If you apply it for too long, the cotton slices or paper films will dry out the water of the cheeks. You can use a muscle base liquid to base or massage with a massage before moisture, and then use a massage oil. After that, the skin care effect will be doubled and doubled! And wet compresses can be made every day. New sauce usually make wet compress every morning, which will make your skin more moisturizing, and the effect of makeup can be better ~

这10款日系湿敷化妆水,让你跟秋季干皮Say Goodbye

Today, the new sauce will push 10 lotion that is suitable for wet compresses in autumn. I hope everyone will follow dry skin and card powder Say goodbye this fall


1.cpb water mill beauty solution

这10款日系湿敷化妆水,让你跟秋季干皮Say Goodbye

It is also called Qin skin tight honey, which is provided to women with high beauty consciousness. It is mainly for acne and pores, so that the skin is shiny, which is called the “polishing” effect. The skin with rough skin and large pores penetrates moisturizing, making the skin new, showing a smooth glory and beautiful muscle.

2. Dr. Harino VC100 lotion

This water contains high -concentration of vitamin C and Q10, which is rich in imported technology with strong permeability, which can make whitening and elastic components directly to the skin, so that the skin is not restrained by the stratum corneum. Let the skin restore elasticity! High moisturizing ingredients, moisturizing the skin, and taking into account the effects of firming whitening and shrinking pores ~ This is good enough to even use whitening elastic toner that can be used by the body!

这10款日系湿敷化妆水,让你跟秋季干皮Say Goodbye

3. IPSA flowing gold water

This IPSA flowing gold water has the function of high moisturizing and bright skin tone, and contains ingredients that can promote metabolism. It can improve the problem of rough skin and prevent pore blockage. It is a high -powered lotion, which is very suitable for the use of dry seasons such as autumn and winter. Although it looks like boiling water, it is very moisturizing and moisturizing, and the texture is sticky and pushed away. It can be absorbed soon.

4. SK-II skin care essence dew

With the reputation of Fairy Water, it contains more than 90%of the PitatM yeast essence rich in multiple nutrients. It provides sufficient nutrition and conditioning skin for the skin every day, deep moisturizing, balances the pH value of the skin, and shaping moisturizing and smooth skin.

这10款日系湿敷化妆水,让你跟秋季干皮Say Goodbye

5. HABA G dew without adding moisturizing skin water

The beauty skin care water with the Japanese royal royal formula contains the essence of the marine and the essence of the brocade, which makes the skin moisturize and healthy, supplement the skin to the skin, and make the skin smooth and tender.

这10款日系湿敷化妆水,让你跟秋季干皮Say Goodbye

6. Snow muscles lotion lotion

Excellent and translucent, penetrate and moisturize, the classic lotion of the Han Fang contains the essence of the Han Fang plant Chuangu Seeds, Dong Dangdang Gen, and Graphite extract to prevent the skin of the skin’s essence of the skin’s essence. Gently and effectively eliminate the dullness of the skin, make the skin color brighter and clear, and give the skin clear nourishment to adjust the texture of the rough skin.

这10款日系湿敷化妆水,让你跟秋季干皮Say Goodbye

7.Albion Healthy Water

It can help the skin to maintain a healthy state. The main functions include whitening skin, converging pores, anti -inflammatory, oil control, sedative acne, anti -sensitivity, etc., can also adjust skin metabolism well, promote blood circulation and nutritional absorption, reduce fine lines Genesis, activating cells. Usually it is used for wet compresses, it feels great!

这10款日系湿敷化妆水,让你跟秋季干皮Say Goodbye

8.ESTHEDEW Cherry Essence High moisturizing lotion

This is a medicinal moisturizing lotion, which contains the cherry essence and the exclusive placenta of Esthe Dew, which is refreshing and not sticky. The texture is light, transparent, and no pigment. After using it, the moisture is very good. It is mainly used for mushrooms that need to be hydrated!

9. MUJI sensitive muscle lotion

In order to protect the sensitive skin that occurs due to dry climate, the grapefruit seed essence containing natural moisturizing ingredients and purslane essence containing natural moisturizing ingredients. And, do not add any alcohol, preservatives, flavors, etc. that can easily cause skin irritation. It will make the skin very good every morning to make wet compresses ~

这10款日系湿敷化妆水,让你跟秋季干皮Say Goodbye

10. E Peilan hydrating and moisturizing barley water

It has a strong whitening effect. At the same time, it makes the skin smooth, delicate, prevent black, improve skin dryness, promote metabolism, facial lotion, moisturize the whole body or apply the mask, and the skin is tender and white.

这10款日系湿敷化妆水,让你跟秋季干皮Say Goodbye

Essential tools for wet compress — Cotton pad

这10款日系湿敷化妆水,让你跟秋季干皮Say Goodbye

In addition to the necessary lotion, the other necessary tool is cotton cotton! The use of cotton pads is many. The main purpose is to remove makeup and use lotion, because its texture is not easy to hurt the face when it is soft, and it is very comfortable to use the toner to remove the makeup. Of course, the cotton pad can also be used for makeup. Wipe the lotion has a second cleaning effect. It is a step that cannot be omitted by skin care. It is also great for wet compresses!

这10款日系湿敷化妆水,让你跟秋季干皮Say Goodbye

Recommended item

1. THE GINZA Special Cotton Cotton Cotton

The packaging is very concise. It focuses on the “dryness”, “oxidation”, “ultraviolet rays” and “tension” that damage the skin. I know that the skin changes with the environment and seasons. ideal. The latest science and technology and the mysterious and effective ingredients created by the earth are combined. The extremely luxurious sense of use and comfortable fragrance make the skin feel easily and relaxed, moisturizing and shiny and perfect basic cosmetics.

2. Muji Cotton Cotton

It is very small. It can be used to use it or wet. In addition to the cotton pads of conventional slices, there are also unveilled cotton pads. When drying, you can peel into 4 pieces. After soaking, you can peel into 8 tablets. It is very practical! The new sauce family must have good things, it feels good to apply the face ~

这10款日系湿敷化妆水,让你跟秋季干皮Say Goodbye

3.CPB cotton pad

Strictly high -quality cotton fiber, all of which are ultra -long and ultra -fine fiber cotton. Super long, can ensure better absorbing lotion; ultrafine, it can ensure that it is easy to release lotion in contact with the skin. “Absorption power” and “release power” super group. With high -quality silk silk, the surface of the cotton pads is smooth, the touch is as smooth as silk, and it is as soft as feathers, making the skin and mood happy.

4. Younijia Cotton Cotton

这10款日系湿敷化妆水,让你跟秋季干皮Say Goodbye

The hot cotton pads rushed to the top of the cosme list as soon as it was launched! The latest -developed sponge material looks like dry and rough. As soon as it encounters lotion, it instantly moisturizes, and as long as the amount of normal lotion is one -half, it saves water! Another one can be divided into two small pieces, and it can also make simple eye masks. How can a good girl who is diligent and frugal be less?

这10款日系湿敷化妆水,让你跟秋季干皮Say Goodbye

5.Albion cotton pad

这10款日系湿敷化妆水,让你跟秋季干皮Say Goodbye

The touch is light skin, it is really light and soft, just like a cotton in the hand, it saves water, it can wet the lotion to apply the face with a little water, and it will not drop dandruff. One is divided into 5 pieces. It is very elastic. After wetting, you can pull it out and do not be too comfortable. Apply your face with healthy water, or to wipe the permeable milk, take it decisively!

Talk about the Japanese wet -applying lotion and cotton pads you like to use!



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