This belt design is simple and generous, wearing daily and business

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The belt, the same small and seemingly inconspicuous matching items, is very important. Today, the Barut belt that is evaluated for everyone is designed with simple and generous design. It is necessary for mature men.


Cage assessor summarizes


As a accessories, the belt is used to make the overall image add points. The two Barut belts recommended this time, the three evaluations reflected after trying it on, the two belts were more comfortable to wear, there was no sense of restraint, and the design of the buckle head was simple and generous. It was suitable for business and daily leisure. clothing style. It is worth mentioning that the three evaluations agreed that automatic deduction pure black is more dull and more suitable for mature men with older age.


Compared with the needle deduction, it is more convenient to adjust the automatic deduction, which is suitable for the body. In the test, we found that the thin body evaluation staff has a loose with needle deduction, and the automatic deduction is fitted.

In the experiment of cross disassembly and component disassembly, it was found that the two belts were composed of three parts: facial layer, setting mezzanine, and underlying layer. Both sides of the automatic deduction are made of head layer cowhide. The cortex layer is thin and soft. The wrinkles can restore the prototype. The pin deduction is made of two layers of cowhide. The leather is strong and durable, and the overall feel is tough, but the belt uses a long test display.

Research and screening process

1. Brand background

Baruut is a men’s clothing brand under Zhejiang Barut Clothing Co., Ltd., positioning light luxury, and has a physical stores in large shopping malls such as Intime City and Wanda. The belt products are produced in Guangzhou. Guangzhou is a well -known domestic leather goods gathering place. Its product workmanship is in the middle and upper levels in the country, and the quality can stand the test.

The Barut belt is mostly made of double -layer leather, with the surface layer as the head layer cowhide, and the bottom layer is mainly material. The surface design is rich in characteristics, with light surface, flowering flowers, weaving and other styles, and both business and leisure. The price of the belt ranges from 200-500 yuan. Compared with the same price belt, its workmanship is excellent and rich in style, and the cost performance is higher.


2. Quality closed

盖得团队对样品进行过手检测,从带身面层及底层面料、扣头材质、带身革面是否厚薄均匀、带孔与带扣是否吻合、带孔间距是否均匀,带边光滑是否无毛刺Wait for the level to ensure excellent product quality.



Automatic belt


Single needle belt


Purchase guide

The belt is divided into two categories: formal belt and casual belt according to the occasion.

Positive belt: Generally, it is necessary to match with the suit suit. The color is mainly black or dark brown. Try to be consistent with the color of the leather shoes and maintain the external image harmony. The width should not be too wide or too narrow, the best between 2.5cm-3.5cm. Avoid fancy or gorgeous on the buckle. If you are not sure about the style of the buckle, it is recommended to use a single pin.


Leisure belt: Most of them are worn daily or vacation, and there are not many requirements for style and style. The color can be bright or calm, and you can even choose gradient elements. There are no requirements in the buckle and bandwidth, you can choose according to your own wearable habits. Men who are pursuing personality can also choose to buckle their heads, suitable for party dressing.


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