What should I put in the car appear to have a grade?

As the car gradually entered thousands of households, there were more topics about cars. Like buying a house, many people bought a car, always think about the car “hand-fashioned feet”, change here, loading there, even if it doesn’t change, I have to put (hanging) a piece of ornaments in the car. It seems that this is like this. What is even more, I also talked about car Feng Shui, and even specially invited the master to open light for the car, or if I bought some ornaments for the gold, I was ignored! “

In fact, you can think of the foot finger. If you don’t drive according to law, you don’t upgrade the driving skills. If you put a piece of ornaments in the car, you can use the fierce. Why do you still use the driver’s license, why not use internships, direct flowers Does the money ask a piece of ornaments?

The real situation is that these ornaments in the car are not only caught in the car. In some cases, it is possible to become a true murder! If you are unfortunately encountered this situation, you have to be superstitious. If you are soaked, it is really self-take!

Don’t think that this is a small matter or deliberately exaggerating its words, countless event descriptions, we usually put a huge injury to the occupants in the car in the car. Because the vehicle is easily generated during the driving process, such as the vehicle turn, there is a centrifugal force generated, this force will take out the no fixed ornaments; if it is a collision, emergency brake or rear-end When the role of inertia, these ornaments will roll back and forth in the car. If it is a very hard ornament, it is likely to cause harm to the human body. In addition, some ornaments may also block the sight and affect the driving. Therefore, it is best not to put what or put in the car.


To make a real case: In May 2012, a company executive Zhang was killed in a car accident, the culprit was the CD in the CD package on the visor. Detected from the deadline, there is only a generous scratch in the whole body. The traffic police department was identified as the CD film in the visor and flying out of the sun, and killed the sun.


When the vehicle crashes or tightly braked, the CD disc in the CD rack is placed by the car inertial force, it is possible to fly. At this time, the momentum of the CD flying is equal to the mass of the disc, the larger the acceleration of the vehicle, the larger the acceleration, the harmability of the CD disc, even like a flying knife, if you encounter the important part of the human body, The injury or even lethal.


A small CD disc is still still so, let alone some of the decoration than the disc.


Let’s take a look at that the car is placed in those places or with things that may cause harm to people.

The first is the instrument desk, many people habits to put mobile phones, wallets, etc., for easy access, although they are not very heavy, most cases will not think that these will cause harm to people. Some owners placed perfumes and toys (such as car models, etc.) at the instrument table (such as car models, etc.), and most of them are hard plastic or glass. Once an accident, the consequences are unimaginable. Some people have been experimenting, a glass perfume bottle is a speed of 80km / h, or a collision occurs, then this perfume bottle will roll in the car like a shell. It is fatal for the car member.

The correct practice is not to place any items on the instrumentation, including the plush toys of many female owners, although they are soft, but they will return to the scattered driver.

Secondly, the inner rearview mirror, many owners like to hang the beads to do decoration on the rearview mirror, or hang a self-contained ornament, put Chairman Mao, the trolley, the Buddha portrait, not only Will not play peace, and it is possible to become one of the causes of traffic accidents. Because it is violently impacked. These hangs will instantly fall, “roll” in the car, and they are very close to our head. The hanging ornaments are on the rear view mirror, as if there is a pistol on it, once there is an unexpected situation, it is easy to shoot.


The most fundamental feature that guarantees driving safety is a good vision, and the pendant hanging on the lattosphere in the car is definitely the most influential items. The shaking of these pendants in driving will greatly scattered the driver’s attention, and the judgment of moving objects will decrease significantly. Therefore, do not hang the orifold on the inner rearview mirror.

Furthermore, it is behind the windshield. Many people like to put the tissue box, hat, gloves, plush toys on the back windshield, which is the biggest hidden danger to affect the rear sight. In particular, the sight of the sedan in the reverse line itself is poor, and then putting these items can only be reversed. Therefore, it is recommended that in addition to using reversing radar, the reversing image system acts as auxiliary, it is best not to put these miscellaneous .

In addition, the steering wheel, foot pad, sunshade, etc., it is best not to place the ornaments, especially the weight of the weight or hard material, glass material, etc. Don’t be superstitious in the air, safe driving is everyone The obligation, let alone an accident, these ornaments not only can’t save you, but also damage to you. Therefore, it is best to keep it in the car, and any piece of ornaments should be put.


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