Camping and exquisite distance

Camping and exquisite distance

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The camping Holy Land Martial Arts Mountain is “full of accounts” in almost every small holiday. The colorful tents on the top of the mountain are shot and shoulder, and the crowds of crowds are comparable to the peak of the urban subway. Not long ago, a short video about the martial arts mountain “The top of the mountain is covered with the same tent and the woman lost in the middle of the night” has become popular on the Internet. People who have been to have made a sense of laughter. I was lost in the pile. “

The popularity of Wugongshan for more than ten years has shown that people’s strong longing for camping mountains. Compared with 2 net red punching land in 1 day, they are more and more eager for people to travel in the province for 5 days. A deep experience trip, under the catalysis of Xiaohongshu on social platform, exquisite camping stands out, becoming a new favorite for urban youths to chase.


While people are eager to get close to nature, they also bring a piece of exquisite net red supplies in the city into their tents, creating a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere between heaven and earth. It can be said,

Camping is refined, and as the mobile phone is becoming more and more intelligent, it is an unstoppable development trend.

On the other hand, compared with the traditional camping, exquisite camping not only pursues high value and comfort, but also has a layer of social attributes. While enjoying it, it also meets the three major social needs of camping experienceists, sunbathing, and sun -drawing maps. It can be said that if there is no social attributes on this layer, exquisite camping may not appear today.

Crazy Glamping

The word GLAMPING is first from Britain. It is combined by two words: Glamorous and Camping. Its significance is to enjoy a type of camping life. A few years ago, the wild camping in Western countries had achieved WiFi freedom, and heating mattresses were not even more. The word Glamping came out and was also included in Oxford Dictionary.

In 2020, exquisite camping became popular in China,

This is a year of explosive growth in Chinese camping. The exquisite camping popularity has continued to rise, and new camping locations have appeared in mountains, suburbs, rural areas and other places. This year is also known as the “first year of Chinese camping.”

According to statistics, the size of the Chinese camping market in 2020 is about 700 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of 40%, and the number of domestic campers reached 360 million times. Among them, 20%of them have experienced exquisite camping. This part of the crowd concentrated at 21 ~ 45 Between the age, the youth group and the baby. In the Ctrip community, the release of the relevant content of “wild luxury, picnic, and camping” has increased by more than 400%year -on -year, and the number of reading has increased by more than 11 times.

Not long ago, the National Day holiday also ushered in another peak of camping. The number of search for “camping” on Meituan APP has increased by 744%year -on -year. The search volume on “camping” on Malaysia also skyrocketed by 200%within a week, second only to “self -driving”.

Many dew camps are full, and a phenomenon is difficult to find. According to Times Financial Report, a camping site in Guangzhou, during the National Day, has doubled the number of camping products compared with the previous, and camping products of about 600 yuan/person usually increased the price to nearly 900 yuan/person during the National Day.

It is difficult to find the normal camp during the holidays. This grand occasion originated from Xiaohongshu. On this social platform that focuses on young users, the search volume of “camping” increased by 428%year -on -year in the first half of this year. The number of notes increased by 271%year -on -year, and nearly 80%of camping users were young people aged 19 to 33. Nearly 300,000 camping notes continued to swipe the screen, seduced the small white groups that were eager to try again and again.

“Exquisite Camping” notes on Xiaohongshu

How much do Xiaohongshu make? For the “hot wild wilderness”, which started business at the end of last year, more than 70%of the company’s camping orders came from Xiaohongshu. This is not a special case of the hot wilderness,

In fact, the source of the main passenger flow of Xiaohongshu occupying the camping site has become a common phenomenon in the industry.


Last year, Xiaohongshu set up a special camping project team and camp merchants to attract many merchants to come to cooperate. In August this year, Xiaohongshu set up a “Camping Commune”. In the tight development trend, the Malaysian Honeycomb also officially opened the “M Camping Club” project in August this year.

“M Camping Club” on the horse honeycomb


Under this boom, the number of startups related to camping increased. Data from Tianyan Check shows that as of October 12, 2021, there were more than 30,000 related companies in my country, and there were more than 17,700 companies that were established in less than one year.

Exquisite camping tricks

Why did the exquisite camping stand out? Some of course are because urban youth’s longing for the nature of Shanye, and the other is that the exquisite camping greatly reduces the threshold for people to deeply contact nature.

Before exquisite camping, camping was only part of the outdoor hiking. Camping equipment was mainly based on practical needs, and strived to be light and simple. Because outdoor hiking requires certain physical strength and professional outdoor survival skills, the entry threshold is high. The exploration of wind meals and hoping and carrying weights is expected to be available for many urban youths.

Today, camping has become an independent tourist project. Exquisite camping caters to the consumption needs of young people’s “enjoying the first” and focus on “experience” rather than “exploration”.

In order to enhance the user experience, the camp also began to provide camping equipment and basic daily necessities. It is equipped with a high -level ones, which will also be equipped with wild luxury tents, sky curtains, egg roll tables, moon chairs, open -air movies, bonfire party, and various each. Foods, etc., these thoughtful services that are delivered to the door are just satisfied with urban young people who only want to stay in the city.

There are also self -driving passengers with their own tents, which are generally self -driving. But self -service camping is actually very cumbersome. The exquisite camping is divided into several major systems. The sleep system is undoubtedly the most important part of them. The equipment involved includes sleeping bags, moisture -proof pads, floor mats, and so on. Bathhouse, folding toilet, etc.; There are also ingredients, fuels, insulation boxes, barbecues, tea sets, cookers, etc. of the kitchen system, as well as some auxiliary equipment: lamps, hammers, fire stones … There are hundreds of equipment to bring, which is why delicate camping is called “moving camping”.

Therefore, exquisite costs require cost, and the cost is expensive. The price of a tent ranges between hundreds of yuan and tens of thousands of yuan, and a set of basic camping equipment also costs 3,000-5000 yuan. If you want to restore the net red “INS” wind or exquisite Japanese style, you need to add a must -have “concave shape” for young people such as net red sky screens, exquisite coffee machines, retro horses lamps, Japanese cotton and linen blankets, Aladdin heater, etc. Props.

Parent -child camping is a gold mine on the exquisite camping business map. Ctrip data shows that the number of home camping orders in the Yangtze River Delta last year increased by 206%year -on -year.

Among the parent -child camping, 70 % of their parents take their baby camping more than twice a year. In addition, during the National Day this year, the daily single passenger flow of tent camping projects in the Magnolia Grassland of Wuhan reached 26,000, of which 85%of the family travel was as high as 85%.

At the price, exquisite camping is also called a harvester for middle -class families. At present, the price of family camping on the market is generally concentrated at the level of 1,000 to 2000 yuan a night. If the camps are good or equipped with rich facilities, the price will only be more expensive. In addition to camping services itself, services such as parent -child camping can be extended, and the parent -child relationships have given operators more imagination. In these respects, for parents, camping is more attractive than five -star hotels at the same price.

This has also attracted many large camps to increase parent -child camping business and launch a family camping annual card. Nature, known for its natural grassland scenery, has opened up a artificial lawn to undertake parent -child camping business.

In addition, on the recruitment platform, recruitment of parent -child camping related positions, parent -child activity product manager, parent -child outdoor lifestyle planner, professional photographer, video editor, etc. Some people in the industry revealed to the media that the parent -child camping industry The average salary of the personnel has doubled this year.

In addition to parent -child projects, the concept of “wild luxury life” created by exquisite camping also allows more surrounding industries to find new consumer scenes here. More and more products want to join the “wild luxury life”. In the circle.

Taking “one account Camplus” as an example, this company that was born out of the marketing public relations team suddenly switched to camping related content, and re -positioned itself as “a new lifestyle platform that links with camping as the carrier”, according to the second, according to the second, the second is the second. One Financial Media reported that during the event, there were more than 300 sponsorship brands, including not only camping equipment brands at home and abroad, but also snacks, drinks, cars, furniture, pupils, condoms, mouthwash and other types of various types. Life brand.

Behind the exquisite camping

There is no doubt that the temptation of “wild luxury life” is irresistible, but the initial experience of many people is not so beautiful. Under the refined photos of “Lakes and Mountains in the Mountains”, there are too many embarrassing camping Xiaobai. “It is difficult to imagine what experience lying on the furry velvet blankets lying on the furry velvet blankets, that is, I feel that the carefully created dreamland is not so fragrant.”

In fact, this is the main factors that persuade the majority of camping small white groups: no bathroom, no bathroom, and the lack of basic supporting facilities in the camp, so that the exquisite defense created by labor and fortune can be created. It can be said that the vast majority of exquisite camping currently meets the social needs of people’s gatherings and sun maps. The real camping experience is a bit far worse than that of exquisiteness.

Although my country’s camp operations have gradually entered the right track, there are still very few camps with complete facilities. Many senior players have said that there are few camping camps in China. And garbage collection and storage stations.

At present, most camps only provide a lawn, which has caused great inconvenience to camping life. In addition, most camps cannot have a bonfire, and they have also wiped out the essence of camping the essence.


In foreign countries, camping has become a very popular sports travel project in the world. In Western countries, self -driving tourist camping has been tied with leisure, picnics, and drifts to become their favorite tourism projects. They know how to enjoy life to enjoy life. Foreigners love to go to forests and seaside camps for vacation.

In the country where the camp is developed and transported, the camping has also been divided into various theme styles, such as beach themes, forest themes, mountains and themes, starry sky themes, etc. In these camps, in addition to the basic hydropower systems, there are restaurants and guest rooms and guest rooms. , Barbecue table, bonfire, racing car, etc. to meet the needs of civilized life and all kinds of supporting facilities in leisure and entertainment,

The camp has expanded to multi -functional places that integrate rest, entertainment, outdoor sports, and vacations.

In contrast, the development of China’s camping industry is still in its infancy. According to statistics from the China Camping Association in 2017: In the world, there are 25,000 camping locations in Europe, 16,500 camping locations in the United States, about 4,231 Canadian camping locations, about 3,000 Japanese camping areas. In the same year, in the same year, There are only 1270 camping in China. At present, more than 50%of camps are distributed around the first- and second -tier cities.

In China, the construction of supporting facilities in the camp is a heavy asset investment for operators. In addition to labor costs, the investment in a camp may exceed one million a year. The registered capital is less than 2 million, and the ability to invest in capital is quite limited.

In addition, due to the complexity of China’s land, it is not easy to collect land. Therefore, domestic camp operations are generally renting models, and it is difficult for operators to transform themselves.

All kinds of dilemma hindered the further upgrade of the camp, not only did the entrepreneurs dare not act lightly, but also made capital uncertain.

Although there are countless urban youths and distant places in exquisite camping, it is not easy to restore exquisite life in the wild. At high costs, the distance between camping and exquisiteness is about the distance between urban youth and camping.

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