What shoes can you wear during rainy days?

Yesterday, a fancy forecast jumped out and said that Beijing Thunder Rain will go home from get off work. Did you get the rain in the Honey in Beijing? I think of a message from a sister paper that there are always no shoes to wear on the rainy days, and the cake mushrooms that stayed in rare places before the cold before it rained and opened the shoe cabinet. Share.

Picture: Stills of the movie “Time Love Traveler”

↑ At the beginning, I always thought of that familiar old song, “Wow la la la la rainy, and many people have lost their faces …” Of course, at this time, there will always be a touching plot, just like “Time Love Traveler The hero and heroine in the male and female protagonists married because of hiding the rain; Gao Yuanyuan and Nicholas Tse in “Lifetime” laughed; … there are too many cameras, we do not give one example, it seems that romance always happens at this time.

But in the factual life, there are too few romantic romance when thunderstorms come, but there are too many realms -for example, a rain destroys a pair of shoes. I remember at the beginning of work, a pair of Staccato purchased by the cake mushrooms gritted her teeth, and I was always reluctant to wear it and opened an absolutely beautiful head. The virgin show encountered a thunderstorm. As a result, the lambskin was destroyed directly … With deep understanding, then you will definitely agree with the need to prepare a pair of “raindrops”.


Rainwood is a single product with happiness. Through a pair of “raindrops”, it is likely that you will change the dim and abandon of the haze rainy days, enjoy the fun of stepping on the water, and have a beautiful mood in “Bad Weather”. So what shoes should you wear to deal with rainy days? This follows the cake mushrooms:


[Fashionable choice -Rain boots]

↑ A large close -ups in “Smith” were brought to Julie to the double Hunter rain boots to deal with the sudden attack. Of course, the brain is replenished. At this time, this scene is only the most suitable, practical and good -looking (don’t believe you, think about it, the single shoes are too mother, the slippers are too embarrassing, and how to roll away the high heels, …).


In the rainy London, in fact, rain boots and trench coats have already become a sign of the British style. According to legend, the well -known long rain boots (Wellington boots) was named after the name of the Duke of Wellington, who defeated Napoleon in the Waterloo, and was already popular on the streets of the United Kingdom as early as the 19th century. Of course, the popularity of Wellington boots not only originated from the strong national pride of the British, but also the rainy weather. Because the material of Wellington’s boots is mainly rubber, wearing waterproof, non -slip and warmth, so it becomes like an umbrella. Baby Baby who goes out.


The most famous of the many Wellington boots must be the Hunter brand of the white label. Hunterboots is a British -long professional boot brand, but it is the American Henry Lee Norris. During the First World War, Hunterboots produced 1185036 pairs of boots for the army and worn with the army brigade. It can be seen that it is actually wearing.

Picture: Diana’s Scottish Honeymoon, 1981

In 1955, North British Rubber officially launched the classic green Hunter, which is today’s Green Welly. Since the introduction of 1955, Hunter Green Welly’s shoes have basically not changed much. It was only a few years ago to commemorate the 50th anniversary of birth, and only the colorful Hunter Giving Welly series, while the shoes of each color represent Different charity organizations come to raise funds. It is precisely because of its long history that Hunter has already become a sign of rain boots. Even if there are many luxury big names producing rain boots, the most popular is it, and the most resistant to it is it.


Having said so much, Hunter boots are not only a must -have for rainy weather, but also the existence of concave shapes. So how do you wear your rain boots?

1 windbreaker+rain boots

↑ A trench coat can easily create the British style with rain boots. Such a look is suitable for students, OL and other various mushrooms.

2 Rain boots with pencil pants


↑ Like other boots, the standard of rain boots must be pencil pants. The tight pants legs are slender in the rain boots and easily highlight the good figure.


3 Short -knitted concave shape

↑ In the summer rainy season, you can use short -loading with rain boots and stars. This is the favorite of the stars to participate in the concert.

As for the choice of color:

↑ You can choose a pair of classic versatile black black.


↑ Especially the slightly fat girl can be used to create a code color.

↑ Of course, you can also choose some bright colors to add warmth to rainy weather, such as the enthusiasm of the fire.

↑ For example, tender watermelon powder.


↑ Or a sweet age -reducing Barbie powder.

↑ or dazzling yellow.


↑ It may also be a two -character printed model.

In short, according to your preferences and matching, whether it is echoing or the finishing touch, you can control them.

↑ In addition, you have to ask the little man if you can wear Hunter boots? 152cm small Jane made a demonstration. You can also pad a height in the inner inner inner, which is a good trick.


↑ Finally, Hunter boots also have Ankle Boots shoes on Alexa’s feet, which is also a rare choice for concave shapes.


But buying double rain boots for thousands of yuan does not seem to be acceptable to everyone. You can also choose some cheap brands to start, such as South Korea’s L-Rain, Japan’s Maruryo, and many e-commerce companies with flagship stores with flagship stores Although JoyCorn and other are not famous, they are all cute and cheap rain boots. Of course, there are many daily brands such as ASOS such as ASOS, Hong Kong IT and other daily brands. There will also be rain boots. You can choose the one that suits you ~


[Childhood’s aftertaste -Jelly Sandals]

In addition to the orthodox rain boots in the summer, the JUJU jelly shoes of the British brand of British brands in the past two years (it seems that it really looks like a plastic sandals in childhood, is the naked exposure age? ?).

JUJU jelly shoes are one of the typical Japanese -like girls who are one of the love of Japanese Harajuki.

The transparent juju has the attributes of nude shoes and is easy to match. But age reduction is its biggest attribute, so it is more suitable for young girls.

[Practical choice -MELISSA]

Of course, Jelly Shoes is not exclusive to JUJU. It is also Grendne’s brand Melissa (Melissa). Although the plastic shoes make a living, Melissa knows the way of survival and operation. For example, its spokesperson is quite big. Gyssisal Bangchen (although the past seems a bit uncomfortable) who just quit the runway has done a endorsement. ↓


Figure: Gisele Bundchen -Melissa Brasil (1996)


For example, Melissa is good at inviting major designers to cooperate with it. Vivienne Westwood × Melissa series shoes, which cooperate with punk godmother, moved a lot of girls’ hearts:


↑ The bow series like a ribbon has been favored by a lot of butterflies.


↑ The loved peach heart has become the choice of wedding shoes for many brides.

↑ There are Lady Dragon Globe that even Dita Von Teese is unwilling to miss.


↑ Weak supplement: DITA is a loyal fan, there are a lot of Melissa flat shoes. The pair of camellia flat sandals on the feet is also very popular.

In general, the Grendne material selected by Melissa has the characteristics of waterproof, breathable, comfortable, and comfortable.

It can also be used as a daily match for rainy days, and the price is relatively approachable. It is also a great gospel for the MM that does not want to replace the shoes on rainy days.

As for matching, whether you choose heels or flat -bottomed shoes, take it as a pair of ordinary shoes, and it is not that difficult. ↓

In addition to the three brands we mentioned above, Jelly’s autocratic brands include CROCS (Karochi), which is said to be wearing Obama. In addition, many brands will also launch jelly -made shoes:


↑ Chanel Camellia series black, white PVC material is perfectly combined with camellia elements.

↑ Ferragamo’s bow Jelly shoes, sweet and charming.

↑ Moschino designed Bowwow plastic ballet shoes, cute childlike fun. There are also Gucci’s Marola’s sandals, Kate Spade a T-STRAP sandals, … and so on.

The cake mushrooms are cool, so much of it. In fact, no matter what choices you make, and using a word for a summary, you need to be a pair of “plastic” shoes! Now, do you have any choice to deal with double -exclusive shoes in rainwater?

If the cake mushrooms are cold:


These contents are the hard work of the mushrooms, the cold day and night, and it is true for those who go to the watermark to stole the text. This feeling is only understandable.

To these people: Welcome to learn and match themselves, but do not cherish the results of others and plagiarize in plagiarism. Once you find it, you must complain to the end, no matter which platform you plagiarize. Do you spend a long time to go to the watermark, why not learn some useful Knowledge?

The cake hopes to see more and more girls who are more and more beautiful, and also hope that the girls here are actively helping the cake mushrooms to supervise it. Thank you for your recent complaints.


In addition, if you want to reprint the articles with cool mushrooms, please reply to me to get a license, 2 prohibit the watermark, 3 indicate the WeChat name and source.

There are doubts about the learning process, such as unable to find good clothes and so on. To sum up, the process of learning matching is roughly sauce purple drip: 1

A piece of clothes in the wardrobe is not available

→ 2

Why can’t I buy it?

→ 3


It turns out that my dress can be put like this, it is just a magic


→ 4


Come casually, let me get you!

What stage do you are in now? Don’t worry about step by step, each mushroom cool can gain great changes and full sense of accomplishment.


Note: All original contents have not been permitted, and they will be rejected by the legal way without permission. Welcome girls to help the big cakes supervise and report to tell the big cake.




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