The three meanings of learning philosophy, why is “leaving philosophy, life is blind”?

Hello everyone, this is a small broadcast of reading. Today we continue to share the book “Philosophy and Life” of Teacher Fu Peirong. We shared it earlier that philosophy is love wisdom. Today we will talk about it. What is the meaning of philosophy? Teacher Fu Peirong said that philosophy can be described in three sentences:


First: Philosophy is cultivating wisdom;

Second: Philosophy is to discover the truth;


Third: philosophy is to confirm the value.

Cultivating wisdom, discovering truth, and confirming value is actually let us reflect and practice. Really in philosophy is not talking about soldiers on paper, but to talk about its own knowledge and wisdom in practice. This is a process of “integration of knowledge and action”. Einstein said that “experts are just trained dogs.” In fact, it is not a curse, but tells us not to be only an expert, but also try to practice further through his own knowledge in order to truly understand wisdom.

Organizer theoretical scholar Russell Aike proposed the pyramid model of human wisdom. The bottom layer of the pyramid was data, quantitative structured, and after the refinement of information and information was after the thinking and reflection of knowledge and knowledge, and eventually formed wisdom. Lao Tzu said in the Tao Te Ching: For the increasing learning, the Dao Dao was damaged, and it was damaged, so that it was not to do nothing. Learning knowledge every day is a process of accumulation. There are more and more knowledge, but it does not mean that it is becoming more and more intelligent. Knowledge is a process of wisdom. In today’s information explosion, there are more and more information and knowledge, but there are not many real classics and wisdom. Therefore, it is best to read the classics. The Analects of Confucius, the Tao Te Ching, “Zhuangzi” and “Sun Tzu’s Art of War” have all been tested by generations and the crystallization of human wisdom.

Now we know that wisdom is a more refined knowledge, and wisdom has two characteristics: one is integrity and the other is fundamental. This is actually a method of philosophical research. Philosophy often talks about the nature of life and the nature of the world. In fact, it is necessary to grasp and understand a thing as a whole.


For example, the so -called integrity is to treat the life of a person’s life as a whole, so don’t see too much about gains and losses at the moment of anything. Looking at this time from a longer period of time, the so -called God’s perspective probably means that. For example, before the Internet, there was a 36 -year -old highway toll collector. Because of her unemployment, she felt that the whole world collapsed. This is the lack of wisdom in the integrity of life. Some people started to take the college entrance examination at the age of 50 and went to the violin at the age of 60. They thought their lives had just begun.

When we regard life as a complete whole, we encounter any setbacks, difficulties, and unsatisfactory, we will tell ourselves “to come to Japan,” we have to be friends with time. How can we be friends of time? For example, if you are in a dark night, there are pouring rain outside, and you are drenched on the road. At this time, you must be in a bad mood, but if you look at it in a longer -term, when you are 10 years later, you will have a friend with your friends. When talking about this experience, maybe it has become a joke for your chat. Therefore, sometimes seeing life as a complete whole will make us more open -minded.

The second is fundamental. Some problems in the world are small problems, and some problems are fundamental problems. What is fundamental problem? For example, the issue of life and death is a fundamental issue. Therefore, philosophers often think about such problems. The so -called “the only death of the ages”. If you can see through death, what are the problems in life? Heidegger said that he would “live to death.” Lao Tzu once said that “the people are not afraid of death, but how can they die”, which means that ordinary people are not afraid of death, so even if you use death to threaten him.

Of course, in addition to life and death, many of them are big problems. For example, why people have different fate, why some do bad things but have no retribution, and why some of them will suffer. It is difficult for us to get the only standard answer. This is that we need to continue to experience life and discover wisdom.


In short, philosophy is a learning that requires life experience to cooperate, so Mr. Fu Peirong said, “

Leaving life, philosophy is empty talk; leaving philosophy, life is blind

“How to improve our ability to find wisdom? Teacher Fu Peirong put forward four basic views: cultivating thinking habits; mastering the overall view, establishing value orientation, and striving for knowledge and action.

We can also understand the habit of reflection here. The philosopher Whitehai said, “Be sure to wait for your textbooks to be lost, and the notes are burned. When you forget all the details in your heart, the rest of the things you have learned are what you learn.” Everyone must develop the habit of thinking and reflection. The famous educator and philosopher John Dewey proposed in the book “Essence of Thinking”. Essence Whether it has the ability to reflect is an important difference between humans and animals.

Learning philosophy is to ask us to find the roots and ask those complete and fundamental questions. In fact, it is a systematic and methodical systemic reflection. The pursuit of truth and wisdom is endless, as Zhuangzi said: “I have no life, and I know that there is no end. It means that the scope of knowledge is unlimited, but everyone’s life is limited. It is really hopeless to pursue unlimited knowledge with limited life. But this may be the charm of philosophy. It encourages people to pursue and explore wisdom, but it may not have wisdom. On the road of thought, the meaning of the process is always greater than the meaning of the result.

Well, this is the content of today. The general content of this book is also introduced to everyone. I recommend everyone to read Mr. Fu Peirong’s original work “Philosophy and Life”. “Small broadcast”, see the next article.


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