Citroen C4L modified 18 -inch wheels, the original wheel hub data is not much room for choice

“My car is the 2014 Citroen C4L. The 14 original cars are equipped with Michelin LC tires. They are soft and very easy to drum. I was drumming in an accident.”


“Taking advantage of the opportunity to change the tires, I decided to change a set of better hubs. When I was looking for a wheel, I knew that the French cars were maverick: R18, 4*108, ET30, 65.1, 65.1 . After finding it for a long time, the original wheels of the DS series are all eligible, but I have another heart that wants multiple wheels in my heart. Finally, I finally found this wheel on the picture: 18 inches, ET28, Central Hole 65.1 65.1 , 4*108, perfect compatible C4L parameters, with 225/45R18 domestic tires. “

“18 -inch wheel car loading effect.”

“The front wheels are not obvious, and the distance from the outside of the leaves is about 2cm.”


“The rear wheels are relatively not obvious than the front wheels.”


“The front wheels are three fingers, the rear wheels are three and a half fingers, and the distance between the front and rear wheels is closer to one finger than the original car.”


Personal advice on the modification of the wheels:


1. The choice of wheel hub, 17 -inch DS4 wheel or C4L top -equipped wheels; 18 -inch can use DS5 or DS6 wheels. DS5 is recommended. The eight wheels of the DS5 and the four nuts of C4L are visually harmonious.


If you want to change the 18-inch wheels and do not want to use the original wheel hub, it is best to find a 18-inch 7.5J, the ET value is between 25-30.

2. The size of the tire, there is nothing to say about 17 inches. According to the original high -profile model 215/50R17, you can also use 225/50R17; there are many choices of 18 inches. , Can be used with 8J or 8.5J wheels, but tires are not recommended; 225/40R18 and 225/45R18 are compatible with a large number of 8J wheels. The spring will get a very good driving experience, but the tire is too thin and it is not suitable for daily use. The best partner of 225/45R18, 8J wheels, 45%flat ratio can cope with intense driving and adapt to daily driving. The disadvantage is that the wheel diameter It becomes a lot, and the diameter increases by about 13mm, which will slightly affect the power.


There is also a size of 215/45R18, yes, that is, the original tire size of Angkola. The tires of this size are like the original tire of the C4L, and the wheel diameter is not much. The impact is the smallest. The best match for the wheels is 7J and 7.5J. The 18 -inch wheels of 7J are basically not. 7.5J is available, but there are not many. Many big brands can be customized, but the price.


3. The brand of the tire really does not matter. The tire is really not so high -tech. Don’t be too superstitious about Mi Gubema. The domestic production is too cheap and durable.

Summary: Citroen C4L changes the wheels. If you change 17 inches, it is only possible to match the original high -ranking of the original factory; the strong recommendation of 18 -inch 215/45R18 with 7.5J wheels, but this wheel hub is difficult to find. With 8J wheels.


This issue of Chevrolet C4L modification case thanks to the owner: MagicSpell.


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