The world’s top IQ Club Men’s Sisvi training letter, practice the strongest thinking of children

What is Mensa (Mona)?

Menza is translated by Latin “Mensa”. Menza is the name of the world’s top IQ club. It was founded in Oxford, Britain in 1946. The founder is lawyer Berrer and scientist Wir. They intend to establish a community for smart people, to obtain recognition, affirmation and continuous improvement through challenging community activities, and to share each other’s success.

What is the purpose of Mensa?

The three public purpose of Mensa is: starting from human interests, confirming, cultivating and consolidating human IQ; encouraging the development of intellectual instincts, characteristics and uses of people; providing valuable intellectual stimulus, exchanges and development opportunities for their members.


Why choose the word Mensa for us?

Mensa means “table” in Latin. This means that Mensa is an equal round table -style community, where there is no difference in status here. In this community, all races, skin tone, dogma, nationality, age, political education, and social background are irrelevant.

What are the characteristics of Mensa members?

Except for high IQ, Mensa members can say that there are no other hard requirements. The only way to participate in Mensa is to participate in the test and stand out. Mensa brings a “intellectual home” to its global members. For most people, participating in Mensa is just a kind of incentive to their minds and the happiness of communicating with people who are the same smart. As a result, most members are full of humor and are keen to communicate and challenge. Mensa’s membership is between the age of 4 and 94, but mainly concentrated between the age of 20 and 49. In foreign countries, there are both preschool children or dropouts, as well as many doctorate degrees; there are those who rely on welfare relief, as well as one millionaires, and the career gap is staggering. Some of the members’ reputation is a well -known public figure, but it is more unknown ordinary people.

How many Mensa is currently?

The development of more than half a century has made Mona the best, the largest, and most successful IQ club in the world. As a super club, it has more than 110,000 members and is full of 100 countries in the world. Except for Antarctica, more than 40 countries and regions have its branches.

There is a line in the movie “Godfather”

It takes half a second to look at the essence of things

People who can’t see them all in their lives

Destined to be completely different fate


And the push behind fate

Actually it is logic

Children with weak thinking logic often have poor sensitivity and opposite ability, and their ideas are more likely to be confused.

This is very unfavorable for children to master the knowledge and growth of each discipline.


Fortunately, our thinking ability can be cultivated the day after tomorrow. We can take advantage of the child to pay more attention to the training of children’s logical thinking, so that children can be more handy in the study and entrance examinations of various disciplines in subsequent disciplines.

To this end, today we recommend the thinking training letter of the Global IQ Club Menca.


“Menta Brain Mystery”


Essence With this set of books, you can practice the strongest thinking at home.

It has an imagination that stimulates children and improves

Reactiveness, understanding, thinking, thinking

The comprehensive thinking ability is particularly excellent.


The set recommended today “

Menza’s Brainpower Peak Series

“It is the officially published book by Menza, which is introduced by the original British version. The professionalism and authority are very guaranteed. With it, it is equivalent to having the same question bank with the top 2%of the high IQ people in the world. Including three books, namely

“Menza Digital Mystery”

“Mona Cold Knowledge”

Essence The book contains the latest topics that Mona has never published publicly before.

Long press to identify and buy



Menta brain puzzle

More than 50 types of questions, more than 300 questions

Logic, interpretation, reasoning, space, mathematical ability

Traditional numbers, unique numbers, unique number, killer number independent

Candidate line puzzles, maze, shortest path puzzles


Three -dimensional geometry, space positioning, digital speed calculation

Logical reasoning puzzle, brain tendon turning


Monza Leng Knowledge

More than 130 questions, 2,000 cold knowledge


Astronomy, history, islands, sculptures, painting

Music, mammals, month, invention


Actor, dessert, World Cup, Train and Railway

Invention and inventor, lake, war, common sense


Menza digital puzzle

More than 400 questions, more than 50 types of questions

Logic drawing, hidden fantasy recipes, unique numbers

Digital, Mystery, Digital, Minesweeper, square combination

Samurai -unique, magical recipes, jagged numbers, logical images

This set of books has received the Captain of the Cloud Team of “The Strongest Brain”


, Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Lin Sien

And 707 points into Peking University, “The Stronger Brain” star player

Song Yizheng

Highly recommended.

Go Blind Chess Guinness World Record Starder,

“The Strongest Brain” full division player

, Captain of the Cloud Team, entered in 1999


Tsinghua University

Computer Department, 2006 European Go Championship, 2016 U.S. Go Contest Championship.

Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Doctor of Cognitive Neuroscience

, Joint founder & CEO, an expert in Xinzhiyuan Artificial Intelligence Library.

16 -year -old college entrance examination 707 score


Peking University Yuanpei College

Integrating science, it is about to enter the live broadcast of the Department of Psychology at Peking University.

Let’s take a look at the topic in the book.

There are many questions, comprehensive exercise logical thinking and other abilities, etc., there are

Black and white title

There are also

Colorful title

Essence Black and white topics can avoid the interference of color pictures on the brain, allow children to focus more on topics and avoid distraction. Black and white questions are interspersed with color collection, which increases difficulty. Use color to give children questions, give children more challenges, and can exercise their observation.

“Sense of space”

It is a ability to focus on training at the elementary school stage, and it is also a weak link for many children. The sense of space is important for children’s learning and life, and it will affect the logical thinking and problem -solving ability of children. Rog Ghus, Dean of the School of Geography, Pennia State University in the United States, mentioned: “If you don’t pay attention to space thinking, you will not be able to cultivate younger generations who will learn and understand life in the 21st century.” There are all kinds of training

Spatial force

The topic of the topic cultivates the sense of space, and the difficulty is also progressive.

Of course, various digital games are also essential. There are more than a dozen digital puzzles in this book, and there are 5 types of light. In addition to the common ones


Classic number independent,

and also

Unsifferent numbers, unique samurai, jagged number independent



Essence These interesting number independent games can exercise children’s reasoning ability, logical analysis, and sensitivity to numbers, so that they can think more and look farther when analyzing problems.

This book can be said to be Monza’s version

“One Station to the End”

Inside it contains more than 1400 cold knowledge, covering

Astronomy, geography, history, art, literature

Waiting for various fields, you can greatly broaden your knowledge. The common characteristics of these topics are “cold”, but they are all interesting, which can stimulate children’s interest in learning related knowledge. For example, do you know the names of these early bicycles?

In addition, the editorial team of this set of books also invited

The teacher recorded a problem -solving course. Teacher Bao Yan is the holder of the Guinness World Record of Go Blind Chess, the “Strongest Brain” program


Full player

As well as

Captain of the Cloud Team

The level of brain power has been praised by the expert team of the “Strongest Brain” program. From his explanation, you can learn a lot of useful “shortcuts”. Now you can receive 5 lessons for free, surprise?


Now place an order to buy a suit, and also give an additional small and exquisite Menza handbook, which can allow children to record a day’s schedule, help children manage time, and develop good habits.

There are books and lessons, and you don’t have to worry about online class at home. Get your order quickly!

Group purchase information

Menza Brainpower Peak Series 3 volumes

Suitable age: 6 years old+

Open: 16

Delivery: Qingdao, Shandong

Delivery express: Zhongtong/Bai Shi



294 yuan/set (3 volumes)

98 yuan/book


Value group purchase price:

169 yuan/set (3 volumes) 59 yuan/copy

Other instructions: Buy 3

Each set of books in Xinjiang, Tibet, Hainan, and Qinghai requires 30 yuan for shipping.

“Menta Brain Mystery”

“Mona Cold Knowledge”

Long press to identify and buy



Lin Sien

Song Yizheng


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