Large -screen new smart peak rice projection FENGOS smart ecosystem 2.0 upgrade and evolution

Today, the pioneer of the laser intelligent projection, Fengmi projection (hereinafter referred to as “Peak Rice”), officially announced that its FENGOS intelligent ecosystem was upgraded to version 2.0. Peak Mi has always been based on the user as the core. From the beginning of FENGOS, it has continuously made a breakthrough in the aspects of picture quality, content, and operation. Breaking the weapon to achieve the curve overtaking. With the launch of version 2.0, FENGOS has continued to optimize the system by joining more leading smart functions, and promoted at a full speed on exploring the innovation of large -screen entertainment viewing, and promoted the user experience to a new stage.

大屏新智慧 峰米投影FengOS智能生态系统2.0升级进化

A shot of the screen, a moment enter the curtain, solve the pain points of the industry

大屏新智慧 峰米投影FengOS智能生态系统2.0升级进化

The biggest highlight of this version is to add the “one -shot screen” function. Users do not need to move products or manually adjust them. Take pictures through their mobile phones, build a 3D space model and calculate in real time, so that the projection screen and the curtain are perfectly matched to achieve quickly enter the curtain.

Under the FENGOS 2.0 version, you only need to use your mobile phone to take a picture to link the product to obtain a flat picture that meets the size of the screen to solve the pain points of the laser TV industry after mobile products in the past to watch the movie. Experience.

AI algorithm help, intelligent obstacle avoidance reinforcement

大屏新智慧 峰米投影FengOS智能生态系统2.0升级进化

In version 2.0, the automatic obstacle avoidance function has also been strengthened. The system adds the AI ​​neural network algorithm for accumulating experience in the training summary of Ten million model training, which can easily achieve precise capture of the projection blank area. The algorithm, while achieving intelligent obstacle avoidance, increases the use of the projection area of ​​the product by one -fifths, maximizing the spatial utilization rate.

Various modes are free to switch, and no more scenes are not afraid

大屏新智慧 峰米投影FengOS智能生态系统2.0升级进化

Increasing the switching mode function is another highlight of this upgrade. Users can switch freely under the “theater mode”, “business model”, “scenario mode” and “music mode”. Users only need to click on the cinema mode to enter the system desktop to experience large screen screens; the business model integrates a variety of common functions including wireless screens, external devices, file management and settings, etc. The business office is more efficient; the scenario mode contains the “lake The three scenes of small and medium -sized ships, “morning forests”, and “sea breeze” will be updated more through remote renewal to meet the needs of users with multiple scenes and full atmosphere; and the music mode integrates “Bluetooth speakers” and “K The two modes of songs, listening to books, listening to songs, and k songs are not talking.

Voice awakening, sound and painting upgrade, more exciting waiting for you to discover

Of course, the surprise brought by the FENGOS 2.0 version is far more than that. For products with automatic correction function, users can wake up the automatic correction function through voice and get rid of the restrictions of the remote control. In addition, this update also optimizes sound quality, picture quality, focus speed, etc., and comprehensively improves the comfort of viewing.

Since its release, FENGOS has not only continuously upgraded iterations in terms of functional cooperation, but also closely combined with head video platforms such as iQiyi and Happy Video, continuously expanding its own resource matrix, and bringing more channels for film and television resources to meet users for users. The urgent needs of the film source provide users with more pure movie viewing enjoyment. In the future, with the continuous upgrade of user needs, Fengmi will continue to innovate and optimize the FENGOS system based on strong hardware configuration, to achieve breaking breakthroughs in all aspects, and continue to build a smart big intelligence with peak rice characteristics and advantages. The screen system ecology consolidates the status of leaders in the large -screen era.



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