How to buy baby shoes? Recommended baby shoes?

Classification of baby shoes

Baby shoes are mainly divided into two types of infant shoes and scholarship infant shoes. For the characteristics of different developmental periods of babies, the standards for choosing front -step baby shoes and scholarships will be different.


First, the criteria for choosing baby shoes before steps is that babies usually start to learn to walk around the age of one year. Soft -bottomed shoes;

Second, the criteria for choosing a pedestrian -walking baby shoes is that if you are learning to walk, if you do n’t wear shoes bare feet, it is more conducive to allowing your baby to master the body’s balance, and you can also exercise your baby’s arch. In the warmer room and the ground is clean and not cold.

Precautions for Baby Shoes Buying

1. The first choice of infant shoes for the scholarship should be soft sole shoes instead of hard bottom shoes. The baby who just learns to walk needs to be more closely exposed to the ground and the ground to feel the hardness and slope of the ground. In the process of reflection, toe cooperate with the toe to maintain the balance of the body.

2. When testing the baby, pay attention to let the baby wear the shoes and stand on the ground, let the baby’s toes stand in front of the shoe. Generally, you can reach into a finger of an adult. Measure the size of the feet so as to know if the baby needs to change shoes.


3. Purchasing baby shoes with high -quality soft sheepskin is the first choice. Soft cowhide is second, and plastic and synthetic leather are best give up. Because plastic and synthetic leather breathable babies will feel wet when wearing, it is best to be soft on the upper. It is best to be light surface without decorations to prevent the baby from being accidentally stumped when walking.



You’an is a chain business company specializing in infant and young children’s shoes. Since its establishment, the company has always taken “more care for babies, providing babies with safer, comfortable, and healthy products” as its mission. Young and vibrant health leadership brand.

Little Blue Sheep

Little blue sheep infant shoes is a prestigious children’s shoe expert in North America. It is the leader of the industry in the quality, handicraft, and design of the shoes. Choose environmentally friendly and non -toxic materials to protect the tender feet of the baby in all directions and care for the delicate skin of the baby. And because of its environmental protection, it is hailed as “food that can be eaten.”



The Ugly Baby Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996. It is headquartered in Shenzhen. It is a Sino -US joint venture that provides a leading trend for infants 0 to 6 years old and has international quality.

Le Ke Youlian

Le Keyou designed and developed with the bone growth of bones in all ages. Design and research and development focuses on wearing shoes as easy to move, easily tortuous, and can move freely. When designing, material science and ergonomics are used, so that the toe is scientific and reasonable. The shape is made and soft, non -slip and wear -resistant.


Happy Baby


Happy Baby’s unique ergonomic design, very comfortable and soft; selected high -quality materials, with deodorant and antibacterial functions; the world’s latest popular design style, fashionable and novel; selection of the top of the top, with super strong wear resistance and anti -slip effect; The product characteristics of the products of this series of products ensure that the product meets the requirements of the age group of babies in different attributes.


Bubble (AAL POP Shoes)

Publishes extending childlike fun to baby shoes, using professional design and combination of fashion elements to create new brands with comfortable, healthy, and interesting baby shoes to accompany the baby’s health and happiness.

When the baby was born, 70%of the foot bones were cartilage, the ligament was very loose and the muscles were also very weak until the age of 15 did not gradually complete calcification. The baby’s feet were easily affected by baby shoes that were inappropriate or lacking protection during the growth period. Severely leads to malformation development. So the importance of choosing the right baby shoes for your baby is self -evident.


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