I just want to buy a pair of autumn pants, but open the door of the new world

There is never any kind of clothing that can have the same degree of discussion as autumn pants -on Weibo, the total number of topics about autumn pants is more than 2 billion. This data far exceeds autumn clothes, sweater and down jackets, and even close to it. Some Internet celebrities and stars.

On October 24th, a “Map of Pants in the country” began to spread on Weibo. This map has a pair of autumn pants dividing lines, north of the boundary line, which is a area where autumn pants are needed. Two days later, this dividing line has been in the Yangtze River Basin. Except for Guangdong, Yunnan and other provinces in the spring of the four seasons, the country is all over the country. Most areas are the season when you should wear autumn pants.

Although it is called “Autumn Pants”, almost everyone is default -the day when wearing autumn trousers is the day when the winter starts. However, many people’s attitude towards autumn pants is more ambiguous. After all, wearing it means that in nearly one -third of the year, your legs have warm armor, and it has also become a fashionable fashion. Soft ribs.

In the principle of pragmatism, looking at the temperature in Beijing, we decided to add a pair of autumn pants to the wardrobe during the Double Eleven discount season. In order to find a autumn pants that can hold the eighth -level wind in Beijing in the winter, and not to make people feel itchy in the heating room, we almost turned Taobao to the sky.

After more than a week in the ocean of autumn pants, we found that the world of autumn pants is much more wonderful than you and I imagine.

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Autumn pants x female

Girls love to wear autumn pants, but they don’t want to face autumn pants

According to Taobao data statistics, the sales of women’s autumn pants are much higher than men, which shows to a certain extent that women are more likely to compromise with autumn pants, and their attitude towards autumn pants is more ambiguous -I want to wear autumn pants, I want to wear autumn pants, I want to wear autumn pants, I want to wear autumn pants, I want to wear autumn pants, But let you see that I wear autumn pants.


This year, Taobao divided four types for ladies’ autumn trousers, namely—- respectively–

Put on not running randomly (stepping on your feet autumn pants);

Can be worn inside and out (leggings);

Wearing it is thinner (tight autumn pants);

Old cold legs must (thickened autumn pants).

It is not difficult to see that for girls, a good autumn pants must be exhausted: keep warm and have a low sense of presence. It is necessary to make the people wearing autumn pants feel the warmth of the autumn pants, but they cannot show the bloating of autumn pants.

It is definitely a supreme praise for women’s autumn pants. This is why the autumn trousers that are labeled with “micro -pressure and thin” can be proud of selling more expensive. After studying such autumn trousers carefully, we found that their thinning principles are the same -they are trying to try the user’s leg fat to the most tightly with high elastic fabrics, so as to achieve the effect of shaping.


However, the sales language of the merchants is much more glorious -some are said to use 0.618 gold -divided skinny leg pants, which are priced at 89 yuan. Thin, even -can burn fat, and can really lose weight without moving. However, we have carefully studied all the introduction of the product, and we still haven’t figured it out -where the golden division is cut.

On the other “fat -burning skinny legs warm pants” product page, the owner explained its role in this way: when the skin is contacted with the fabric, the micro -capsule will gradually break, and then release the active ingredients and penetrate to the deep skin to reach the skin and achieve the deepen of the skin. The effect of fat burning and skin.

This autumn pants priced at 59 yuan are said to have the four effects of fat burning, plasticity, skin beauty, and massage, which are derived from the added far -infrared rays, South American coffee beans and lavender essential oils. This one is “the busiest pants in history” not only can be worn outside, but also worn inside, and can be worn as a sportswear. 10 minutes of combustion 535 calories -but did not say whether it was to be used in conjunction with exercise.

The dazzling features can easily make the buyer on it, so when buying autumn pants, I mistakenly estimate their figure -a angry buyer message: After wearing it for a few days, the crotch opened.

The “light leg artifact” that has become popular in the past two years is actually a variant of autumn pants -meat -colored tight leggings. In some advertising pages of light leg artifacts, the keywords that can be extracted are: stable elegance, realistic invisible, natural naked muscle sense. If you only look at these adjectives, we think this is an advertisement for liquid foundation.

In the comment area of ​​these thin leg autumn pants, it is common to have a sound: it is a bit thin, which is a bit thin -it can be seen that wearing less or not even wearing is the best way to be thin.

Seeing more these autumn trousers that are changing to you, for a moment, you will suddenly miss the past -those autumn trousers in the old time, full of ancient flowers and thick cotton Simply. Today, you can still find such autumn pants on Taobao, but you need to add specific keywords when searching, old style.

Most of the buyers of this type of old school autumn pants are children, and they bought it to the old mother at home. In that year, it was this old mother put such a pair of autumn pants on your body. They put it on you. Layer after layer, autumn pants, wool pants, cotton pants, until you wrap you into a firecracker that is cold and breathing difficulties. Today, the elderly wearing these autumn pants must not have thought that the world has changed so fast. Today, people buy autumn pants to look thinner.

Autumn pants x male

Every man has a heart of “wearing autumn pants”

We must admit that men who really help us open the door of the new world, men’s autumn trousers are so powerful -the desire and number of men to buy autumn pants are far lower than women, but once they shot, their demand and definition of autumn trousers are completely super super superb. It is imagined that it is the so -called. If you do n’t buy it, you will buy it.


First of all, men’s autumn pants may be second only to mobile phone cases in the boldness and richness of the color.你能想象的一切浮夸元素,都可以和秋裤相结合:椰林海浪(穿上这样的秋裤,就可以感到热带小岛一样的温暖),牡丹海棠,水墨丹青,格子迷彩,青花瓷,龙Tiger leopard. Some merchants give such autumn pants a very general name: madly dragging dazzling pants.

▲ See how cool the men’s autumn pants are

It is difficult to understand why a piece of autumn pants wearing inside can also be designed so uneasy. There is only one reason to explain all this: the designer wants to buy this autumn pants. Waist jeans, (pretending) inadvertently reveal some amazing colors, just like the artis will inadvertently reveal a small white wrist.

We can still infer the intention of those buyers from the Q & A area. In the Q & A area of ​​a dragon, tiger leopard pants, many people ask “whether it is tight enough”, “Can you wear it outside”, “Is it a low waist” -pone important thing is that they have received affirmative reply. A man simply asked the voices of this type of group: Will it become savage if you wear it? There are enthusiastic buyers pouring a pot of cold water: no, because the quality is average.

Then, you will find that the posture of men’s autumn pants is also sophisticated. In a word, there are many pornographic wipes in the details of the Taobao men’s autumn pants.

Autumn pants models will put various shapes to show the comfort of this autumn trousers (and the flexibility of the model’s own). These magical autumn trousers have a common feature, they are shot in the hotel. In front of the mirror, on the bed, the chair, in the bathtub, … the traces of them wearing autumn pants were left everywhere, lying on their stomachs, standing, lying down, or holding. Sometimes, one model is not enough, two male models, kneeling face to face, showing this autumn pants.

▲ The advertising page of most men’s autumn pants is more fragrant than women.

Even if you understand, it is just an advertising picture of a pair of autumn pants, you still don’t know where to put your eyes when you look at the picture.

You can never judge the display video, when will the men’s autumn pants model suddenly squat a bow. I never know why there is a pair of skin -like autumn pants, and nearly a thousand people buy it within a month.

Of course, the designers of men’s fashion autumn pants know that they should not be just Jinyuqi. In terms of practicality of autumn pants, they also have some pursuit. Female autumn pants, many are the design of autumn pants+socks, which is quite understandable -in order to make autumn trousers not scrambled in the trousers. There are many men’s autumn trousers, which are designed as autumn pants+underwear. Such a new myth in this way: Is this multifunctional autumn pants, do you need to change one day?

Autumn Pants X Technology

Every pair of autumn pants are very busy, every customer service is perfunctory


If you feel that autumn pants are not warm enough, and you don’t want to add a pair of pants, congratulations, another door to the new world opens to you. When technology and autumn pants are combined, a pair of ordinary autumn pants is not so ordinary, and if technology becomes “black technology”, autumn pants can also rationally raise a wave of prices.

After our experiments, few Taobao customer service can accurately tell where the technology of high -tech autumn pants is. When asking “why”, there is a customer service that you can go to Baidu for a while, very famous. There are also customer service that you can’t read it, or impatiently inform: We sell well, and place an order quickly, otherwise it is gone.

The high -tech of autumn pants is usually reflected in “spontaneous heat”. The earliest “spontaneous heating” autumn trousers were manufactured by far -infrared fibers, that is, ceramic powder was added during the process of fibrous processing. It was first invented by a Japanese ceramic factory in the 1980s. The large -scale use of this fabric in my country began in the 1990s.


Regarding the thermal insulation principle of this kind of fabric, we consulted some papers, which can be divided into two directions: one believes that the material absorbs the energy of the solar radiation and keeps heat and keeps warm. The rate is high, so this fiber can gather the heat from the human body, and then release it in the form of far infrared.

Many merchants say that this fabric can also have the effect of magnetic therapy. In their introduction, such a pair of autumn pants can not only give you warmth, but also improve skin quality, prevent joint pain, and even promote metabolism and improve human immunity. Why do people’s requirements for autumn pants are always so high?

The effects of this fabric are not available in warmth. We can only speculate from a specific case that when it involves a true health medical care, far -infrared autumn pants may only play a reaction. According to a colleague from this editorial department, her mother was wearing autumn pants made of far -infrared fibers for nuclear magnetic resonance. As soon as she lay down, the machine alarm bell was made, and she had to take off the autumn pants on the spot.

In the process of searching for Taobao, we discovered that the autumn pants materials that are more darker than far infrared: graphene.

The warmth of graphene autumn trousers is not difficult to understand. It is currently the most high thermal conductivity material. After charging through the battery, it will heat up quickly, generating heat supply to keep warm. At the closing ceremony of the Pingchang Winter Olympics, 72 actors in “Beijing 8 minutes” put on the graphene intelligent heating and warm suit with a battery in order to perform a stable performance.


However, most sellers will attach a picture of litting the light bulb in order to emphasize that this is a conductive material. However, if you ask the customer service, he will tell you that there is no battery in the autumn pants sold in his own.

▲ The legendary graphene autumn trousers can be lit.


Knowing that, there was a user who raised a question for such seller shows: “I really don’t understand how to make a piece of light light. You are strange to die for your own electricity. Please explain it. “

Two winter has passed, and his question has not been answered. In the details page of graphene autumn pants, “quantum health” and “moxibustion principles” have been derived from the puzzling words -possibly, metaphysics is the true mystery of this autumn pants.

Today, radiation protection has become a national movement, a consumer philosophy. Lianqiu pants can’t escape.

A certain Taobao radiation -proof autumn pants are said to use 100 % silver fiber woven, use silver ions chelaiper technology and vacuum magnetic sputtering technology, so that radiation has no opportunity. Worried about consumers who couldn’t understand it, the store explained the principle very properly -refracted the radiation through.

This radiation -proof autumn pants are not only expensive (300 yuan), but also dressed. First of all, it is best not to wash, otherwise it will affect the shielding effect. Secondly, if you must wash it, you must use well water, mineral water, pure water or cool white to avoid giving silver fiber to react.

After reading these introductions, we just want to give a suggestion: If you want to prevent radiation from the heart, you don’t have to spend time on the autumn clothes and autumn pants, and keep this money to buy two pots of fairy balls.

Autumn pants x traffic

The top flowing pants, not Uniqlo

Before the start of the survey, we asked the relatives, friends and colleagues of the editorial department, “What autumn pants are you wearing?” Those who have put on autumn pants and are about to wear autumn trousers. The answer is, Uniqlo. (Uniqlo, please give the advertising fee when you see it, thank you)

However, it is not around the world. Uniqlo’s autumn pants can not even be squeezed into the top ten on Taobao in terms of sales. The top three women’s clothing autumn trousers brand in Taobao are Antarctic, Drunk Ziyi, and late autumn. The top three men’s autumn pants brands are Yu Zhaolin, Jian Dan Bird and Playboy. The sales of these brands are all 200,000 to 500,000, and we originally thought that the top Uniqlo, the most popular autumn pants monthly sales were 100,000.


The highest sales of women’s autumn trousers are sold in the flagship store of Antarctic women’s women’s clothing. To click the product details page, you can see the pride of the merchant after the Double Eleven this year: this autumn pants priced at 24.9 yuan free shipping have sold 450,000 pieces in the past 30 days. 360,000 people wrote their evaluation, and more than 1,000 people raised their questions in the question and answer area. Most people are concerned about the issues related to the autumn pants itself -warm and not warm, will they drop the crotch and whether they will get the ball. Perhaps it is too cost -effective. This autumn pants also attracted some men’s attention. In September this year, a man asked on the product detail page: “Can boys wear outside?”

The top -flow men’s autumn pants are a velvet thick warm pants from Yu Zhaolin. In the past month, the sales volume of autumn pants priced at 29.9 yuan is: 200,000. Judging from the current 300,000 buyer shows, most of the women on the order are women -boyfriends are suitable for wearing, her husband boasts, and Dad likes it very much.



These two brands that have been a little long for ordinary consumers have firmly occupied the position of autumn trousers. This is a bit surprising, but the truth behind this is that whether it is Antarctic or Yu Zhaolin, there is no longer no longer. The self -operated factory, now the Antarctic and Yu Zhaolin sold on Taobao are all OEM products.

According to the “Southern Weekend” in December 2018, as early as 2008, the Antarctic people cut off the production line, closed the self -operated factory, and started a OEM business. To this day, all the products of Antarctic Human brands are not produced by themselves. The real brand owner -Antarctic e -commerce, just brand operators and tag sellers. Yu Zhaolin was also acquired by a private enterprise in Yiwu in 2010. The latter is the producer that has been produced by Yu Zhaolin before.

According to statistics, at present, there are 846 full -brand dealers of the Antarctic people, 3,427 cooperative dealers, and 4,442 authorized stores. In Taobao, at least 6 “Antarctic Flagship Stores” selling autumn pants, it is only the “tag authentic” autumn pants -this is also an important reason for these autumn pants to be so cheap.

The most important reason why Uniqlo cannot become top -flow autumn pants is also expensive. Among the top three of men’s and women’s autumn pants, the most expensive is the men’s men’s autumn pants, two 78 yuan, the cheapest women’s autumn pants only cost 9.9 yuan, and also free shipping. In the flagship store of Uniqlo, you can’t find such a exciting price at all. The cheapest product -a certain socks cost 24 yuan, and the lowest autumn trousers are 69 yuan.


By the way, if you search for “autumn pants” in Uniqlo’s flagship store, you can’t find any products. You have to search for “warm underwear”.

Autumn pants x star

Today’s top stars are all autumn pants models

The stars do not wear autumn pants, which is a question that fans and passers -by love to discuss. And every autumn and winter, the people who eat melon will also take out photos of the celebrities endorsing autumn pants and ponder a sense of intimacy -it is so fair to everyone in winter, even if it is a person who is overwhelmed by a high place. In winter, you still have to put on autumn clothes and autumn pants honestly.

However, endorsement Qiu pants are a bit awkward for celebrities. After all, the entertainment will define the past as “black history” that everyone endorsed the autumn pants.

In the early years, the advertising map of autumn pants could be fully exposed in a original way. For example, Sun Yan wearing autumn pants can see the dance skills from the science class at a glance. And on Gong Li and Shu Qi, the mother in the world and the charming temperament could not stop even the autumn pants.

▲ In the early years, celebrities’ autumn trousers endorsement maps.

As a result, a group of “autumn trousers CP” was born, the most famous is Haiqing and Huang Haibo. Maybe because they have grown Zhang Yishi’s face of IKEA, the endorsement is so natural, and they can’t feel the alienation of the stars at all. So wearing autumn clothes and autumn pants in the morning went out to pour garbage. When you hit it, they laughed and relieved their embarrassment, and even set off a corner of Qiu Yi, telling you, I am good, add velvet.

Other autumn pants CP may not be so harmonious. Big S and Zhou Huajian appeared on the packaging box of Langsha in the form of change. Although the manufacturers had clarified, they said that they had purchased portrait copyrights. The inexplicable combination of the two was still confusing.

Li Xiaolu and Jia Nailiang gave different brands to different brands, endorsement of autumn clothes and autumn pants, and the style of the two groups of photos was completely different. Perhaps the ending of the story can be seen from the endorsement map of the year.

Yang Mi also endorsed autumn pants and was with Chen Kun, and Qing was so astringent like a pair of northern drifting youths. Several years later, Yang Mi said in an interview with the media that even if the weather was cold, he did not wear autumn pants and would rather amputation. With such an oath, you can feel a wonderful mutual text, along with the sense of memories of “I am not going”. It may be worth remembering, not only the age when the big names are not endorsed.

After looking at the history of all kinds of celebrities endorsing autumn pants, we want to point to the autumn pants manufacturers: Find Li Jian, after all, he is the only “autumn trousers who have been highly elated and have no choice but to wear autumn pants Male god “.


The article is original for daily characters, and infringement must be investigated.

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