How many of the latest top ten Chinese tea, how many have you drank?

When it comes to China’s top 10 famous tea, I believe that tea friends are no stranger. Since the Panama World Expo rated the top ten famous tea in the country in 1915, whether it is official or civil organizations, they have selected many times. List list.


Although we know the final result, but we don’t know what the rules of each selection are like, which can’t help but have doubts. Can some famous tea be able to afford the title of 10 famous tea?

Just in 2021, the Tea Department of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and relevant units in Zhejiang University Tea Research Institute and other relevant units released the TOP10 list of public brands in China Tea Area in the new year, which was called the latest top ten famous Chinese tea by the industry. Let’s take a look together,


Which of the top ten regional public brands from 108 tea brands, which are the top ten areas? Have you drank it?

1. West Lake Longjing

No matter which 10 nationwide tea review ratios, West Lake Longjing is indispensable. It is a historic tea, and it is the king of Chinese green tea with the first brand value. In 2021, the value assessment of the public brand value of China’s tea area, the value of West Lake Longjing reached 7.403 billion yuan, ranking first in the country. The total value of tea in the country is 239.562 billion yuan, and West Lake Longjing accounts for 3.09%. Among the tea money of about 32 yuan, one yuan is West Lake Longjing, which shows that the status of Longjing tea.

2. Puki Tea

Pu’er tea has a long history, but among the top 10 famous tea reviews in the country, it can only be regarded as a rising star. There were no Pu’er tea in the previous more well -known evaluations. Until 2000, the Pu’er tea market became hot and became one of the favorite tea products of consumers. In 2021, among the top 10 public brands in the country in the country, Pu’er tea reached 7.352 billion yuan, ranking second, and the gap with West Lake Longjing was very small.

3. Xinyang Maojian

Xinyang Maojian has a long history. It once ranked among the top two of the value of public brands in the tea area. In 2021, it was finally ranked 3rd. The brand value reached 7.108 billion yuan. Essence In the entire list, only three brands are worth more than 7 billion yuan, and Xinyang Maojian is one of them, which is enough to illustrate the brand value of Xinyang Maojian.

4. Xiaoxiang Tea

Maybe many people see this name at first glance, and they feel very strange, and even somehow. In fact, the word Xiaoxiang shows the identity of this tea from Hunan Province. Xiaoxiang Tea is not the name of tea, but part of the entire Hunan 100 billion -Hunan tea industry. It covers 55 counties and cities under the jurisdiction of nine cities such as Xiangxi, Zhangjiajie, and Huaihua, including green tea, flower tea, black tea, black tea, and black tea, and black tea, black tea, black tea, black tea, black tea, and black tea, and black tea. Multiple categories including white tea and yellow tea. In other words, Xiaoxiang Tea represents the entire Hunan tea, with a total value of 6.783 billion yuan, ranking fourth in the public brand value list of China’s tea area in 2021.

5. Fuding White Tea

If Xiaoxiang tea occupies the fourth position of the brand list with the power of a province, then Fuding White Tea can be said to occupy 5th place in the 10 list with the power of one county. In recent years, Fulin Bai Tea Tail has developed, and it has been trending with “one black and one white”. The brand value of Fuding White Tea reached 5.215 billion yuan, exceeding the value of many local tea in Fujian, such as Tieguanyin, Dahongpao, Zhengshan Small species, and so on. Fuding white tea is now the “popular fried chicken” in the Fujian tea industry.

6. Dongting Biluochun

Bioluochun, Jiangsu Dongting, is the same famous tea as Longjing, West Lake, and has been selected as the top ten famous tea in the country many times. In 2021, Bingting Biluochun ranked 6th in the brand value, reaching 4.872 billion yuan. At the same time, it is also one of the three most brand premium brands in 2021.

7. Great Buddha Longjing

Longjing tea is both a kind of tea, and it is also a production process. In addition to the nationwide West Lake Longjing, Zhejiang actually has many Zhejiang Longjing tea such as Qiantang Longjing and Yuezhou Longjing. The Great Buddha Longjing is the typical masterpiece of Zhejiang Longjing Tea. It ranks 7th in the 2021 public brand value list of 2021 China Tea area, with a brand value of 4.774 billion yuan. Nowadays, Zhejiang Longjing tea represented by the Great Buddha Longjing and West Lake Longjing is popular all over the country, occupying a very important position in green tea.

8. Anji White Tea

Zhejiang is Green Tea Paradise, and it is a large province of Chinese tea public brand. This is beyond doubt. From the top 10 list of regional brand value, it can be seen that the No. 1 West Lake Longjing is from Zhejiang Province. In the province, the three added brand value of more than 15 billion yuan, nationwide, is the only province with three tea brands in the top ten.

9. Anhua Black Tea


Black tea has continued to rise in the past few years, especially represented by Anhua Black Tea, becoming synonymous with health care tea. In 2021, the brand value of Anhua Black Tea reached 4.132 billion yuan, ranking nineth on the nation’s public brand value list, and Hunan also became the only provinces in Zhejiang’s only two brands.


10. Mengding Mountain Tea

Sichuan Mengding Mountain Tea is one of the important birthplaces of Chinese tea. It has a long history of tea production. It has always said that there is a saying that “the Yangtze River is in the water in the Yangtze River, and the tea on the top of the Mengshan Mountain”. Mengdingshan tea is not a kind of tea, but a comprehensive brand of tea represented by the local green tea and yellow tea of ​​Mengshan. In 2017, it was selected as the fourth place in the public brand of China’s tea area. In recent years, it has been surpassed by other tea public brands, occupying the tenth position of the list.

All in all, the above is the top ten public brands in 2021, such as Huangshan Maofeng, Liu’an Melon Film, Taiping Monkey Kui, etc., which have not been selected as the list of the latest issue. What do you think of this? You have drank several of the top ten famous tea above. Welcome to leave a message below and talk about your point.


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