Rich people, different from what you think

Why are poor people getting poorer and richer in the rich?

Some people say: “Because the poor do not have a large amount of resources, and there is no chance to make money; the rich people have good luck, and they also get a lot of resources.”

In fact, when the rich starts, it is more poorer than you; the era when the rich has experienced, you have also experienced the same opportunities; you have thought of what the rich does, but you have never acted.

A person who makes a lot of money often starts from changing the thinking mode.


Borrowing money is not for life, but to “money to get money.”

One person can borrow money to live, borrow money to do business, or borrow money to go to the casino.

Of course, you can also find a way to borrow a lot of money, and then be Lao Lai, holding the money of others, and live your own good life.

The purpose of borrowing money alone often determines how far a person can go and how much money to make.

In a small mountain village, two fat and thin people met to work on the construction site in the city. When I arrived in the city, the fat man worked while looking for more money; the thin son had been working hard, hoping to get the salary as soon as possible.

The money on the two people was spent, but the date of paying the salary was not yet paid, so the two were looking for the boss to borrow money. The boss took out a thousand dollars and gave them five hundred yuan.

The fat man worked hard to save money, and took out 300 yuan to acquire waste products on the construction site. Each weekend, classified the waste and sold it.

Thin Zizi used all the money for dinner, and also sent two hundred dollars to his wife. He was afraid that his wife and children would be hungry.

After half a year, the fat man left the construction site, started a waste business, collected waste products during the day, and classified waste products at night.

Leanzi has been working on the construction site, no day or night.

After many years, the fat man turned into a big boss. He bought a house in the city and invited the workers to help. Because of the old age, the thin son went to work at the construction site, and no one wanted it. He could only return to his hometown to plant land.

The fat man changed his destiny with five hundred dollars, and the thinner changed his life with five hundred dollars. They are borrowing money, but the ending is very small, which is regrettable.

Why are rich people rich because their money is capital, not living expenses.


Be a stingy person, but very happy.

When some people are buying things, they are always more than three; some people are quick decisions and rarely look at the price.

Some people are reluctant to borrow money to others. If others have to borrow money, they must be interesting and the interest is not cheap. Even if relatives and friends come to borrow money, they have to leave a word, and to agreed to pay the money and calculate the way of calculating interest.

Some people are very generous, borrowing money to relatives and friends, never counting interest, that is, others are willing to give interest, he will also refuse, and he is familiar with each other. How do you want to ask for interest?

Some people rarely pay for it and work hard to pretend to be poor at the party. Some people like to grab the order, and they are afraid of others who can’t eat well. They are worried that the hotels for dinner will not be high enough.

Is it to make money for spending money? No, making money is to save money. Except for the necessary expenses of life, other expenses can save saves, and retain money is the ability.

Be a stingy person and let others say it, anyway, money is always in his pocket. As the saying goes: “There are food in your hand, don’t panic.” Whoever has more money is happier, and there is no worries.



In order to make money, you can be a “shameless” person.

The skin is thick, not for the account, but to make money hard.

This is an era of “weak meat and strong food”. If you are not cruel, you can only be the object of bullying by others.

For many people like “killing”, it is not that he does not understand human love, but because he knows how to make money, and he can put down his face and make money as face.

As the saying goes: “People are shameless, the world is invincible.” It is a bit overwhelming, but the reason is obvious and practical.


For example, there is a breakfast shop at the entrance of the community. Because the people who come to eat breakfast are mostly people in the community. Everyone looks down at each other, and the owner is embarrassed to “sell high prices”. Everyone in the community will preferential two yuan. After accumulation, the owner made tens of thousands of tens of thousands.

For a small shop, there are so tens of thousands of pure income a year. Because I was “sorry”, I lost my own money, which was really not cost -effective.

The rich often can “profit -seeking and avoiding harm”, and do things that do not make money to others, and make money by themselves. No matter what method is used, as long as the money gets in his pocket, you will feel at ease.


Small money does not fight, big money will fight.

In this life, there are reluctances, small houses, and big houses.

We always use the principle of “willingness” to comfort ourselves, hoping that we can be a generous person, don’t care about the loss.

However, you don’t fight for anything. What can you get?

When I was young, when I met the person I liked, I couldn’t confess, and I was worried about the other party. When I was in middle age, I met my favorite job, do not fight, and worried about others joking. As a result, for many years, he was still “old” without building a tree.

Really rich people know how to “grab the small and grasp”. In other words, let’s get a little bit, get more, never let yourself lose anything without any reason.

If you lose it, just lose or not return, then you must fight; if you lose anything, you are destined to get something in another way, then simply put your hands crispy.

If you are poor, don’t say “gear”, or make money to change your distress life.


Rather than jealous of others, it is better to surpass others.

Many people always see that others are good. If others surpass themselves, then they will be worried, want to make it secret, and pull others into the water.

In fact, if a person wants to become rich, he must learn from the rich, not jealous of the rich.

The wisdom of making the rich to make money, becoming your own wisdom, you are a master.

If you take the rich as an example and make some “essences” from the method of making money from the rich, then one day you will surpass others. You have to believe that “green is better than blue.”

Jealous of others is actually making yourself uncomfortable and meaningless; learning others is to make yourself live with goals and hopeful life.


The poor make money passively, and the rich people consciously make money.

When you can’t stand it, the rich people are still supporting it; when you give up, the rich people are still supporting.

After a while, the fate of a rich man turned over, but you went back to the original form.

The more you persist, the more you are lucky, the more self -discipline, the more successful.


Many poor people make money passively. For example, there is no rice at home, and the child is hungry, so he has to work to make money. The money made is all used to eat and drink.

Many rich people have always had a “sense of crisis”, and they are always thinking about making money. In the case of being very rich, he still has not stopped making money.

Taking money into a conscious action, wealth is destined to increase slowly.

The rich turned out to be the poor, but he adjusted his thinking mode and improved his understanding of money.

How much money can you make, rely on luck; can you make money, rely on action; how to make money, rely on wisdom.

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Rich people, different from what you think


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