This is the late autumn of a 50 -year -old woman. These 22 sets of elegance are not easy to hit the shirt.

Women have different understanding and insights in dressing, but some people always make mistakes when they cooperate with single products. Here I will introduce some twenty -two sets of late autumn to the forty -year -old women, showing a sense of high -level sense, and it is not easy to hit the shirt.

The root belt is thin and high


Many women feel that their bodies are not perfect, and they will use various loose items to modify. However, the more loose clothing, the more representing its outline and easy to show fat.

At this time, the raising belt can minimize the probability of clothing to be fat. No matter what kind of clothing, you can use the cooperation of various color belt.


For example, knitted cardigan and knit -style knitwear can be combined with simple, simple, and simple small belts outside, which is high and thin.


The addition of the belt is very flexible. In addition to it that it can cooperate with different materials and different lengths, it is also in terms of color selection, and its position can be changed at will.

Taining the belt at the outer end can bring the most intuitive proportions optimization effect, and help girls outline the waist lines, which can reflect the grace of the birth posture.

Fifty -year -old women may not be as sloppy as they are when they are young. They can show their aesthetics that are more charm than when they are young and more high -level.

Like these two styles, the maintenance of the belt is used. One is black and the other is brown, both of which are compatible colors. If a black item is used, the selection of the belt can be very different from it, which can cause the existence of the waistline to be distinguished.

Use checkered items

Many women like the simplicity brought by solid color items, and they are more smooth to match, but they ignore the sense of public sense of such clothing and easy to hit shirts.


At this time, you can cleverly add checkered clothing to create different wear. The existence of the plaid is large and small, and the colors have the most intuitive changes.

These three checkered skirts are very representative examples. Their shape is not exaggerated, and the use of colors is also relatively basic. It is very suitable for women to adopt, which can reflect elegant charm, and the length of the skirt can cover the thickest leg shape, creating a thin effect.

The design of the checkered single product also has some differences. You can choose the rhombus checkered pattern arrangement to enhance the recognition. They can also create a sense of fashion.


The diamond -shaped plaid skirt can bring a optimized effect on temperament, especially with the tailoring of high waist, which can help women’s lower body lines extend and construct an elegant atmosphere. In addition, the use of shoes can also adopt short boots to further enhance fashion attributes.


There are different categories of checkered items, some are coats, and some are skirts. The scarf belongs to the most simple design and the lightest item in shape. It cannot lack its appearance in autumn and winter, which can create a enhancement of layering and a sense of fashion.

The color of the plaid scarf is particular. If you want to maintain a more atmospheric feeling, the use of the color can be consistent with the color of the upper body or the same tone. For example, a big red scarf can cooperate with the same color knitted cardigan to create an eye -catching effect.


Pants are wider and more comfortable

The popular small foot pants are indeed highly respected by many people, but the leg shape is not so slender, and it undoubtedly expose its shortcomings.

In addition to being able to modify the leg shape, the pants can also make the controller more comfortable to wear. These three pants are very representative, the outline is wide, but it does not seem procrastinating. It can be combined with long coats.


The use of pants is also simpler. For example, black is the most perfect representative. If you want to get rid of the feeling of too heavy, you can replace it with khaki.

Fifty -year -old women can be slightly wider in the selection of pants. Whether it is wide -leg trousers with a good sense of perpendicularity, or sexy and obvious workpants, it can increase different temperament.


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