I am afraid of static electricity in winter, summarizing 10 discharge coups, and I am not afraid of being hurt by the door handle.

What is the most terrible thing in winter? Cold?

For me, the most terrible is everywhere, you think that the static electricity in winter is just taken off the clothes. In fact, I have a powerful electricity!

Touch the handle to be powered, the TV is powered, and the computer is powered, these are routine operations.

▲ Put the door handle

It’s hard to test the probe, you can touch the faucet, hehe! Actually didn’t be powered! As a result, when you wash your hands … was sealed! God, the static electricity of the faucet is playing with the water!

▲ Washing hands


I didn’t dare to wash my hands several times, and I have to touch the battle between the babard.

What is more intuitive, it is something that I don’t actually produce static electricity, and I will eaters! Go to the toilet, drinking water, drinking water is electrified, walking into the trash can, “”, there is also a variety of car doors, the elevator armrest will be powered!

▲ elevator armrest static electricity

Every time I give the information, I have to call him. Later, I didn’t dare to pick him up again. I just saw the thunderstorm of the ring …

Therefore, in addition to the stone thrown on the ground, there is no discharier, what else can you feel with confidence? Even my dog ​​is electric me, the key is that I am still wow, I will run … I will run …

▲ dog fried hair


Others are afraid of cold in winter, I am afraid of electricity!


The people who are afraid of static electricity are not afraid that there is much pain, but they will have a unknown fear of “this thing will not charge to me”!


What is the way to touch the key, I have tried it. It’s basically no use, and the static electricity can always go to my hand to the key to the key!


Washing hands is more unsuitable, and most of the faucets are metals, and they will be taken with moisture.

In order to treat static electricity, I found countless actions, summed up some ways to save money, this winter, facing static electricity, I don’t have to use it!

Improve body humidity


The reason why static electricity is generated because the charge generated by clothing is released in a dry environment, accumulating on the surface of the clothes and skin, and the skin is dry and static.

▲ Drink plenty of water


Drink plenty of water, wipe your body milk and moisturizing cream, keep the skin humidity, prevent charge aggregation.


▲ Whipping body milk

2. Keep indoor humidity


When the indoor humidity is less than 30%, it is easy to produce friction.

Some flowers can be raised in the room.

▲ bit plants

Or open the humidifier to keep the surrounding environment appropriate humidity.


▲ Humidity

There is no humidifier to be tight without a humidifier, and it is also possible to increase indoor humidity in the house.


3. Clothes materials try to choose cotton

The higher the content of the chemical fiber, the worse the static electricity, the higher the content of the polyester fiber of the clothes, the worse the static electricity.

▲ clothes water washing


Winter wearing clothes should choose cotton, and you can choose silk.

▲ silk material


4. Reduce friction with chemical fiber

When carrying a chemical fiber, be sure to slowly put down, reduce friction, and put the chemical fiber items on the wall or iron, this process is in progressive balance, which can reduce static electricity.

▲ Chemical fiber material bag


5. Comb with wooden comb

Winter hair static is really super uncomfortable, can’t do it with your hand, this practice is actually an anticipation, the hand is too dry, and the hair contact is particularly static.

Try not to touch your hair with your hand, the comb comb is better, no conductive.

▲ wooden comb

6. Touching the electronic product to wash your hands

After touching the computer or TV in winter, it is easy to be electrically added, which is because the static charge generated by home appliances is stored by the human body, and the items that have hit will produce static electricity.

After touched home appliances, it is recommended to wash your hand and make the charge on the skin.


7. 里


Wipe your hand with a wet paper towel, keep your hand’s humidity, and touch things is not easy to be electrically.

▲ wipes wipe hand

8. Take a key


Many times there is no condition for washing my hands, I will pick up a key. This is actually used to prevent it from being powered, the principle is like letting the key to be powered by you.

▲ key

When you take the key first, let the keys to releasing the charge, when the static electricity is too large, it can clearly see the electric fire generated by the key, I didn’t expect it, the key was powered, you again It’s okay.


9. Homemade anti-static spray

1 Clothing suppress agent and water are mixed with a ratio of 1:10, and the flowers are bought a small watering can to be installed, and they spray a spray on the body. The static electricity will be much better.


Homemade spray

2 Water plus hand cream mix, spray in the clothes, can also reduce the static electricity generated by the clothes.

10. Except for static keychain

▲ except electrostatic keychain

Lariotic physique can try this keychain removed, the principle is similar to the key, but its resistance is greater, the most important thing is that every call will shine, it does not flash, it means you can feel free to touch Thing.

▲ Uh, bright!

I am sure that this keychain is too safe for the static fear and deep marrow. It is this absolute!


In the face of the static electricity of winter, in addition to adopting some practical methods to solve, we must do a good job in psychological construction, always worrying about being powered. What should I do?

I usually use clothes sleeves to put up and touch the west. I don’t feel static electricity without skin contact!


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