What mouse can type voice? Smart voice mouse new product recommendation

Today, there are more and more mouse types. For different users, there are different functions of products. If you are a regular writing copy and computer office, then typing must be inevitable, especially when you need to type quickly, the speed slower will affect a lot.


However, this problem has now been solved well. You only need to have a mouse that can understand you to speak quickly. You can complete the fast typing, and you no longer have to knock on the keyboard with a few fingers. Here are a mouse intelligent voice mouse, and this year is the seventh anniversary of the mouse, so a special mouse for the year of the tiger is also listed. Let’s take a look.

Looking at the box of this mouse alone is obvious. A vivid and vivid tiger head in the middle, the four characters of the blessing of the blessing tiger, are viewed into the eye. Compared with the previous packaging of the mouse family, the style is completely different. After all, it is the seventh anniversary.


When you open the box, you will see that there is a large tiger head pattern on the mouse with white tone of the whole body. Two sharp tiger claws are added to the left and right keys of the mouse. In addition, there is a custom seventh anniversary mice -shaped keychain and charging cable. Of course, if you know the user of the mouse, you may know that the original mouse of the tiger’s natal custom is M4.

In addition to making the year of Tiger in the appearance, the other shape of the mouse is no different from the M4. It is still the top screenshot key+one -button Internet navigation button, the left side is the voice key+translation key, and the roller still uses the classic mouse classic The wheels can increase the friction when rolling.


The bottom of the mouse is specifically indicated that this is a commemorative version. The key to the opening is easier than before. The one -finger can be mounted. The USB connector is not hidden this time, and the plug -in.


There is a light band at the tail of the mouse, which is mainly used for the flashing prompts when the Bluetooth connection. When the Bluetooth mode is connected, the taillights will shine in blue, the blue light is extinguished after the computer is paired, and the entire connection process is relatively smooth.

In the DPI mode of the mouse, 800, 1200, 1600, 2400, and 4000 gears are still adopted to meet different user needs.

A lot of dialects have been added to typing language, but in the actual measurement, it is found that the ability to identify Cantonese is still not ideal, especially in Cantonese. If you keep the voice keys, you cannot output text in real time like Mandarin. In the case, the stop button will output some text, but the accuracy is not high, and the Mandarin+Cantonese mode is also not ideal.


The two types of voice recognition ability of Mandarin and English are really bars. The real -time output is fast and the accuracy is very high. Whether it is daily office or high -intensity large -scale text input, it is not a problem.


With this intelligent voice mouse, I believe that there is no need to worry about typing slowly in the future, saving the keyboard, just move the mouth.


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