How to enter the industry? Teacher He takes you to understand for a minute

## First of all, you have to understand what you want to enter the medical beauty industry. If you want to engage in medical beauty work, such as injection or surgery projects, since it is called medical beauty, it is a medical project, you must have any The qualification certificate of a practicing physician is only possible. If you are not studying medicine, you cannot do this. If you do n’t have a doctor’s qualification certificate, you must understand that this is illegal medicine and illegal act.

If you graduate from a regular physician, you can choose to enter the private medical clinic first, follow the medical doctor first, start with the medical beauty instrument, let the physician teacher guide you to start the actual operation, and then learn about the youthful injection of the face. Class projects.

If you are a non -medical profession and are determined to do this work, it is good to enter the field of light medicine first.

Then we must first understand what is “light doctor beauty”: Presumably many friends are more vague! Because “light medical beauty” has also developed rapidly in recent years, the industry has not yet a unified standard. Our more than 20 years of training experience in the United States has to investigate online, and found that many explanations are not very accurate. Probably the life of medical cosmetic beauty. Life -level medical beauty is also called light medical beauty, that is, various non -surgical medical methods such as laser, radio frequency, injection filling, biotechnology, chemical exfoliation and other non -invasive or minimally invasive skin anti -aging projects. The above is my understanding of light medical beauty.

Light Medical and the United States Development Prospects: According to the “2021 Medical Arts Annual Salary Report”, the report shows that the light medical market has great room for improvement in China. The long -term scale is expected to reach 2 trillion yuan.

The report shows that at present, the compound annual growth rate of per capita medical beauty expenses in China has reached 29%. The per capita consumption of the country has more than 4 times the growth space. On the whole, the penetration rate of medical beauty in China is less than 2%, which has great room for improvement. The long -term scale continues to expand to 2 trillion yuan. There is a serious gap in basic positions and good employment prospects.


The development trend of light medical and beauty market

I can give you a post employment analysis for practitioners from scratch for reference!


1. Trainer or consultant:

It is to go to the upstream supplier factory or brand company of the light medicine and beauty products to do product training, and the salary is quite high. This position does not require education and qualifications. It is mainly based on sales communication capabilities. In the first 1-3 years, you need to study hard and accumulate experience. It is more required to test personal learning ability and image.

2. Professional and technical personnel:

Light doctor beauty skin managers or senior optoelectronics divisions, higher wages than nurses and general beauty technicians. This position requires a professional job certificate, but the current post certificate of the market is “human resources and” human resources and The “Advanced Beauty Technician” issued by the Ministry of Social Security, the other is the “Light Medical and Beauty Advanced Skin Manager” issued by the National Federation of Industry and Commerce. You can go to the beauty medical device company. At present, more than half of the high -end radio frequency instruments or water light needle products in the domestic light medicine market are imported. Most of the domestic beauty medical device companies are foreign companies. of.

Teacher He Training Teaching Guidance

Third, if you have not graduated, find a way to switch to clinical majors. If you graduate, you can re -take the college entrance examination or local spring recruitment and read clinical medicine. The second is the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese and western medicine to complete your doctor’s dream.

Hope the above suggestions will be helpful to you!


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