He is Liu Bei’s teacher, Cao Cao’s idol, his descendants are prominent for seven hundred years, until the Tang Dynasty


In the late Eastern Han Dynasty, it was a troubled world. The heroes were merged, and various characters appeared on the stage of history. Some of them were often ignored by future generations. For example, this character introduced today! Although he was born in a literati, he became a general in the late Han Dynasty. He also had a student named Liu Bei. He later became emperor in Sichuan. In addition, Cao Cao also admired this person. He was a loyal “fan”. What is even more powerful is the descendants of this person. They all served as senior officials in the dynasties. The family has a prosperous family of seven hundred years! Who is he? Let’s look at the editor -in -chief of [5,000 years].


This person is Lu Zhi, a famous minister in the late Eastern Han Dynasty! Those who have read the original “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms” should be impressed by this person. Lu Zhi’s early experience is not much different from the romance. Lu Zhi, a native of Laoshi County (now Hebei), was born as a teacher in a young age, and studied the scriptures. Lu Zhibo is present, and it is excellent, and has won the praise of Ma Rong. Later, because of the eunuch’s power, Lu Zhi repeatedly rejected the state and county for recruitment. He was not recruited by the court until a few years and served as a PhD.

[The image of Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei in film and television dramas]


In 175, the barbarians in the Jiujiang County area of ​​Yangzhou, and the imperial court had both Lu Zhi and military, so he worshiped him as the prince of Jiujiang. After Lu Zhi took office, he quickly settled the rebellion and “Barbin Kou Bin.” Soon after, Lu Zhi “went to the official” and taught in his hometown in Qixian. Among the students of Lu Zhi, there are two most famous. One is his own fellow Liu Bei, the Emperor of the Shu Han Zhao Lie, and the other called Gongsun Emperor. back.

Lu Zhi’s teacher’s career soon ended. He returned to the court to participate in the work of collation of the “Ping Ping Shi Jing”, and later participated in the rebellion. In 184, Zhang Jiao led hundreds of thousands of believers to launch the “Yellow Turban Uprising”. Lu Zhi won the battle, “more than 10,000 people”, Zhang Jiao was forced to retreat to Guangzong County. At this time, the court was responsible for the eunuch of the battlefield, Zuo Feng, to the front line, and people persuaded Lu Zhi to bribe, but were rejected.

[The plot of Lu Bei in the film and television drama, Liu Bei’s question]

Zuo Feng did not get the oil from Lu Zhi, so he hated himself, thinking that the emperor said, “Guangzong thieves are easy to break the ears. Lu Zhonglang’s solidity of the destroyer, waiting for the heavenly.” The Emperor Han Ling was furious, and Lu Zhi will be in the anger. The arrest, the crime of death, and sent Dong Zhuo to replace his position. Later, the Yellow Turban Army was settled.

Later, Lu Zhi resolutely opposed the court’s recruitment of Dong Zhuo into Beijing, but it did not help. When Dong Zhuo abolished the Emperor Shao, none of the cultural and military officials dared to speak, but Lu Zhi stood up and resolutely opposed it. Dong Zhuo was furious and was ready to execute Lu Zhi, but because of the crowd, considering that “Lu Shangshu’s great Confucianism at home, people’s hope. This is harmful to the world, the world is horrible.”

[The scene where Lu Zhi opposed Dong Zhuo’s abolition in film and television dramas]


Seeing that the world was chaotic, in order to avoid the disaster, he returned to his hometown to live in seclusion without asking the world. In 192, Lu Zhi died of illness and was 53 years old. At that time, his student Gongsun broke the Qingzhou Yellow Turban, and he was well -known. Another student Liu Bei just became the county magistrate. In 207, Cao Cao led the army to the northern expedition to Wuxian, and passed through the county. He specially sent people to sacrifice the grave of Lu planting, and praised the “Hosting North Zhonglang will Lu Zhi, the masterpieces of the masterpieces, and the model of the scholars, the scholarship of the scholars, and the king of the country. also.”

Cao Cao also recruited Lu Zhi’s young son Lu Yu as an official. Lu Yugong went to Sikong. During the troubled times of Wei, Jin, and Northern and Southern Dynasties, the northern regime changed frequently, but Fanyang’s Lu family has been standing. Later, Lu Qin, Lu Yan, Lu Zhi, Lu Yan, and Lu Xuan were full of senior officials. During the Emperor Xiaowen of the Northern Wei Dynasty, Fanyang Lu was listed as a first -class gate. In the middle of the Tang Dynasty, Fanyang Lu’s even appeared “eight -phase Tang”. Roughly, there is a history of nearly seven hundred years from the end of the Han Dynasty to the middle of the Tang Dynasty!


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