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固特异、米其林、70迈三款车载充气泵横评 谁更强?

If the engine is the heart of a car, the tire pressure can be understood as blood pressure. In the previous Aika car class, we talked about tires, and tire pressure is one of the main factors affecting the tire. Although many cars are equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems, they do not really realize the importance of tire pressure.

The height of tire pressure plays a vital role in car control and safety performance. However, tire pressure is just a relatively constant value. In special weather and environment, tire pressure also needs to be controlled to adapt to the scene. Especially for those self -driving tourists, they often encounter complex road conditions, so it seems very urgent to have a car inflatable pump.

固特异、米其林、70迈三款车载充气泵横评 谁更强?

However, the performance, price, or brand of the vehicle filling pump has become troublesome. Similar products on the market are uneven. Therefore, this evaluation we have selected three brand -based vehicle inflatable pumps with higher popularity to make a comprehensive performance comparison.

固特异、米其林、70迈三款车载充气泵横评 谁更强?

1. Test product introduction

The three inflatable pumps we got were Guteter GY-2852, Michelin 4389ml, and 70 Midrive TP01.

固特异、米其林、70迈三款车载充气泵横评 谁更强?

Test product


固特异、米其林、70迈三款车载充气泵横评 谁更强?


Price: yuan








Midrive TP01

Single item (249)+tire replenishment (69)

= Set combination price (279)

Remarks: The price comes from JD.com

Aika Auto Network Watch www.xcar.com.cn

Gutey is an old brand with a history of more than 120 years, especially in the world well -known in Guteyar tires, maintaining a number of reputation. And this GY-2852 inflatable pump from Gutey also has a good reputation and user.

It is also a familiar name. Like Gutey, Michelin is also a big brand of a century -old brand. The 4389ml car inflatable pump is its main flagship product.

When it comes to 70 Mai, some friends may be slightly unfamiliar, but in fact, 70 Mai is not an unknown generation. 70 Mai is the only company in the Xiaomi ecological chain that is committed to car smart products. Its products are called “extreme cost -effective” domestic products.

固特异、米其林、70迈三款车载充气泵横评 谁更强?

Next we are ready to open the box to take a look at the true appearance of these three inflatable pumps.

Gyte GY-2852 is a dual-cylinder vehicle inflatable pump that is suitable for ordinary car tires. The appearance is rectangular, plastic shell, two metal tubes on the front, and the display of the display and tire pressure preset button on the right. You can set tire pressure.

There is a set of breath, battery converter and a fuse in the packaging. The rest are the connections of the cable and connecting the cigarette lighter of the host.

It looks pretty good, you can use the car cigarette lighter or directly use the rotor to use the battery.

Michelin 4389ml is a single -cylinder car inflatable pump, which is also suitable for most ordinary car tires. With preset tire pressure and tire pressure meter, and with LCD screen and LED lighting lights.

In addition to the inflatable pump, the packaging also comes with a set of breath and gas needles. The rest are the electric plug and inflatable mouth.

固特异、米其林、70迈三款车载充气泵横评 谁更强?

It can only be connected to the cigarette lighter. This is slightly regrettable that the cigarette lighter interface is more troublesome.

The first impression of 70 Midrive TP01 is simple and capable. The integrated metal shell design is definitely the highest value among these three inflatable pumps.

The 70 -Microdia -on -board inflatable pump comes with a set of inflatable mouths, which can be inflated for cars, motorcycles, bicycles and various balls. Of course, integrated storage is also very convenient.

固特异、米其林、70迈三款车载充气泵横评 谁更强?

Germany imported PTFE piston with anode aluminum alloy cylinder, as well as the configuration of low -current permanent magnet motors and all -copper movements, can effectively pressure and cool down, extend continuous inflatable time.

Product data comparison

Gyte GY-2852

固特异、米其林、70迈三款车载充气泵横评 谁更强?

Michelin 4389ml

70 Midrive TP01

Size (MM)

固特异、米其林、70迈三款车载充气泵横评 谁更强?


固特异、米其林、70迈三款车载充气泵横评 谁更强?


固特异、米其林、70迈三款车载充气泵横评 谁更强?


Weight (kg)




Power (W)




Number of cylinders


固特异、米其林、70迈三款车载充气泵横评 谁更强?


Working voltage (V)


Work current (A)



固特异、米其林、70迈三款车载充气泵横评 谁更强?


Air flow (L/min, OPSI test)

70 L/minute

45 L/minute

固特异、米其林、70迈三款车载充气泵横评 谁更强?

35 L/minute

固特异、米其林、70迈三款车载充气泵横评 谁更强?

Time to charge (min)


Continuous inflatable time



24 hours in a row

Remarks: This data is the official data of the product

From the above introduction and data, the three inflatable pumps have their own advantages, but from the perspective of the box removal process, the value of 70 miles is amazing. From the perspective of product data, the dual cylinder of Gutter has the largest air flow. 70 Mai continuous inflation time is the longest. Next, we will start the actual journey, and use actual detection data to compare to see how several inflatable pumps are.

product description

2. Real measured comparison

The vehicle participating in this test is a Volkswagen POLO. In the next test, we will compare tests from multiple aspects of three inflatable pumps.

1. Wind speed

To some extent, the speed of wind speed can also indirectly affect the inflatable speed of the inflatable pump, so we first measure the three inflatable pump wind speeds.

固特异、米其林、70迈三款车载充气泵横评 谁更强?

The wind speed of GY-2852 reached 2.9m/s. It was thought that the double-cylinder inflatable pump would have a bit of advantage in the wind speed. I did not expect that it was not very prominent.

固特异、米其林、70迈三款车载充气泵横评 谁更强?

The wind speed of Tumicillin 4389ml reached 4.1m/s, which is much higher than Geter.

The wind speed of 70 Midrive TP01 is 2.9m/s, which is the same as the test results of Guteye.

Summary: Through wind speed test, the result is obvious. In this session, Michelin’s wind speed occupies an absolute advantage. Although the wind speed is only one of the reasons that affects the inflatable speed, it does not represent the final performance of the inflatable pump, but at least it shows that it has the conditions of fast inflation.

2. Noise test

The noise high of the vehicle inflatable pump is well known. Because the vehicle inflatable pump is small, the motor is small, and the pump body speed is high, the noise is usually relatively large. We all know that there will be obvious discomfort when the noise reaches 75DB, so how about the noise of these three vehicle -mounted gas pumps?

After testing, Gudy’s noise is 96.8DB, the noise is obvious, and during the inflatable process, it is accompanied by obvious jitter.

Michelin’s noise is 88DB, which is lower than Geteter. There is no obvious jitter, and the noise effect is obvious.

The noise of 70 miles is 85.6DB. During the test, you can clearly feel that the noise is lower than the other two, and there is no trace of jitter.

Summary: In the noise testing session, the three inflatable pumps have different performances. The noise of Geter -solid inflatable pump is the lowest, and the lowest noise of 70 m -.

3. Charging time

固特异、米其林、70迈三款车载充气泵横评 谁更强?

Time to charge is the focus of the user’s attention. The faster inflatable of an inflatable pump can also reflect many problems. Next, let’s take a look at the charging time of these three inflatable pumps.

固特异、米其林、70迈三款车载充气泵横评 谁更强?

The specifications of the tire of the test vehicle are 185/65R14.

The letter starts from Geter Gy-2852. Before inflating, we must first reduce the tire pressure, and the popular point is to deflate. The settings can be switched in PSI, Bar, KPA. These are just three different standards and do not affect the results. We choose Bar. In order to avoid damage to the tire during the test, the tire pressure was reduced to 0.8Bar.

The tire pressure was adjusted to 2.5Bar on the inflatable pump through the pressure pump.

固特异、米其林、70迈三款车载充气泵横评 谁更强?

After doing these, start the inflatable timing, from 0.8Bar to 2.5Bar for 3 minutes and 1 second. Guteyon claims that it is full of 3 minutes, but it takes 3 minutes from 0.8Bar to 2.5Bar. There is still a certain gap between the results and official data from the official data.

The next test is Michelin. The yellow button in the middle is the set key, which also has three units to choose from. Set the value first and reduce the tire pressure to 0.8bar.

Then adjust the tire pressure to 2.5Bar to start the time inflatable.

固特异、米其林、70迈三款车载充气泵横评 谁更强?

The official data charging time is 3 minutes, and it actually uses 2 minutes and 59 seconds from 0.8bar to 2.5Bar, which is somewhat errors with the measured measurement. The results of the measurement results of Geteye and Michelin’s two inflatable pumps are not much different.

There are also three units to choose from on the 70 -meter digital screen. The design of the intelligent touch made it farewell to the traditional physical buttons, which looks full of technology.

Set the value through the “+” “-” symbols to reduce the tire pressure to 0.8bar.

Set the tire pressure 2.5Bar, touch the switch button, and start inflating and timing.

The actual measurement results of 70 Mica are 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Compared with Geyear and Michelin, the advantages of 70 Mai are still relatively obvious. The measured data is also closer to the official 3 minutes.

Summary: Three inflatable pumps, solid -docometer inflation time is 3 minutes and 1 second, Michelin is 2 minutes and 59 seconds, and 70 miles are 2 minutes and 30 seconds. In the inflatable and measured session, 70 meters performed well.

4, temperature

Most of the inflatable pumps will fever after work, and some even affect continuous work capabilities due to excessive temperature. So heat dissipation is very important. In this link, we test the temperature of the inflatable pump after inflatable.

After filling the tire, we used a laser inspector to test the temperature test on the solid -based inflatable pump. After selecting the temperature of the multiple points, the highest temperature was 31.3 ° C, which did not affect continuing to use.

固特异、米其林、70迈三款车载充气泵横评 谁更强?

After the end of the inflatable, the maximum temperature of Michelin was 31.2 ° C, and the first two were not much different.

固特异、米其林、70迈三款车载充气泵横评 谁更强?

After multiple temperature measurement, the maximum temperature of 70 miles is 28.2 ° C.

Summary: The measured temperature of the three inflatable pumps is not high and does not affect normal use. In the temperature measured, 70 miles temperature is the lowest.

5. Continuous inflation time

固特异、米其林、70迈三款车载充气泵横评 谁更强?

For continuous inflatable time, there are clear remarks on the three inflatable pumps. Gyte GY-2852 is 20 minutes, Michelin is 5-20 minutes, and 70 Midrive TP01 is for 24 consecutive hours.

Continuous inflatable time means whether the inflatable pump has the ability to continuously inflatable for multiple tires. It may rarely occur at the same time in the process of using the inflatable pump. Not too long.

Summary: Under normal circumstances, these three inflatable pumps are enough to cope with the inflatable problem of the vehicle, and the 70 -Midrive TP01 uses a low -current permanent magnet motor, equipped with all copper movements, and the continuous inflatable time occupies an advantage.

6. Work current

Why do we talk about working current, because the vehicle inflatable pump is usually used, and the cigarette lighter interface is usually used. The rated current of the car cigarette lighter is mostly between 7-12A (different brands of cars are different). Once the rated current car cigarette lighter is exceeded, overload will be burned out, and the cigarette lighter will endure the car electrical appliances and even battery.

It can be seen that Gudy’s working current is 15A, and Michelin of 10A has hidden dangers of burning cigarettes, and 70 miles within 10A will be relatively safe.

Three inflatable pump measurement data

Wind speed M/S



Noise DB




Time charging time min

固特异、米其林、70迈三款车载充气泵横评 谁更强?

3′1 ″

2′59 ″

2′30 ″

Temperature ℃


固特异、米其林、70迈三款车载充气泵横评 谁更强?


固特异、米其林、70迈三款车载充气泵横评 谁更强?



In terms of appearance, Guteyeyear and Michelin are quite satisfactory. The integrated metal shell design of the 70 -meter pump is really bright. The full number of touch screens are high -level than plastic shells and physical buttons.

In the results of the measured results, although Michelin 4389ml accounted for the best wind speed, the actual fetal efficiency performance was average. The 70 -meter pump is excellent in terms of noise, the time of charging and temperature, and the working current and continuous inflation have obvious advantages.

In addition, the basic function of the three inflatable pumps is basically no different, but there is a hidden function on the 70 -meter air -charged pump. With the 70 -mel tire toner, you can repair the tire. The operation is also very simple, and the liquid can be directly used to directly use the 70 -meter pump directly into the tire.

In terms of price, if you only buy items, the 70 -meter pump is the cheapest, and the price of three inflatable pumps after buying tire -tonal liquid sets is basically the same.

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product testing

固特异、米其林、70迈三款车载充气泵横评 谁更强?

固特异、米其林、70迈三款车载充气泵横评 谁更强?

固特异、米其林、70迈三款车载充气泵横评 谁更强?



Aika Auto Network Watch www.xcar.com.cn

Aika Auto Network Watch www.xcar.com.cn

Gyte GY-2852

Michelin 4389ml

70 Midrive TP01





固特异、米其林、70迈三款车载充气泵横评 谁更强?




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