Ford Ford 20 -inch 7 -level transmission folding bicycle opening experience

Author: jdstkxxzou

Ford 福特  20寸7级 变速折叠自行车开箱体验

1. Background description

A rookie of a bicycle has no research on the bicycle. The coordinates in the northeast. As the weather warms the weather after the spring, there are more and more outdoor cycling. The child’s original bicycle has obviously inconsistent with the needs of the child. Plan to start with one.

The child’s child is a girl, so the demand is relatively simple: A. The first choice is folded, and you can put it on the trunk to travel. C. Finally, style, color, fashionable, beautiful.

Because I do n’t understand the bicycle, I ’m down. I was initially screening to Da Bank and Giant. There was a Giant downstairs in the community. The facade was quite large. The store was out of stock, and I went home to Baidu again. Giant was mainly mountain cars. It seemed to be in line with the facts.

As for the recommendation of FORD, it is purely aunt, and refer to several posts of friends, and combine the previous needs (the key is no money,’s coupon+Ford’s full reduction+the price difference between the two brands, the upper and lower price difference is poor, the up and down is bad, the upper and lower difference is poor, the upper and lower difference is poor, the difference is poor, the difference is poor, the difference is poor, the difference is poor, the upper and lower difference is worse. Fast 500 yuan), the order was placed the night before JD Coupon expired.

Ford 福特  20寸7级 变速折叠自行车开箱体验

2. Shopping link

FORD Ford Folding Bicycle Bicycles 20 -inch 7 Rariff Light Aluminum Alloy frame adult men’s and women’s bicycle ABA071 …

Put the link of Jingdong. Now the price seems to be restored. If you want to start, you can consider waiting for the next round of promotion. Personally, I think this car should be the price.

The gossip is over, and the box is officially opened below.

3. Opening the box installation process

Order on the evening of 3.29, Yuantong received the delivery on the 30th, arrived in the goods on the 4.2 -day delivery, and shipped from Shenzhen. Considering that the landlord was in the northeast, it basically spanned the entire China. This speed can be praised.

However, you can also see that the outer packaging is still squeezed. The two -layer cardboard boxes are squeezed out in the local area, and only one of the two packaging bands is left.

When the courier was delivered, it happened that the original poster was not at home, and the child’s mother went to collect it.

Everyone knows that the courier will not give you time to open the box on the spot, just in case, take pictures before the box dismantling.

Delivery from the factory is a two -layer carton, large boxes and small boxes, and there are no wooden frames.

Ford 福特  20寸7级 变速折叠自行车开箱体验

The net weight of the box is 11.9kg, and the hair weight is 17.7kg

After installing it later, it was simply called at its own weight scale, and the whole vehicle was around 12kg.

Ford 福特  20寸7级 变速折叠自行车开箱体验

By the way, a lot of introduction to this car on is that there are no key factors such as weight and height of the seat plate, including the official website. I finally found a weight on Suning’s link. Fortunately, the real goods did not break the expectations in weight.

Do you not pay attention to weight when buying a folding train?

There are no fixed pieces such as foam in the box, but it is fixed with strap wheels and handles. There are some plastic anti -collision blocks (the black block on it).

With a small carton, there is a pedal, a set of simple tools (inner hexagonal wrench, etc., the back of the pedal and the brakes need to be used).

Except for a pedal without installation, the whole vehicle is basically installed. Just cut the strap and open the vehicle according to the instruction manual.

In addition, I have to mention it. The description is very simple. There are no instructions such as brakes, pedals, and seatbars. It may also be basic common sense, but the landlord is too ignorant `(*∩_∩** ) ′.

Ford 福特  20寸7级 变速折叠自行车开箱体验

Is this the legendary CHU (point) picture?

Ford 福特  20寸7级 变速折叠自行车开箱体验

The first step is to fold before and after.

Ford 福特  20寸7级 变速折叠自行车开箱体验

Pay attention to the plastic dial in the red box. At the beginning, it was stood up. After opening the folding train, it can be blocked by the folding handle to avoid automatic deformation in the cycling (folding is opened).

The second step is to open the front handle, similar to the folding handle in the middle, and there is also a dial to block the folding handle.

Finally, pay attention to the white support rod in the red frame. This Dongdong can play a supporting role during transportation. In fact, it is a PVC tube, which is directly removed and thrown away.

Ford 福特  20寸7级 变速折叠自行车开箱体验

Note: The installation is relatively tight. You need to shake it hard to pull out. I hesitated for a long time and did not dare to start.

Ford 福特  20寸7级 变速折叠自行车开箱体验

Finally, the entire vehicle map. Generally speaking, the installation is very simple. I do n’t have the picture of the pedals. It can be screwed with the tools with its own.

Ford 福特  20寸7级 变速折叠自行车开箱体验

4. Debug the brakes

Silk 1 is used to fine -tune the unbalanced brakes. For example, when the situation is loose on one side, the filament is twisted over there, and the puppet wire is twisted clockwise. It should be noted that there are this screw on both sides of the brakes. They are mutually exclusive and loose, which means that the other side is tight, so it is only suitable for fine-tuning. Generally, you can turn 1-2 silk. Pass.

Ford 福特  20寸7级 变速折叠自行车开箱体验

Silk 2, which is used to adjust the imbalance of the upper and lower brake pads. The brake pads should be parallel to the wheels under normal circumstances. The actual installation may occur at an angle. Film, just tighten the silk.

Silk 3, which is used to make the brake pads tight as a whole. This is simple, let go of the brake line, then send it, tighten the brake wire, and tight.

Ford 福特  20寸7级 变速折叠自行车开箱体验

Finally, put a ride picture of the Qingming holiday. The child is 140cm tall and placed at the lowest position. The child is just one foot. This year, this car is just right.



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