Woodpecker Series -Blue and Black

Blue and Black



I hurried back to the county bureau, and Director Dong was not there. Back to my office to turn on the computer, this news is still there, but it is sinking to an inconspicuous place. Look at the time, it has been released for four or five days. It is not that I do n’t care about national events. It ’s the mountain village where my poverty alleviation has no network, and the mobile phone signals are intermittent. It really should be said: “The traffic is basically gone, and the communication is basically roaring.”

Director Dong didn’t say anything on the phone, but now I have guessed that he’s intention to call me back. I was in charge of the deputy director of the criminal investigation, and I was busy with the heels and the buttocks. I had to let me poverty alleviation. I didn’t look down on the job of poverty alleviation. Although I was not born in rural areas, I also stayed in my rural hometown for several years when I was a kid. The village assisted by the county bureau was next to my hometown, and I couldn’t help retirement. It is not that the bureau can not be sent in the bureau. Vice -Political Commissar Guo jumped back and forth to invite the battle belt to vote, but the director of Sri Lanka who was still in office at the time was like he did not see it. I will be responsible for the overall poverty alleviation work, and I don’t treat it from time to time. The next day I set off with Xiao Ronaldo and the Liang Liang of the Department of Politics. On the morning of the departure, the criminal police captain Wang Fu cried in the window and cried, saying that Sima Zhao’s heart was known. Hehe, it is also a coincidence. Director Si is called Sima Chao.

Bai Zu passed the gap, and I left this year. Before the National Day last year, Director Si was transferred to retire, and the Municipal Bureau sent a director Dong. I once returned to participate in the cadre conference of Director Director of the Organization Department. I heard that there were no new arrangements in the bureau. I returned to the village and continued.

Turn off the computer, I simply packed the office, wanted to call Wang Fu, and told him that Brother Guo came back. Pick up the phone and finally hold back. I blew a whistle. This was learned from a sheep in the countryside when I was a child. As soon as I went home and blowed it up, my mother beat me and said that I would not learn well. Why did you slip out today? Are you in a good mood?

I called my dad and said that I went to his house at night to eat meals. Dad said that we are still old. I quickly called my wife and told her to go to his grandfather’s house after get off work for a while. My wife said why did you return on the weekend? We went to his uncle’s house at night. I said I was going halfway to his grandfather’s house. My wife said that I had been to his uncle’s house. I said I want to tell our dad. My wife said we eat separately, and then I go to you.

I went to a Korean restaurant to buy trotters and beef. This is my favorite with my dad, and it is also the old rules he just said. The old rules also include two vegetarian dishes he are responsible for. I mentioned the “rules” to Ji’anyuan. Ji’an Park is the fund -raising house of the County Public Security Bureau, and the name is very appropriate.

When his father was young, he was the deputy director of our county bureau. The police school graduated to the county bureau. After retiring, he often returned to the county and lived in the county. After his mother died, he simply lived in the county. The house in the city was empty for two months. The younger sister entered while saying that she had borrowed it for a few days, and they immediately bought a house, and as a result, Liu Bei borrowed Jingzhou. I suspect that my dad acquiesced to his sister -he likes his brother -in -law and even likes me. The brother -in -law was also a police officer and was also at the Municipal Criminal Police Detachment. But I firmly believe that my father -in -law likes the son -in -law and Wu, mainly to increase weight to my daughter’s end. Anyway, it’s all a family, but I don’t care, not to mention that there is another person who permanently occupy the cover of my dad’s heart -his grandson. His grandson is of course my son. At the age of 28, he graduated from the People’s Public Security University of China and worked at the Interpol Corps of the Provincial Public Security Department.

Our names were from my dad. My name was Zhang Weiguo, and my sister was Zhang Zhijia. My name is self -evident. My dad explains the name of my sister: the “bit” in Chinese characters is the most beautiful, and the name of the brothers and sisters also implies the significance of Baojia Wei. Dad said the “bit” word is the most beautiful. Later, I confirmed through a senior Chinese teacher in the county high school. The Chinese teacher said that the “bit” structure in Chinese characters is the most beautiful, and it is best to write.

My son’s name should have been from me. I let me give up. Dad should not let him say that he had thought about it. I smiled bitterly and said if it was a girl? Dad said that the girl was named Zhang Gengying, and Yingjie in the police camp. I am extremely helpless. What should I do if my child is old and does not like this profession? Dad did not consider this.

When the police dragon’s college entrance examination fills in the volunteer, my wife said whether you intervened, don’t make it into a nest. Before filling out the volunteer, the high incidence of quasi -college students. I talked to the police dragon: “Your name is from Grandpa. Now it is rustic. If you are not satisfied, you can consider changing a fashion.”

The police dragon said, “The name is just a symbol, it doesn’t matter.”

“Are you sure you want to report to the Public Security University? Do you like it from the heart?”

Police dragon’s answer made me always heartbroken: “It’s grandfather liked, I don’t want to live up to him.”

My wife sighed, saying that it was so amazing that the genetic gene was so magical. I said that you do n’t understand that the police profession is more attractive.


The reason why his father attaches so much attention to his grandson is that he thinks he has suffered a name in his life. Dad was born in 1943. His dad is also my grandfather as a long -term worker in a wealthy landlord’s family. Grandpa hopes to entrust the last line of destiny to the just -born son and name his son Zhang Fuck. This is the name of which leader he heard for decades in the following decades, so he pays more than other young people because his name is lost.

Some people may want to be crooked. Dad does not play Mahjong. In fact, he would not play chess and chess. One year of the Spring Festival family ate a reunion dinner, and the wife who loved mahjong talked about the first -hand card on the dining table: “Guess how big my cards are? Monthly make a fortune!” Both my sister and I gave her his eyes, but she was completely completely full Entering the state, “I was so anxious that my heart was sweating, but I didn’t reconcile in the end. I don’t know where I died!”

At that time, my dad said lightly: “I didn’t die, but not who wanted to adjust it.”

Although Dad’s name is Fa Cai, I analyze that he may have no other property except these two houses. Dad didn’t care about this, at least he didn’t care about his mouth. What do he say to do so much money? My salary has not been spent this month, and it will arrive next month. I know that this is a little bit of Ah q’s ingredients in it. One year, he drank too much during the Mid -Autumn Festival, and said to me personally, “Who fucks is not rare? But you have to remember the Wei Guo, you can’t like money when you are a police officer!”

Dad has worked in the county bureau for twenty -four years, and has been in the municipal bureau for eighteen years. In addition to two awards, there is also a gain that makes him the most troublesome. Essence The reason why he is not rich is closely related to this nickname. What’s more, everyone knows the reason, only he does not know.

I also have my troubles, I just don’t say it. When I just graduated, I said that everyone should call me Xiao Zhang, because Xiao Liu He was less than that of the county bureaus with me. I should be as logical as they are, but I call me “old son” in the game. Behind in recent years, someone has been calling me “Little Lao Chin”.

Wang Fu once reminded me in the outside world that it was probably made me as a war. Later, he told me that Director Si also called you “Little Old Chisai”, which means that I have gone. Let’s take this glorious title, let alone this is also the glorious inheritance of my family. What about my dad? Wang Fu smiled badly: “Now you are just a” little old chisel “. When everyone calls you ‘old chisel”, your dad can automatically upgrade’ old chisels’. “

At the entrance of Ji’an Garden Community, I met Sister Zhang. Before Sister Zhang retired, it was the county’s office document. When I first got it in the bureau, I also introduced me to the object. It seems that she was a document at that time. After saying hello, I smelled a very fashionable skin care taste. Sister Zhang is a well -known good person in the game, but the old sister of the honey -mouth tofu heart is still unavoidable. It seems that she has guarded her daughter before the age of forty.

When he entered the house, he listened to Jing Jing’s dad in the kitchen and smelled the taste. He hadn’t stirred the food yet, but there was a taste that was completely opposite to cooking in the air. I heard that I smelled like a police dog in the living room. Dad said it was the smell of snow paste. Zhang Lihua came just now. “Someone introduced Zhang Lihua to an old man. She came to me to help with an idea.”

I met Sister Zhang at the entrance of the community just now, but she did not say that I had come to our house. Is my dad unpredpited, or is I blocked the truth? If the two of them can really come together, I will not only be happy to see it, but also sincerely bless them. But now my mind is not here.

The two greens blink in a blink of an eye. The cooked food bags are open, and our grandfather is opened. When my dad wanted to pour a cup again, I stopped. If he drinks another cup, he must sing. The one that sings clearly is “Spring of the Northern State”. If it is a major festival, he will change “his brother looks like his father” to “his father looks like an old colleague.” I wiped my hands and took out the materials I printed from the bag. He glanced at him, got up to the bathroom to wash the trotters’s hand, and found the flower mirror on the coffee table, picked up the material and stood.

This is the central government’s decision to carry out the actions of anti -crime and eliminate evil. Dad said that there was a momentum of “beating” in 1983. The “strict fight” in 1983 was also a decision made by the central government. It organized three battles for three consecutive years, and the criminal momentum of criminal crimes across the country was quickly curbed. At that time, my dad was the deputy director and captain of our county bureau, and I was still in high school.

Dad’s face was dignified, and he sat back to the dining table again. “I thought I couldn’t see the day when their brother had fallen into the net.”

I quickly took the wine glass to me. He can’t let him drink anymore, after all, he is in his seventies, and today’s emotions fluctuate again. Dad’s mood at this time is difficult to describe, and excitement is also good. But he didn’t sing that night.


The brother -in -law said that the brother is the celebrities of our county, the second child Yuan Guoqing, the fifth Yuan Guodong, and the old seven Yuan Guobiao. At home, although it is not famous, if it is said that the wolf is like a tiger, the old, the old, the old, the old, the old, the old, the sixth and four brothers. More than forty years ago, the seven brothers and I were a village. Today, more than forty years later, the people on the officialdom of our county are like this: If our grandfather has a harmonious relationship with the “Yuan’s Sanxiong”, I have become the director of the county bureau. Director Dong’s hard work and troubles called.

Good buddies once asked me if I was true, I laughed, although I knew this smile was embarrassing. I admit it, what is the evidence? Decisure, but I have already felt the black hands on my head. I guarantee it with my personality, this is never dog blood.

In March 1968, our family became a “home -to -house”. The decentralization location was the grandfather and their village. In fact, my grandparents were also from this village, but they died very early. We are lucky in countless “households” nationwide, because we live directly into Grandpa’s house. I was three years old that year, and my sister was under one year old.

This village is my hometown pine tree. There are a lot of pine trees on the mountains of Matunukun, but they seem to never be long. For decades, my grandfather’s parents planted it when I was in elementary school. The heads were similar, and the waist had only bowls of mouth thickness. There is a water bubble next to the river to the west of the village. It will be filled with rain in the summer, and it will become the children’s swimming pool after entering. If you catch up with the autumn waterlogging, there is water in the bubbles in winter, and when it is frozen, it becomes a skating rink in the village again. Children like loach in summer. Of course, it is not ice knife shoes, but an ice car made by adults. Later, the educated youth came from the village. A handsome guy wore ice knife shoes and carried his hands on the ice. The men, women and children on the shore looked stupid.

When I could swim in the water, it was already 1973, and the blisters had already become the “Liangshanbo” of the Yuan brothers. In the summer water bubbles, there is a abandoned Liangyu, and the diameter of the small head is also thick. This is the private property of the Yuan family. Two or three brothers pushed, and the wind and waves were invincible in the bubbles. When the brothers of the Yuan family were not there, Liang Yan drifted quietly by the water, and the children in the village, including me, did not dare to sting. Later, Yuan Er took the initiative to invite me with the seven of their brothers to share Liang Yan, which caused a restlessness among the children in the village. Yuan Er was five years older than me, Yuan Wu was one year younger than me, but when I was, I had to control their brother a few uncle.

Not only my personal status has improved in the minds of the children in the village, the political environment of our family, including my grandfather’s family, is also quietly improved. The direct reason was that the public prosecution law that was smashed in the Cultural Revolution gradually recovered, and the Public Security Bureau was proven to be indispensable, so it was listed again. The father of a member of the production team was transferred back to the Public Security Bureau last year. Dad occasionally came back to see us, but had a huge change with the former members -there was a pistol in his waist. Dad returned to ride a bicycle, because he saw the folks to say hello, and every time he entered the village, he pushed the bicycle. At this time, a group of my friends will always follow my father to our door, in order to look at the things he shoulders.

After the Spring Festival in 1976, our family moved away from Matsuskun, and also took Grandpa. But Summer Grandpa took his grandmother back to Songshun again. The earthquake in Tangshan affected our county. The city could not be resistant to the earthquake. The two elderly people resolutely returned resolutely regardless of the retention of their parents and mother. Dad said that the older the grandfather, the older, the more afraid of death. Mom quickly endorsed her parents: “Who is not afraid of death? Are you not afraid?”

Dad said, “Of course.”

Dad must not be afraid of death. Not only did Dad are not afraid, all police officers were not afraid of death. This is the unchanged cognition after I was sensible.

Chapter One

Dad was born in the first month of 1943. In 1948, two things happened in our village that made him unforgettable for a lifetime, although he was only five years old.

The first thing happened at the beginning of the year. The landlord’s son of the County Police Department took a team of police officers to surround the village and searched from house to house. The key suspect was taken to the village office for interrogation. Grandpa was one of them. Grandma led her father to the village office to find grandpa, and saw her grandfather kneeling on the ground and slapped by the sheriff. Grandpa was detained in the county for more than two months, and he had been out of appearance when he was released. The landlord’s son was not suspecting that he grabbed the medicine, but he doubted that he was not known or he was in his own response, because he kept him that night. But Grandpa said he was even more injured than Dou E.


The second thing was that at the end of the year, our county was liberated. The PLA left after the fight, and the rest of the county’s martial arts team took over. The martial arts team arrested the pseudo -police officer of the police station. The landlord’s son was arrested back to our village and had a public trial with his landlord’s father. The martial arts team asked Grandpa to come to the stage to expose the crime of suing the landlord’s father and son, but Grandpa refused to die. Grandma told the martial arts team that she couldn’t speak at home, and she might urinate pants. The captain of the martial arts had no choice but to arrange for others to speak for him. Later, Grandpa told his grandmother that the reason why he refused to come to power was that he was afraid of those people back.

In 1959, Dad graduated from junior high school, and the county party committee was recruiting correspondents. At that time, the cultural people were scarce. Dad was hired as soon as he signed up. The house where Grandpa lived was divided into the landlord when the land reform. A total of four farmers who lived in the landlord’s house, one of them was my grandfather’s house. In the second year of his father’s participation in work, the grandfather tested the matchmaker. His daughter was two years older than my dad. I didn’t know why, and Grandpa agreed in a mess.

The father’s life is difficult to violate, and the marriage is fixed. Then Zhang Luo got married. Dad was dragged on the grounds that he was young and did not meet the marriage law. In 1963, Grandpa was seriously ill, and his grandmother’s body was weak. The family frequently urged and said that the marriage was happy. Maybe Grandpa’s illness was fine. In order to filial piety, Dad came back to the marriage. One month before I was born in 1965, my grandfather died. Grandma has only lived more than a year than Grandpa.

The county party committee is equipped with correspondent the tradition of the troops. Not only the county party committee and county government, but some larger organs, such as the public prosecution law, also have correspondents. Dad went to work in the county party committee, and the county party committee secretary was the captain of the martial arts. Because I always go to the countryside with the secretary, I go to the countryside to hike. Sometimes I go for a day. In the face of the boring of the runaway, the secretary often uses a battle story to cover the young people around him. The storytelling cannot be sampled, one day he finally talked about Matsukun. The outline of the story was that the front line was urgently needed for medicine. He led the martial arts team to grab the pills warehouse of a landlord’s house in Songshu Tun. The long -term worker named Zhang, he warned that the long worker could not say it, and the long worker really carried it and won the time for the martial arts team to transport the medicine to Siping.

Dad wanted to tell the secretary that he was the son of the long worker, but he finally held back. He was afraid that he would eat his father. In 1961, the secretary was transferred. Dad, who was just 18 years old, went to the criminal investigation stock of the Public Security Bureau. Minister Tian Gui arranged a master named Zhang Cai. The correspondent of the Public Security Bureau was Luo Yuming, one year earlier than his father. The little friends of the county party committee came to work in the Public Security Bureau. Global.

Luo changed his post for two years and went to the office to make miscellaneous reasons. The reason was very simple. At that time, the cadres of the county organs were commented on the four mouths owed. Xiao Qin and Xiaochang who visited the office to the people visited the office, and Xiao Luo of the Public Security Bureau had a high position, which was Wei Shudi, deputy county chief. I do n’t know which talent compiled such a smooth: Qin Laixin visited, and Luo Jiao Tong Wei County.

At that time, Zhang Cai had just received a apprentice for less than three months. He was called Dong Defu. He was a soldier of the Public Security Forces. The captain of the public security forces tuned Dong to another police officer and asked Zhang Cai to bring Zhang to a fortune. After about half a year, Dad got a pistol, which was a German shell -length shell.

Except for the deputy head of the criminal investigation stocks, the rest of the head of the investigator is called investigators. Some of these investigators were dyed, and some of them did not dry. The old one often educates like this: “The person I caught, huh …” Speaking of this, I can only stop, because it will be extremely logical, and it can’t be said to be “more than those you have seen “”. However, the veteran investigator is either leaders or masters, and the master is either himself and others, so the old comrades say that young people only listen to. This atmosphere went out as the public prosecution law was smashed and swept out, and I gradually recovered when I graduated. But the title of the master may hurt the vitality, and the deterrence is not the same as that year.

When I graduated, Zhang Cai was already the director of the county bureau. If in the cross talk world, it should be counted as my master. However, there is no such non -blood duration in the criminal police. Even if the relationship between the master and the apprenticeship is very short, the master brought the road, and the apprentice was flying alone, and they completed their due obligations. In the future, the relationship is almost a little better, and it is within the big framework of colleagues.

In May 1964, Dad joined the party. At the introducer of Tian Nao Dang, when he talked to his father, he mentioned such an important plot: When Secretary Wu of the county party committee left that year, he wrote a letter to the captain of Tana. , Let Tian Shao pay attention to observation. If you are a good seed, you must guide and cultivate carefully. The reason why the special care was surprised by Dad, Secretary Wu understood that the head of the head of Tian was the son of the long -term worker of the long -term medicine shop of Matsuskun. What’s even more bizarre is that the director of Tianzhong also participated in the drug grabbing operation. He was the youngest player of the county martial arts team at the time.

When my father talked to me about this, he was fortunate that he had swallowed “my dad is a long worker” back. Dad said that you should always be kind in front of the organization, don’t calculate, let alone work.

Later, in order to write things to the History Office of the Bureau to check the information, I deliberately watched the records from 1961 to 1964. Most of them were reports from various working groups of the county bureau to participate in the “Four Qing Movement”. There was no letter from Secretary Wu. Not to mention that letter was found, such a small episode is very likely to record Shi Zhi. However, I found in the county’s public security affairs in the county’s public security affairs that another dad talked to me. This case was once a sensation in the country. police.

On July 12, 1979, a malignant case of three militias in Liaoyang killed the villagers with guns. Three gangsters carried two automatic rifles and five thousand shots to escape north. The Provincial Public Security Department strictly ordered the city and county public security bureaus to block and arrest. Our county bureau set up a team blocking team. Zhang Fuck is the deputy captain. On July 14, the three murderers entered the Tieling area adjacent to our county. At 9:30 am, the police were arrested at 9:30 am. Six police officers died on the spot. If these three murderers are not north but westward, the sacrifice policemen are destined to get rich, and I will become a fourteen -year -old martyr’s orphan. It may be afraid of scaring me. At that time, Dad didn’t tell the scene so tragic.

From the beginning of elementary school, if my dad went home early and I hadn’t slept with my sister, he would tell me some stories of the case, just like the county party secretary tells the story of the battle. After listening to the group several times, my sister has been retreating. I have been heard from junior high school graduation one after another. My mother decisively stopped the show. I listened to it, and I had to tell my classmates when I came to school. Some cases had to be processed. When the audience was the most, there were half a shift, and then there were only fixed three men and one woman. The four of us have been determined to be a police officer from an early age. What about that girl? She explicitly stated that she didn’t like the profession of police, but why was she so obsessed with detecting stories? She blushed and loved to listen to my speech.

She later became my wife, and the two of us cooperated to produce Zhang Pingsong. After having a child, she became unwilling to listen to me, but she could only listen to her. I couldn’t accept such a thorough reversal. Where did the little girl sitting next to me? My wife said, “I didn’t listen to what you said at all, but just occupied this position and did not let other girls come in.”

My wife said I was just one of her targets. There are three sisters, no boys, and their parents sigh all day and sigh. The eldest sister got married and gave birth to a pair of twin boys. The two old men had a line of hope in their hearts. After the eldest sister was full of the full moon, the parents asked the eldest sister to discuss with my brother -in -law to see if they could let a child with the mother’s surname. The son -in -law reluctantly agreed, but the next day, he was declined by his pro -family and mother -in -law. The second sister gave birth to a girl after marriage, and the two elderly people were basically desperate. My wife is an old man. What kind of fire does she say to her parents? Isn’t there still me? This time is the first year of high school, and both of us are divided into liberal arts classes.

The results of it? She successfully completed the historical mission that seemed to be unable to complete. My wife’s surname Zhang, named Zhang Ruimin, is a historical teacher of the county high school. She said that I could win in the last few candidates because I was also surnamed Zhang.


The case that Dad told, or the detection story I was broadcasting to my classmates, was almost impressed now, because the case was a commonplace for me. There are only two very special ones staying deep in my soul. Even if the memory storage is anxious, I still give them the position that they should have.

The first thing is bad or kidney. In 1961, Dad got rich to the Public Security Bureau for a month or so, and the master Zhang Cai led him to detect a theft. The stolen food station, of course, was state -owned. At that time, there were no individual economic units. Of course, the grain station was raised, and the food was the only luxury at that time. The thief only took the rod noodles, less than twenty pounds. Being next to the stick is rice cabinet and white -faced cabinet. Is the thief a color blindness?

The thief is not only color blindness, but the vision is better than two investigators. He is a drawing technician of the county’s sand manufacturing plant, named Wang Hegui. When “double wealth” arrived in his house, his wife took three children to drink stick porridge at the dining table, and the sound of smoking came one after another. Wang Hegui seemed to know that the police were coming, standing at the door, and lowering his head and holding his hands. Wang and Guizheng, five people in his family, as far as he is a town hukou, his wife and children are “three -no -households”. The family did not unveil the pot for three days, and I was staring at the three children for a while, and Wang Hegui took the risk. Why not get fine food? Wang Hegui said, “The two harms are light.”

The handling of Wang Hegui made Zhang Cai make a fortune, mainly Zhang Cai, and there was no right to speak at this time. The national hunger has not completely passed. This is the first grain station in the county. Although the case is not large, the impact is really bad. Zhang Cai’s handling of his criticism and education was immediately rejected. After several studies, he finally upgraded to labor education for one year. Zhang Cai first sought the situation of the Tana stock chief, not to mention the education for one year, that was, he was detained for five days, and his wife and child had to starve to death. Director of Tanaka led Zhang Cai to find the deputy director, and then found the leader. Wang Hegui returned, and the director of the grain station came to discuss the statement, and Zhang Cai compensated Wang and Gui to compensate 20 pounds of sticks.

This story sounds a bit virtual, but I promise it is true. Not only did my father say that after graduating, I listened to the party lesson for the first time. This is exactly why such an inconspicuous case can be kept in mind for decades.

The second case took place in the fall of 1982. The place of the case was my hometown of Matthew Tun. The case was not hosted by his father, but he played a vital role, because at this time he was already the deputy director and the criminal police captain. That is, this case stirred our family and the Yuan family together, and opened this grievances that lasted nearly 30 years.

In 1980, with the gradual implementation of the liability system for family coalition production, rural production teams with the characteristics of the times moved to disintegrate. However, this is a gradual process. Some production teams that have long been famous and died quickly collapsed. Single dry and production teams collectively coexist. There are six production teams in the Matun Tun Brigade, and all five are scattered, leaving only the first production team standing. A team was not only economical at the time, but the key was honor and other body. Many people, especially cadres of cadres, cadres in commune cadres, could not bear to watch it disappear. The Yuan family is this production team.

In the autumn of the countryside, a group of whip promoted the busyness of the horse, but the busy villagers with land, a team of people at this time became soy sauce. In the same black land, the crops of each household are better than the production team. Now it is harvested in autumn. Every family pulls his own home, and the carriage donkey car, ox cart is mighty. The people of a team were listless, slowly harvesting the low -class crops, put on the car and then pulled it to the production team’s field. The crops piled up in the production team, as if there were no large -dry crops, and the complaints gradually rose.

There are four brothers of the Yuan family who have been married and have been separated from each other. There are more than forty households in the first team, and the Yuan family accounts for one tenth. The father of the seven brothers, Yuan Feng, learned several times to find the production captain to ask when he was doing it. Captain Zhang Sheng said he had to listen to the brigade and commune. On October 10, 1982, a villager named Li, a villager, married his daughter -in -law. Zhang Sheng, who came to drinking wine, became the target of criticism. After three patrols, the words were not speculative. Yuan Fengxue relying on Jiu Jin and his two sons present, and Zhang Sheng scolded. Northeast men upgraded the scolding to do it, only in the moment. Yuan Fengxue started, and a wine glass smashed on Zhang Sheng’s head. The glass flower splashed, and Zhang Sheng’s face suddenly dripped. In the battlefield, the two sons Yuan Guozhong Yuan Guoqing rushed over. Because the grievances were too full, and the gaps of many of the lively stretchs, Zhang Sheng was not light and entered the city center hospital. Yuan Fengxue was controlled in the brigade department, and his two sons fled.

The public security assistant of the commune reported to the county bureau. The criminal police team came out to bring Yuan Fengxue back to the county bureau to detain, and then organized police forces to hunt down the boss Yuan Guozhong Yuan Guoqing.

I was studying in high school at that time. One day when I went home from school, I saw my grandfather coming, and I also brought an old lady to recognize that this was Yuan Guoqing’s mother (she and his uncle’s family). The old lady begged her father to lift her old man with her old man. If it was really embarrassed, it would be possible to let her two sons. The reason is that their family hurts one, and our family goes in. You can’t hurt one, we go in, and the government has to make sense. Dad said that the Public Security Bureau is not a store, and the money is equal. The national law is like a wall. Whoever hit the bag is light, and there are often those who are killed.

The old Mrs. Yuan had lived in our house for seven or eight days, and her father never loosened. In order to make up for his father’s righteousness, his mother had to serve the table enthusiastically. The old lady’s mouth was very good. It is said that her grandfather was a book artist in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China. As soon as her father returned, she continued to launch an offensive. Dad was because of her grandfather’s face, so she had to listen to her ears. The power outage was stopped one night, and the father was also here. The old lady said that it was rare to be quiet today and told you a book. Surprisingly, she really said a little about the book artist, but the content was awkward. She was talking about Hua Rong Dao Guan Yuyi Cao Cao, which was suspected of ridiculing that Dad’s not talking about righteousness. Dad says the third aunt, what do you mean? I can’t compare with Guan Yu, in turn, my third uncle is not Cao Cao. Another one is the story, edited.

I came back from school the next night and found that my grandfather and the old lady left. Mom said that Dad was here, and the brother was caught, and it was impossible to let people go. The old lady was angry.

Zhang Sheng rescued, but left a disability. Yuan Fengxue was sentenced to five years, the boss Yuan Guozhong sentenced two years, and the second child Yuan Guoqing sentenced one year. Grandpa died in 1990, and we returned to Songshu Tun. The villagers in the village came to the door. Only the Yuan family did not show up. After finishing the funeral, my mother received the uncle to the county and sold the old house in Matsukun. Our family slowly broke the relationship with Matsuskun.

Later, Dad told me, remember the story of Guan Yu’s explanation of Cao Cao? Guan Yu was the representative of China’s private law. He set off Cao Cao privately in Huarong Road, and as a result, Wu Shu buried huge hidden dangers. Such a person who should be pledged into a military court has been mistakenly treated as a loyal model for so many years … You remember that a police officer is high or low. It must not be private. A law enforcement person will inevitably be private!


In July 1985, I graduated from the police school. I told my dad in advance that I don’t want to return to work in the county bureau. The grandfather is inconvenient in one unit, and it seems that there are regulations in this area. This is the reason for my desktop, and what about the table? Of course, the municipal bureau has better conditions and more room for development. Dad said that he said that before he joined the job, what impression did he leave for the organization? Organization always understands than us.

Sure enough, the organization did not confused, and the city bureau was transferred to the city bureau and threw me to the county bureau. Because I was studying the criminal investigation, I was assigned to the criminal police team, and my master was Li Baolin. At this time, the criminal police team is already the largest department of the overall situation. The leaders of the police have added more than thirty people, occupying a floor on the second floor, which is not the five bungalows of the technical room. When I first went to work, I heard my colleagues occasionally talking about “old chisels”. I only knew that “old chisel” was my dad for a long time.

The criminal police team is a man of a man. Dozens of male monsters overflowing with hormones in dozens of walking sitting sitting can see how much their heads have. The arrest of the case was their main business. There were temporary tasks in the bureau, and the criminal police team could not give up. The criminal police team full of fierce labels also became synonymous with rough, and the most rough is “007”.

There is a largest office in the team, which was changed to the conference room, and the house number 2007. There are ten desks in it, where the officers who are not more than five years old are working here. The criminal police team is not a case every day, and occasionally there is nothing to do. If the door of “007” is wide, there are no seats inside.

There was Zhou Zhen who did not believe in evil, the Department of Public Security. Zhou Zhen wanted to go to the toilet that morning, and when he was full on the first floor, he came to the second floor. It is estimated that there is still a few minutes of empty window period. Relying on the martial arts in the police school, he believes that the horse has been from “007”. Classmate Wang Fu. Wang Fu was in the toilet on the second floor, and he sat on Wang Fu’s chair with one buttocks and served it for a week. He said, “Here, why did the slaves kneel?” The misfortune came out of the mouth, and a few big men came around in a short time, ready to put him down, and then pants with pants with printed mud and graffiti. One of the fresh graduates of the police academy named in the present dynasty noticed that Xiao Zhou held the hand paper in his hand. It is estimated that he was suspected of toilet and proposed to change a punishment measure. Close the door of the house, everyone scattered and slipped to other offices to drink tea.

Wang Fu heard the sound of “007” in the toilet. When he returned to the office, he saw a person be handcuffed by the wall and sorrowful, but because he was covered with his head, he thought which group had just been caught, and sat back to his office. table. Later, the more familiar to listening to the sound, the more he opened his head to know that “朕” was bullied. As soon as Xiao Zhou’s handcuffs were opened, he went straight to the toilet with an arrow …

In 1989, I became the captain of the first squadron of the Interpol Brigade. There were four investigators under my men. In three years, the first squadron siege was invincible. Two of them were more classic cases, which made a squadron famous in the city’s public security system, and also pushed me to the position of the deputy captain of the Interpol.

Together in the beginning of 1989, an inter -provincial highway upgraded asphalt pavement in Connection of Mountain Township. Past vehicles were under the road of Jinniu Village and took a section of township. This rural road suddenly was crowded. Because the road narrow cars pass through the village, the drivers all drove very slowly. When the night was quiet, the scene of the railway guerrillas was repeated in Jinniu Village, but it was our own compatriots who were robbed and snatched. There was no Japanese drama.

The county’s report was a driver of a Hebei truck, a Tangshan dialect. His car pulled Panjin Rice, a bag of fifty pounds. At 8 o’clock in the evening at the entrance of Jinniu Village, the sky was not completely dark. He also heard that Jinniu Village had a car to pick up the goods. In order to prevent unexpectedly, the driver asked the co -pilot to take the rice bag in the compartment. When he was out of the village, the four robbers jumped off the tree of a large elm tree, fell directly on the truck, first slapped the co -pilot, and then lifted the rice bag under the car. In two or three minutes, the four people jumped out of the car and ran away.

Captain Captain Dong Defu sent me this job. I took the task and contacted the assistant to the public security of Shan Xiangxiang to wait for me in the room in the evening. At 8 o’clock in the evening, I took four squadron investigators and took the large truck of the reporter to the meeting of the meeting. We made a careful disguise on this car during the day. The license plates were from Shandong. The remaining rice on the car was still there, but the outside covered the green Monbo I borrowed from the transportation company. I was sitting in the co -pilot position, and the four investigators were hidden in Montburi.

At 9:10, we entered Jinniu Village, and it was almost the big elm tree. I knocked on the back of the cab with a gun handle to remind them to pay attention. Under the lights, I saw a yellow gum shoe exposed in the dense branches and leaves of the large elm tree. This time they came three and jumped directly to the investigator. Before they came back, Monco suddenly opened, and the four pistols faced them.

The truck drove directly to the township government, but the interrogation stopped when the interrogation was started. The reason was that these three were not the four of yesterday. These three are today, and the four are today. I called Captain Dong to ask for support. After another day, the fourteen suspects were all leaked. The searched stolen goods were equipped with six large trucks, and home appliances, food, clothing and medicinal materials were all available.

The second case of our team, which was famous for its name, happened in the Spring Festival in 1992. At the end of each year, the major grain depots began to acquire corn, and the long dragons of various vehicles were arranged outside the grain depot. In the early 1990s, although the food market has not been fully liberalized, it has been loosened, and grain dealers walk between farmers and grain depots, seeking opportunities to make money. At this time, a position in the grain depot becomes hot, that is, a quality inspector. They were holding the book with their left hand and holding a sharp iron rod with their right hand, which was more than one foot long. The iron rod is hollow. The quality inspector put it into a sack full of corn, and then pulled it out. The iron rod was filled with corn grains. Level.

In this section, the grain dealer can’t wait to call the quality inspector as his father. The cigarettes holding in their hands are always raised, and the quality inspector is often dismissive -smoking is prohibited in the grain depot. If you want to clamp a cigarette on his ears, you will find that one of his two ears has been sandwiched.

In the Spring Festival of that year, the county’s largest grain tank king’s grain depot reported the case. A large number of short libraries in the inventory corn appeared, and it was roughly estimated to be at least 100,000 pounds. Later, there were several grain depots reporting the case, which was also the problem of different degrees of adjustment.

I led the team to the palace grain depot. It is strange that the possibility of the thief and the risk of self -a theft of themselves is excluded, but how does such a large number of corn disappear? Check officer fraud? There are two people who check the pounds and the bookkeeping, without any flaws. What about quality inspectors? If he is moody, the number is not his scope of power. There is no clue for a long time.

After dinner in the cafeteria and cafeteria, five of us wandered in the yard. It’s not full, because it’s okay. The yard of the grain depot is full of food and stains everywhere. It looks like the Japanese artillery tower in the past, but it is much thicker than the artillery building. The spire made of grass on the top can not only prevent rain and snow, but also take into account both breathable. The northwest corner of the courtyard is a trunk room, two. The complete one is the operation room of the inspection staff. Only the room cover and the four pillars are the scales of the floor. In the house wall next to the operation room, Xiao Guo saw a square iron cover. It is said that curiosity killed cats, and curiosity achieved investigators. We tried to open this lid, and the truth of the case was opened.

This is a gang, three members. My brother was responsible for driving. Dad blocked the attention of the inspection staff in the window. The thin brother took the opportunity to get down from this iron lid. The underground space is the inner structure of the floor -to -scale scale. The younger brother holds a mechanism. Their corn will rise from 1,000 pounds to more than 10,000 pounds. If they get three trips a day, the younger brother will stay inside, and the father will secretly call him when he comes again. At the end of the last trip, Dad covered him out. Their food trucks were modified, and the carriages were very shallow. It looked like it was loaded with more than a hundred bags of corn. In fact, it was not more than fifteen bags.


It was this year when I saw the Yuan family.

After May 1st, I was promoted to the deputy captain of the Interpol, and Wang Fu took over as the captain of the team. He was the first apprentice I brought. At this time, Zhang Pingson was two years old and became the favorite of grandpa’s house. Although Grandpa and Grandma did not get the right to name the police, as long as the child’s surname was Zhang, they were satisfied. Given that the two old people like us so much, we are not upset, and we have always lived together with police dragons and father -in -law and mother -in -law.

There will always be a way for the elderly to prefer. The grandfather’s grandfather bought a house in the county seat and sold two and a half bungalows he lived to us at the price of 20,000 yuan. In fact, not only did we not pay a penny, but the grandfather also stuffed another 10,000 yuan to his wife, let us revive the old house. I couldn’t take time to take care of it, my wife came forward, and the high school history teacher became the mainstay and project manager of our family. At the end of the demolition, the foundation began. On the day of the foundation, I was anxious to come to the construction site. She said that the wall was about to start. At this time, the man had to take a look, and the foundation was unsure.

I hurried to the construction site, but I only had half an hour because the Municipal Bureau’s Interpol Division was going to study the case. In this half -hour work, I met Yuan Guoqing, the second child of the Yuan family.

Our house has a larger construction site in less than 500 meters east, and it has already started three floors. A small truck came out of that site and stopped in front of me, and I took two steps subconsciously. The person from the car was Yuan Guoqing, and I recognized it at a glance.

“It’s Patriotic, why are you here?” Yuan Guoqing stepped forward to shake hands with me. I immediately felt that his hands were surpassing me.

“This is my house, the renovation,” I said.

Yuan Guoqing raised his hand to the east: “The construction site was mine, the office building of the maternal and child health station. I took something to get it, and I packed the materials and did not have a relationship with Party A.”

I quickly said, “No need, my wife has bought it.”

Yuan Guoqing introduced me to the driver who drove: “This is my family’s five, Guodong. He is doing the truck operation, and my work is given to him.” I shook hands with the fifth old. Yuan Guoqing went on to say, “My old seven nation standard, you may not be impressed. He also came out of Matsuskun and sold pork in the county farmer’s market.

In a hurry, Yuan Guoqing said that he was casual like eating dumplings, and I heard it carelessly. One thing happened that night, and the car that transported the building materials of the maternal and child health station to unload a car red brick and half -car cement at our construction site. My wife wants to give money, they say to me. Her wife said that she took the account and chased their construction sites to settle the account. It was in May 1992.

By 2002, the construction company of Yuan Guoqing, the second child, had developed into the city’s largest real estate development company, and the name was National Day Real Estate. The fifth child Yuan Guodong successfully transferred the county transportation company. Later, with the help of Yuan Guoqing, the Guodong Transportation Group was established to monopolize the county and township road passenger transport in the county, and then expanded to highway transportation, taxi operations, air distribution and machines and machines Modern vehicles were repaired and a number of branches were established. The old seven Yuan Guobiao first monopolized the cutting meat industry, known as Zhenguanxi, and later expanded to the purchase, breeding, meat food processing, imitated the second brother and the fifth brother, and established the national standard food group. The sale is fast and fast. I thought he could only cut meat in his life. I did not expect that in 2001, the 31 -year -old Yuan Guobiao turned out to be the director of Xiguan Village, Fuxing Town.

Our county is called Fuxing County. As the names, Fuxing Town is the county seat, and the first good place in Fuxing County. A total of two villages in Fuxing Town. The two villages are Dongguan Village and Xiguan Village. Xiguan Village is relatively important because it is connected to the suburbs of Fuxing City. Yuan Guobiao became a dark horse, which made people who knew him shocked. Yuan Guobiao’s hukou was still in Songshu Tun at the time, and I was detained and tried, and the political appearance could not be mentioned. Not to mention the party members, two more negative sign than the average masses. But not only did he master the largest village in the county, he also became a representative of the county people’s congress. In the next few years, the village director, Yuan Guozanbiao’s gun was changed, and the suit leather shoes and watches could not be hit. In the past, the chopped knife and apron that was sticking to his body had long been gone. Even in Xiguan Village, no one dared to follow him with the premise of “pig”.

By 2012, the two companies of the Yuan family became pillar industries and taxpayers in the county. Yuan Guoqing became the guests of the municipal government and the news leader of the city television station. Yuan Guodong is the same model, the difference is that he is in the county. For Yuan Guobiao, he changed into the party, and he was also the deputy mayor of Fuxing Town and the secretary of the Xiguan Village branch and director of the village. He did not lose his second brother Yuan Guoqing in Fuxing County. why? Xiguan Village has a good geographical location, and Yuan Guo has a large area of ​​land. Although these land are still in the hands of the villagers, as long as the developers look at it, it is a word of Yuan Guobiao. Generally, 50,000 yuan is compensated to the villagers. As for how much money the village sells to the developers, it is a matter of the village, and it has nothing to do with the villagers. If anyone owed to inquire, there is a precise blow to your home at night.

This was originally the last word, but I was anxious, and I said it here first.

At the end of 1992, our house was completed, and the family moved to a new home. At that time, I never heard of the word formaldehyde. When my wife finally got the account, I accidentally mentioned the red brick and cement from Yuan Er’s construction site. I really scared me, but my wife finally handled it. I still appreciate it. I am fortunate to have a alert wife who knows how to eat people’s mouths and take the softness of their hands. I praise her to do it right.

My wife stunned: “Who is it?”

“Send bricks and cement.”

My wife said, “You are too right. They said that at that time, I would pay attention to you, so how can you understand the market material, specify that this is to bluff you. I will follow their construction site and set the account to settle the account. It’s. “

It turned out to be an oolong ball. I knew the importance of the dead sheep, so I told her the Yuan family, and told her that we would work with the heart of Taoism and conscience. She also wanted to supervise me at all times and help me keep a bottom line that can never be passed. This bottom line is never to be private.

After moving into a new home, I was in a mood, after all, I have my own small world. It is not small to say that it is a small heaven and earth. We only lived in three and old houses. The criminal police team has a house over forty -five years old, and young people rent a house. Let’s put it this way, the overall area of ​​my house ranks second and the quality is ranked first.

When I went to work in the morning, my wife and I went out with my wife, and the two bicycles were driving together. There was a children’s seat on the beam of her car, sitting on the police officer. At the intersection of the cultural road, the two of us were separated. I went north to the Public Security Bureau. She first went straight to the county government kindergarten and sent the child to the south of the county. I can’t even predict the immortal time, so the police dragons are all his mother. If there is something wrong with his mother, the grandfather is a substitute player. Sometimes the substitute is more embarrassed, so that the child’s mother is not connected.

Dad also knew that our house was completed. I promised to come and see it, but it was not until May 1st that the opportunity to meet the provincial department was turned into the county. The jeep stopped at the door. Dad entered the house. I called the driver to come in to drink water. The driver Dan Pan signaled that there was water in his car. The police dragon looked at Grandpa with curious eyes. Grandpa squatted down and touched the police dragon’s head, and then looked at each house.

I came out with my dad and found out that I did n’t know when I was waiting outside Dan Pan, and Yuan Guoqing. I don’t want to introduce him to his father. I want to wait for my father to get in the car and say hello to him, but Yuan Guoqing reported his own house and took the initiative to surrender. Guan Dad called Uncle Zhang. Dad held his hand with him and got on the car. I did n’t use my invitation. Yuan Guoqing went into the house directly. He first praised the police and appreciated the house.

Sometimes there are no cases to get off work normally. I occasionally encounter Yuan Guoqing on the road. Whether it is on the face or the same direction, he will let the driver stop, and talk to me. Every time he goes to the restaurant to rub a meal. Although I declined politely every time, it did not affect me when he saw me again.


Wang Fu is my school brother and graduated in 1987. On the second day of the criminal police team, Captain Dong took him to “007”. Wang Fu has become my school -added apprentice, and I also set a new record for the youngest master of the Interpol. Wang Fu is a rural child, with five brothers and sisters in the family. His surname is two. His father had severe bronchitis, and later he had lung heart disease, but he still stubbornly stubbornly stroked the five children to develop adults. It may be influenced by his father. Wang Fu’s personality is mild but never lack of resoluteness. Life is frugal because of constraints, but no one has said that he is embarrassed. I did not hide my like Wang Fu. Later, I transferred the squadron as the captain and brought Wang Fu.

The Yuan family rose rapidly in our county, and Wang Fobi felt first. One morning, Wang Fu said that last night, the Public Security Department went to the people’s restaurant to eat, and it was Yuan Guoqing who made east. “When drinking, Mr. Yuan also mentioned you.”

I asked Wang Fu: “Who do you say?”

“Zhou Zhen said.” Wang Fu told me that Zhou Zhen had a case of injuries together, and the two of the vegetable market were chopping meat. One of them was the Lao Qi of the Yuan family.

Yuan Guoqing asked the guys of the Public Security Department to eat, and I mentioned me during the meeting. According to Wang Fu, his expression was: “I and Wei Guo are relatives. Although I am an uncle, the two of us are like relatives and brothers. The same. “He was unilaterally positioned, and there was no change until now, one word has not been added, and one word does not decrease.

At that time, the Public Security Division was prestigious, and it had public security management rights to any corner of the county. What’s even more powerful is that they still hold the household registration approved power. Each year, there are limited agricultural transfer of agricultural transfer to the county in the city, but those who meet the conditions of entering the city are like crossing the river. From the director to the general police, the tea furnace of the door was seen, and almost everyone shoulders the heavy responsibility of giving their relatives and friends to the law and order to dredge the relationship or inquire about the news.

October each year is the schedule for approval. The approved person becomes a urban household registration. The local township production team gives them the last ration at the end of the year, and then cancels their whole year’s rations for the next year according to the quasi -relocation certificate. In order to avoid interference, for several years, the accounts for the law and order were approved to the county government hotel. For hotels, this can be regarded as the honor of the Standing Committee in our county.

Wang Fu said that last night, the Department of Security came out, and He Da did lead the team. He was called He Jianjun, but he was accustomed to calling him He Dasao. This nickname was enough to reflect his weight in the bureau, and he really achieved one person and more than 200 people. The police of the Public Security Division said that our section chief had to look at the mood, and the other deputy directors were not talking -including Zhang Faicai, the deputy director who had been transferred. This is simply self -reliance in the section of the section. How can everyone swallow this breath?

Can swallow. His father is the only old Red Army in our county and even our city.

He Dasao has such power in his hands. The family has such a background. If you want to be low -key, the county cadres and the masses do not agree. How did Yuan Guoqing make up for? It’s incredible.

The Maternal and Child Health Station Building was almost completed. I encountered Yuan Guoqing several times on the road. He still took the initiative to stop and shook hands. As always, he was enthusiastic. He did not take the pride of the car, and I did not have the inferiority of the bicycle.

“I have a girlfriend.” Wang Fu told me that this news means that it is almost eight or nine.

“What do you do?” I didn’t ask for a long time, and asked about work. I hope he can find a family condition better. Wang Fu was too hard. Not only did he take care of his parents, but his parents also had a grandma of the year. The family basically rely on his salary. Wang Fu has provinces in many years. For example, a jacket and a pair of trousers he can wear were sent by me.

Wang Fu’s girlfriend works in the Health Bureau, called Qiao Lili, his father is in the county government, and his mother is in the county hospital. I asked who introduced it, Wang Fu said it was Zhou Zhen. Zhou Zhen’s object is Josha, who works in the Transportation Bureau and is an uncle sister with Qiao Lili. Wang Fu intends to do things in the summer. His father couldn’t work, and he couldn’t come out in winter.

On the day of Wang Fu’s marriage, I took Rui Min to participate, and of course a few handsome guys of the first squadron also helped Zhang Luo. The new house is very short, and when I enter my head, I almost touch the ceiling. Because the new house is the door of Wang Fu’s father -in -law’s house, the woman’s family moved to Qiao Lili’s uncle’s house yesterday, that is, Josa Sa’s family. After a while, the new relative team will start from the Qiao Sasa’s family and return to Qiao Lili’s house — always can’t turn Qiao Lili from the main room to marry the door.

In addition to the colleagues of the Public Security Bureau, there are also Wang Fu’s classmates. The main members are Wang Fu’s family and relatives. The Binbin shouted with a throat and “coming”, and everyone swarmed out, and suddenly filled the entire hutong.

A brand -new Santana sedan stopped at Hutong. Qiao Lili got out of the car. Wang Fu greeted him and took the bride to his parents. Qiao Lili called his parents. This is the first program of the wedding, changing the mouth. Wang Fu’s mother was holding a red basin and took out a red envelope to the daughter -in -law from it. This was a change fee.

The new relatives went into the house one after another, and I found that the wedding car was from the county party. Zhou Zhen was also a member of the new relative team. He introduced me to his prospective father -in -law, Wang Fu’s uncle, and Deputy Director Qiao of the County Real Estate Bureau. There was another person next to him that I was unexpected, and it was Yuan Guoqing. Director Qiao did not introduce, Zhou Zhen did not introduce, and Yuan Guoqing nodded towards me.

Wang Fu came back to work after two days of marriage leave, and the team was too busy. I suddenly remembered Yuan Guoqing and asked Wang Fu Yuan Guoqing in the team of pro -relatives? Wang Fu said that his wife’s uncle and Yuan were good friends. The wedding car was found by Yuan, but his father -in -law and Yuan Guoqing didn’t seem to be familiar. I thought it would be familiar soon, provided that your father -in -law was valuable.

In the second year, Wang Fuxi got thousands of money. When he drank full -moon wine, Zhou Zhen led his fiancee. They get married next week, and the new house raises a fundraising building in the county party committee. This real estate was built by Yuan Guoqing. At the beginning of the year, Zhou Zhen’s father -in -law had been promoted to the director of the Real Estate Bureau.

Wang Fu’s father -in -law did not become a friend of Yuan Guoqing until his retirement. Although he also worked in the county government courtyard and was expensive as a long time, it was the Bureau of Statistics.


Captain Captain Dong Defu and my dad are similar. I wondered why he did not get the title of “old chisel”. Is it an equal election?

Captain Dong’s logo is unsmiling. Some people say that they have never seen him laughing, and it is decades as a day. In addition to Director Zhang Cai in the bureau, he has the oldest qualifications. Someone used to speculate that it was the ability to make Dong Defu lose laughter. In my opinion, this statement is not established. Captain Dong’s career has not followed in recent years. He became the deputy captain of the Interpol earning earlier than my dad. At that time, he never laughed. Finally, everyone came to a conclusion: he won’t.

The reason why it is neither is neither the cause of the career, nor the lack of root nerves. Usually his face is always stretched. One is because of his personality, and another, it may have something to do with his high -intensity and high -density interrogation work. Captain Dong is a well -known interrogation expert in the province. There are countless people he tried, and sometimes he can encounter on the street.

“You fucking tried me, have you forgotten?” A strong man came to him, his tone was fierce.

“If you don’t mention me, you really forget that it is easy if you want to continue.” Facing the threat, the old director calmly calmly. This is by no means bluffing, he is as powerful as a bullish, and he will order martial arts.

The instructor Meng Qinglun is not the same as the old Dong. Every day is with the wind and drizzle, and the smile is at any time. He was a graduate of the Provincial Police Academy in the first year of the “Cultural Revolution”. Not only did he have first -class business capabilities, but he also had deep literary skills. But literature is wonderful. If you accumulate too thick, you will have more feelings out of thin air, and feelings are sometimes uncomfortable and look down on people with no feelings.

One year, the county bureau received a place in the city’s advanced party branch. Because it was the city, it was particularly noticeable. Of course, the criminal police team is bound to be necessary. The Politics Department also notified us to report deeds. The Mengjiao rushed for a few days and nights. After reporting the deeds, it was basically nailing on the board, but the county bureau finally reported to the Municipal Party Committee’s party branch. Meng Qinglun was furious, and attempted to find Director Zhang Cai’s theory, he directly entered the office of He Jingyi, a political commissar, and asked him why he gave up the criminal police to pick up law and order.

The political commissar has been supported, and the Benne religion is unreasonable. From the role of the fighting fortress of the branch, to the implementation of various systems mainly based on the “three meetings and one lesson”, as well as regular party members’ activities, one by one and public security Comparison. The He Political Commissar helplessly through the bottom. The party committee of the bureau began to report to you, but the city designated must be reported to the law and order department, otherwise it would be invalid. After all, the back of the hand is all meat, and the indicators of the hand are always abandoned.

The quarrel attracted the onlookers of the nearby department of the department. Meng Jiao was persuaded by everyone and stood in the corridor, grieving like a child. Looking at the colleagues who gradually dispersed, none of them could leave a step to listen to his explanation. The Mengjiao used almost roaring tone, and said, “Laughing out of the sky, can my generation be Peng Artemisia.” Between the frustration of the male Zhongyin, he had burst into tears …

Because of this, Mengjiao wrote a review, and the review was not counted. The Department of Public Security had a speech, accusing Meng Jiao of slandering them even a bunch of good grass. After a period of time, the criminal police team did not move, and Wang Lin, deputy chief of the Security Department, came to the door. Wang Lin said that you work well, but the Department of Public Security is not inferior. The indicators we find a way. If you want to replace it, it is simply a leather with the tiger. Mengjiao said that I knew that your security sciences were broad -minded. I was involved in this matter, but we don’t know that this indicator was going to come down, otherwise I would not go to the political commissar to find this. So you say that we want to replace it at all. As for the metaphor with the tiger, I feel inappropriate. We are the parallel department in the bureau. It is further said to be a brother unit. You are not a tiger. If we have to treat ourselves as a tiger, we have never planned to seek tiger skin. Not to mention a tiger skin in the district, and the criminal police team, except for fighting with criminals, did not seek anything.

Wang Lin felt a loss and bypassing this argument, saying that since he was a comrade -in -arms and brothers, how could he compare us to annoya? At this time, Captain Dong came in: “You are not even as good as Artemisia annua!”

Wang Lin did not dare to talk to Captain Dong. Everyone knows that Dong Defu will have martial arts and a little axis.

In October, the retaliation measures of the Public Security Department had a real hammer. Captain Dong’s sister and two children are “three -no -households”. After entering the city for three years, the hukou hometown will be approved for three years. When it was announced, there was no surname Dong in the list. Wang Fu hurriedly looked for Zhou Zhen. Zhou Zhen said that the Chief He Ke said, Dong Shuxia waited for next year.

Captain Dong asked Zhou Zhen to take his sister’s application materials. Zhou Zhen sent a archive bag, which contained various proof materials, and the household registration of the official seal from the village group to the township government to the streets was not approved by non -presence. surface. Captain Dong coded the materials, groaned, and torn it for four half.

Her sister Dong Shuxia came to her brother’s house with potato eggplant and rushed to the door. By the way, she had a good news of login, but she waited for the bad news. The brother gave her a paper bag with a stack of crushed paper inside. Dong Defu cried and lost his face: “Brother can’t hold you, wait for the security section to change, I’ll do it for you again.”

I didn’t expect my sister to be so sensible: “Brother, don’t get angry, now the countryside is not the same as the past. Even if it can’t be turned, the life is not necessarily worse than the people in the city. We are not low in this head.Tone. “

Dong Defu’s eyes became red when he boarded: “Shuxia, thank you, thank you!”

Dong Shuxia’s hukou has never come in, because He Daha has always occupied the position of the Public Security Section Chief.During the period, the Public Security Division had released goodwill, but Captain Dong did not respond.Later, Captain Dong retired, and He Dana retired.The two of them, Dong Shuxia first became a victim. Later, she was wrong, and she became the biggest beneficiary.A few years ago, her land in rural areas was scheduled into the city development zone, with more than 6 million compensation, and achieved the realistic version of “Saon lost horse”.Dong Shuxia often sighed that if the hukou was transferred, the land under the name was gone. Where is it today?


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