Following Entrusted A Son Looking back! China West Electric Group provides complete sets of equipment for my country’s first 1000kV localized ultra -high -voltage transmission project

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[Press] Over the past 60 years, China West Electric Group has adhered to the national strategy, actively assumes the responsibility of central enterprises, and has not forgotten its original intentions and keeping in mind the mission. Development of the forefront of development, carrying out independent innovation research and development, and gradually realized the huge leap from technology chase to technology, and successively the first transformation lines for all voltage levels in my country. The project provides complete sets of equipment and technology, which has made important contributions to my country’s power construction. Today, the group company provides complete sets of equipment for my country’s first 1000kV ultra -high -voltage AC transmission project.

Who is me

Huanjie the world’s pearl in the crown of the manufacturing industry

1000KV UHV transmission and construction of high -voltage grids can not only improve the power transmission capacity, but also reduce the construction of more ultra -high voltage lines, but also conducive to environmental protection. In August 2006, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a document and officially approved the demonstration project of the 1000kV high -voltage AC transmission test project of the south -south -Nanyang -Nanyang -Jingmen -Jingmen -Jingmen 1000KV UHV AC Demonstration Project.

1000kv Jin southeast -Nanyang -Jingmente high -voltage AC transmission project started at the end of 2006. At 22:00 on January 6, 2009, my country’s first UHV AC transmission project was put into commercial operation, marking that my country’s power grid voltage reached the highest level in the world.

After China West Electric Group assumes the task of providing a complete set of equipment for the million -volt exchange power transmission project, the factories, research institutes, and colleges and universities are united to overcome the problems in the design and manufacturing of UHV. For the overall scientific research and manufacturing level of Western Power, many key technologies have reached or even exceeded the world level.

Manufacturing of transformers, electric anti -device equipment

1, 1000KV, 1000MVA power transformer manufacturing

UHV power transformers are key equipment for UHV grids. 1000kV and 1,000MVA (double million) power transformers are advanced in structure and are difficult to manufacture. Through special research, Western Electric West Transformation exceeded international technical problems such as transformer tolerance short circuit ability, winding hotspot temperature, local heat, insulation reliability and noise, and determined a comprehensive plan to ensure the safety and reliability of the product to meet the safety and reliability of the product. The needs of UHV projects.

On September 4, 2010, under the witness of the leadership and experts of the State Grid Corporation, experts from the Chinese Academy of Electric Power Sciences, experts from the State Grid Institute of Electric Power Sciences, and experts from Shenyang Transformers Research Institute, the world’s first 1000kV and 1000MVA dual development developed by Western Power West Transformation The pillar -structured high -voltage auto -coupled transformer has completed all routine tests and type tests in the Western Power Convention High -pressure Laboratory, and 45 assessment items are passed at one time.

The authoritative experts in the domestic industry who have been involved in the test of testimonially commented that Western Electric West Transformer High -voltage Transformers represent the highest level in the world, praising the Western Electric West Transformation to promote the new peak of the international UHV transformer technology.

1000KV, 1000MVA dual -column structure UHV auto -coupled transformer

2. The development of 1000KV parallel anti -electrical antibody

In order to carefully develop a large -capacity 1000kV high -voltage parallel parallel and connected anti -electrical antibody, Western Electric West Changes completed the research of key technologies through autonomous technology research. The overall technical solution of the domestic large -capacity UHV parallel anti -electrical antibody: use double -pillar coils, first combined with a new structure of the string, and the first two -pillar band of the iron heart type and iron heart pressure system on both sides of the double -pillar. Through the design of the overall plan, the overall requirements of product performance and strict requirements on reliability are met.

For the first time, there are major technological innovations in the design concept, design method, design insulation and ease of design, and other aspects of high -voltage parallel anti -electrical anti -electrical anti -electrical anti -electrical antibody insulation design. The analysis and calculation of the electric field in the field ensure the reliability of product insulation.

In 2008, West Electric West became 1000KV UHV AC Transportation Engineering 4 BKDF-320000/1000 developed and 7 BKDF-240000/1000 provided by Nanyang Station was completed. With a month of trial operation, it has been tested by the actual operation of the line. On November 1, the same year, the product passed the national technical appraisal.

In the process of developing 1000KV parallel parallel anti -electrical antifiers, West Electric West Transformation completed 6 special research reports of 1000kV parallel anti -electronics key technology, forming 2 practical new patents, and participating in the preparation of 2 national standards.

The high -voltage single phase developed by Western Power West has a controllable parallel and connected anti -electric antibody

Manufacturing of switching equipment

1. Development of GIS switch equipment

In July 2005, Xikai Electric and ABB signed an agreement on the development and production of the UHV 1100KVGIS cooperation development and production. In August 2008, HGIS developed by Xikai Electric for the Jingmen Transformer Power Station passed a short -circuit capacity test at the West High Court to test the test process on the spot for the world’s highest voltage level capacity test.

West Kai Electric provides two interval 1100kV Hgis for 1000kV UHV AC Demonstration Project, and officially put into operation in January 2009.

In 2010, West Kai Electric developed the world’s first GIS devices of 1100kV, 63KA, and 6300A in the world, and passed a full set of type tests in the High -voltage Electric Lab Focus on breakthroughs. The ZF7A-1100 GIS was the product of independent intellectual property rights developed by West Kaikai Electric, and was the only manufacturer in the world at that time.

HGIS produced by West Kai Electric is running at Jingmen substation

2. Development of isolation switch

West Kaisai has more than 50 years of production experience in isolation, with 363KV, 550kV, and below high -voltage communication isolation and ground switch complete product system, and successfully developed the 800kV isolation switch. Therefore, West Kai Co., Ltd. has determined that on the basis of drawing on advanced foreign technology and technology, the use of existing technical knowledge to take the technical route of independent development of million -volt high -voltage isolation switching.

According to the needs of the isolated switch in the substation and use, two structured forms were launched, which are dual -column vertical opening of outdoor AC UHVs and three -column horizontal flip -level outdoor communication UHV isolation switch.

During the development process, the following major technical breakthroughs were obtained: the product structure was optimized, effectively reducing the radio interference level of the product; the selection of the appropriate division of the gate speed and the assistance of the assisted arc extinguishing measures, which can reduce the touch as much as possible as possible The arc ablation of the head can also meet the stability of the mechanical structure; the principle of flipping motion is used to improve the reliability of the contact under extreme cold conditions.

The product successfully completed a full set of tests and passed the technical identification. The product technical indicators and performance met the needs of the project, and the technical level reached the international leading level. This product is a limited research and development of Western Kai Kai and has independent intellectual property rights.

Double -column vertical opening outdoor communication UHV isolation switch

Three -column horizontal flip outdoor communication UHV isolation switch

Made in the manufacture of minefarers suite insulators

1. Misstefrog:

Western Porcelain and West Porcelain Institute started the independent development of 1000kV lightning arresters in August 2005.

The structural characteristics of 1100KV GIS lightning weapon: excellent protection characteristics, good current distribution performance, good potential distribution performance, high energy absorption capacity, reliable pressure release device and miniaturization.

Key technologies for solving: research on large diameter and high -performance resistance tablets and manufacturing technologies; research on porcelain lapels and GIS tapelite -like product structure research; research on the dirty performance and earthquake resistance of lightning arresters; research on the potential distribution of lightning offers; Research on the research and pressure release test performance research.

The 1100kV lightning moleter product of West Electric Traperator has been successfully applied to my country’s AC Demonstration Project and UHV expansion project in China.

1100kv lightning arrester running at Changzhi Transformer Power Station

2, sleeve:

At the end of 2005, Western Porcelain Western Porcelain successfully developed 750kV ultra -high -voltage transformer sleeve. In December 2006, the development was successfully developed at the “Wuhan UHV Test Base” in February 2007 in February 2007.

The “Southeast-Nanyang-Jingmen” AC UHV Power Power Test Demonstration Project for Demonstration Project is more stringent than the technical requirements of the “Wuhan UHV Test Base”.

The development of the product has received high attention from the group leaders, and has also received strong support from West Electric West, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xigao Court and other units.

The product has a short R & D time and heavy tasks. Through the joint efforts of employees, the development, design, manufacturing, and test of the tube have been completed in just half a year. In February 2008, the product passed all types of test projects and project acceptance of the National Inspection Center at one time.

The successful development and experiment of the project marks the ability to manufacture and test capabilities for Millions of West Power Group to reach the international leading level.

1100KV/3150A Oil-SF6 Plastic Paper Capacitor Capacitor Set

3, insulator

Western Porcelain West Porcelain supply 40 pillars and 1000kV homeline with pillar porcelain insulation.

In the “1000KV Jin southeast-Nanyang-Jingmen” UHV Exchange Test Demonstration Project expansion project, Xidian Western Porcelain provides the project with a string of supplementary platforms for a million volt stick porcelain. The highest product.

1000kv transformer sleeve porcelain sleeve


In order to provide supporting products for “1000KV Jin Southeast-Nanyang-Jingmen” UHV Exchange Test Project, Xidian Xirong has carried out a number of technical research since 2005, and has conducted a large number of experiments. After nearly 2 years, it has been completed. The development of the 1000KV CVT prototype of UHV products has passed the horizontal acceleration of 0.25m/S2 earthquake -resistant test assessment at Tongji University, and passed all types of tests at the Wuhan High -voltage Electric Research Institute. After identification of experts and power industry experts, the comprehensive technology level reached the international leading level, and three patents were declared.

1000KV capacitor voltage transformer

It can provide important transmission equipment for the national key engineering project “1000KV Jin southeast -Nanyang -Jingmen” UHV AC Transmission Test Demonstration Project, which is the glory and pride of Western Power people. The increase in voltage levels, from the perspective of product design and manufacturing, the difficulty is the growth of geometric levels. The completion of the task of being able to maintain quality and quantity as scheduled is exactly the spirit of the Western Power people’s long -term adherence to being meticulous, hard -working, hard -working, and indomitable. “Whoever is me”, Western Power people are never afraid of difficulties, not afraid of failure. It is this never -speaking spirit that makes us pick the world of the crown of the world’s transformation equipment manufacturing. The millions of volt power projects provide key switching equipment.

In the future, the West Power will take this as the starting point, as always, work hard, unite, and promote the pursuit of green and efficient electrical energy transformation, transmission and application with innovation, and promote the common development of enterprises and society.

Source: “China’s major technical and equipment history Chinese transformation equipment manufacturing” (sorting: Xigaoyuan Information Room)

Edit: Zhang Qingqing review: Lin Zaiqiang

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