See the dress -up scene in “One Piece”, Lao Sha’s clothes in Robin have no sense of disobedience

I was thinking before, what if the characters in One Piece change each other after changing each other? Especially women’s clothing, I look forward to changing Play. Perhaps this idea was passed on to a wife’s heart, and then I happened to see it. I did n’t have seen an advertisement when I was a kid. Essence

First of all, the Eagle Eye Boss and Choba were cute. After the two of them changed the installation, I had a lot of question marks. Like the Green Giant’s clothes, it will not burst so big.

After hawkle put on Choba’s clothes, there was a kind of contrast, and he could see that he looked reluctant, maybe the clothes were too small. Qiaoba was very happy. The clothes of the Eagle Eye boss were wearing him without the previous domineering. The small leather shoes were directly half -boots. Qiaoba really liked to change to others with others. (For details, see dynamics).

I really want to laugh in this group. Why does Kidd wearing bikini chest? It’s almost comparable to Nami. After watching Kidd’s dressing, I was very happy, and finally could show my abdominal muscles, happy! In order to change a women’s clothing, what is the behavior of nail polish, I love Captain Kidd, and go to Kira to let him praise you.

Nami is not very happy. It may be that this dress is too ugly, her pants are a bit collapsed, and she is uncomfortable. It is also uncomfortable from bikini to wool coats, after all, wearing cool clothes. But I have to admit that Nami put on Kidd’s clothes is really handsome.

The first time I still watched Ace wearing so little for the first time, I went directly to a fat and shirt. I want to thank Frank, let me see such a handsome Ace, a lifetime. This shirt was worn on Ace as if she was going on vacation. Sure enough, San Guan still had to follow the facial features.

Franci finally didn’t have to put on clothes, just wearing pants. In fact, I think Franci’s two modified arms can be used as clothes, just as sleeve.

Lao Sha and his previous partner Miss All Sunday were changed. Lao Sha may want to wear women’s clothing very long ago, but because of his face afraid of being joked, he finally had a chance. Laosha, how can it be blocked, very shy. Since many people say that you are your daughter, we should have no shy wear in women’s clothing. It ’s beautiful to wear this way. Go and show the little turkey.

Do a full set of plays, why do n’t the iconic cigars in Lao Sha give Robin. Royal Sister Robin looks good. With Lao Sha’s costumes, it is handsome, and her hair must be poured backwards, so that she is domineering.

When I saw this one, I could clearly recognize the Da Da, but the young man next to me was a bit blurred. Who is this? It’s pretty handsome, think about it carefully. Remember the small powder wearing glasses behind Luffy? Now it’s so handsome, and it really changes in the eighteen.

Kobe is still the navy’s temperament even if he put on the pirate’s clothes. The gesture of saluting is a bit short. Sauron: This guy is now so marked that he worships my clothes and does not understand the rules. Sauron’s naval uniform was also a pirate atmosphere. I used to like Sauron’s little floral headscarf before, and now I saw excitement again.

Why didn’t Sanji change with Brin, and I also looked forward to Sanji wearing a wedding dress, but Perona’s cake skirt was also pretty good. There was no sense of disobedience, but it was pretty good. But why did Sanji grab Perena’s clothes? Is there something wrong with Perona and Sauron before? Why are you looking forward to this set to see Sauron.

Perona does not like Sanji’s suit, not only does not fit, but her pants and legs are wrinkled and not cute. Sanji also snatched his cloth dolls. Now Perona is very angry, but Sanji is thinking about this scene of seeing Sauron. The two are not on the same channel.

Sure enough, women’s clothing is all laughing, men’s clothing and women are all handsome! Among these women’s wearing players, only Lao Sha should be awkward, shy. Is he really like a woman in the rumor?

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