Learn from the legal website for later use

I have collected the most complete legal websites that I personally feel the most complete. Isn’t it?

1. China Judgment Document Network: wenshu.court.gov.cn, announced a total of 120 million referee documents at all levels across the country.

2. China Judicial Case Website: Anli.Court.gov.cn, provides strong cases and referee document retrieval functions. Through keyword search, multiple keyword segments and joint queries to meet professional and ordinary search needs. Judges can also recommend cases by the chief report cases, trial reference cases, selection cases, and big data cases.

3. Intelligent legal consultation: ai.12348.gov.cn, free online legal opinion. When encountering disputes such as renting housing, labor, and house trading, you can use this first, and many legal questions can be effectively answered.

4. Database of national laws and regulations: flk.npc.gov.cn, new law express, constitution, laws and regulations, local regulations, judicial interpretation, etc.

5. Procuratorate laws and regulations: www.sp.gov.cn/sp/flfgk, constitution, judicial interpretation, laws and regulations, internal rules and regulations, etc.

6. Supreme People’s Court: www.court.gov.cn, there are court information, referee documents, trial live broadcasts, typical cases, authoritative releases, and trial announcements.

7. People’s Court Announcement Network: RMFYGG.COURT.GOV.CN, you can find the national court announcement information and legal common sense.

8. Supreme People’s Court Litigation Service Network: SSFW.COURT.GOV.CN/ssfww, support services such as online filing and online papers.

9. China Trial Public Network: tingshen.court.gov.cn, the most suitable website that is most suitable for newcomers who are engaged in litigation business but do not have litigation experience to quickly accumulate trial experience. Watching the trial video is the most intuitive and economic method for understanding the procedure of the lawsuit. How to observe the high -level judges, prosecutors and lawyers how to conduct trial work.

10. China Market Supervision Administrative Punishment Documents: CFWS.SAMR.GOV.CN, can be queried by various methods such as the name of the punishment, the penalty number, the administrative division, and the type of case.

11. Credit Credit Reporting Center: www.pbccrc.org.cn, you can check personal credit status, you need to submit relevant information for inquiries.

12. China Execution Information Disclosure Network: zxgk.court.gov.cn, you can query the person who is the executed person, restrict consumer personnel, execute person information, property disposal, end this execution case, enforcement of legal documents, announcement, etc.

13. 12309 China Procuratorate: www.12309.gov.cn, gathered multiple functions such as procuratorial services, public prosecutors, and supervision.

14. National Post Office appealing website: sswz.spb.gov.cn, all kinds of express shipments are lost or damaged, which can be directly complained to the State Post Office.

15. China Arbitration Network: www.china-rabitation.com, you can query ruling, arbitration agencies, arbitrators, laws and regulations, academic papers, etc.

16. China Judicial Big Data Service Network: Data.Court.gov.cn, case analysis and research, judicial knowledge services, information services involved in appealing, intelligent push of cases, intelligent litigation evaluation, etc.

17. China Judge Training Network: Peixun.Court.gov.cn, the Civil Code training area is online, including the Civil Code learning courseware, civil code learning materials, and civil code learning applications.

18. China Legal Service Network: www.12348.gov.cn, a comprehensive management information system for lawyers in the country, providing functions such as lawyers, office proofs, seeking legal aid, finding mediation, case library, legal examination service and other functions.

19. Peking University French weapon: www.pkulaw.com, everyone basically knows that it provides seven search systems for laws and regulations, judicial cases, legal journals, law firm practices, special references, English translations, and magic weapon video, which covers legal information in an all -round way. Various types are currently mature, professional, and advanced legal information retrieval systems.

20. National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System: www.gsxt.gov.cn, providing functions such as the filling, publicity, query, and objection of market entities such as enterprises, cooperatives, individual industrial and commercial households.

21. Credit China: www.creditchina.gov.cn, you can inquire about the information of the dishonesty, the company’s operating abnormal information, the list of major tax violation cases, the list of government procurement of dishonesty, etc.

22. Full text of national standards: openstd.samr.gov.cn. This system contains the current effective and compulsory national standards of 2064 items, and 38,211 national standards are currently effective recommendation.

23. Chinese food drug supervision information query platform: CFDACX.com, is a third -party regulatory information query platform specializing in anti -counterfeit traceability inquiry, supervision, and certification services for food, medicine, cosmetics, medical devices.

24. Securities Futures Regulations Database System: NERIS.CSRC.GOV.CN/falvfagui, including securities futures regulations and administrative law enforcement documents.

25. National Intellectual Property Office: www.cnipa.gov.cn, including information, trials, hotspots, documents, etc.

26. Trademark classification query: www.sbfl.cn, you can query the specific classification of trademarks.


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