Men’s winter cannot be separated from cashmere sweater

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Winter wearing first needs to meet the physiological needs of life -saving. After meeting life, consider whether it looks good and stylish.

In winter, cashmere sweaters can reflect men’s clothes. Is it handsome or uncle? A cashmere sweater is a golden stone.

Cashmere is a reputation of soft gold, cashmere is not fine wool,

Cashmere is a thin layer of thin fleece that grows on the outer epidermal layer of the goat and covers the roots of the rough hair of the goat. The sunshine time is reduced (autumnal equinox) to grow, resisting the cold, and the sunshine time increases (spring equinox). Long and short, naturally adapt to the climate, belongs to rare ones

Special animal fiber


The reason why cashmere is very precious is not only due to the scarce yield (only 0.2%of the world’s total animal fiber yield), but also its acquisition is not like a wool directly pushed it with pushes, but cashmere needs to be used with special comb. Comb on. More importantly, its excellent quality and characteristics. In terms of transaction, it is considered to be “fiber gems” and “fiber queen”.

Because of Asia


The region has historically the distribution center of cashmere output to Europe. Therefore, internationally is used to say that cashmere is “Cashmere”; China uses its homophonic “arranged rice”.

Because cashmere sweaters are not as high as suits on the size, for the sake of insurance, most people do not buy big. And the hypertrophic cashmere shirt is easily overwhelmed in a suit, which is easy to be cumbersome and unfavorable. Therefore, it is recommended to choose customized when conditions permit.

Classic neck -collar, round necks, half -necks, high collar, and high collar. The principle of buying clothes as mentioned earlier is low -frequency high products, so it is especially important to choose a high -quality good version.

Classic round neck, simple and generous, easy to match, do not restraint the neck, most men can wear good -looking, can be worn alone,

You can also use shirts, winter wear, and a coat, you can go out of the street. In the spring and autumn seasons, you can match a shirt, which shows a collar. Swen is more suitable for business.

Most of the V -neck is worn with a shirt, especially for a suit shirt, and a colorful tie, which is suitable for formal business occasions to show your capable temperament!

If you feel bland and you have a high sense of fashion, you can boldly choose the contrast.

The half -neck cashmere sweater is particularly friendly to friends with less long necks. Not only can you reduce the age and not make friends with short necks like a high -necked sweater.

Jason Stanzon prefers half -neck cashmere sweater.

The high -necked cashmere sweater is a must -have item for fashionable men.

Not only is it better warmth, but the design of the high -necked design has the effect of reducing age. If my neck is long enough, then I will not hesitate to start with high -necked cashmere sweaters.

Both amateur or stars or fashion bloggers like to choose high -necked cashmere sweaters in winter. Of course, if you feel that the light board cannot meet your needs, then you can choose a cashmere sweater with pattern.

Of course, in addition to the above four types of hoods, there are also cashmere cardigans that are also very good.

The cardigan can be paired with shirts and suits to keep warm and decoration.

The reason why men are not inseparable from the winter sweaters are not only good -looking, but more importantly, it can take care of warmth in a very thin case. 1.5kg of artificial fiber clothing. So it can not only keep warm but also reduce the burden.

A strong friend can choose to customize, customized cashmere sweaters will be more close -fitting.

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