Stationery affection for love for paper tape

Stationery affection for love for paper tape

I have lived in Kuala Lumpur for three years and met my friends who are not local overseas Chinese. Some of them like paper tapes particularly. Essence “This volume is bought by the exhibition, this volume is a company’s peripheral products, this volume is donated …” She introduced several paper gum brought calendar by the handwriting in one breath. Each is her child, remembering their story is so natural.

Since childhood, Li Peiyi has loved cute stationery, but the family economic situation was not allowed at the time, and she could only be appreciated secretly. When she was studying her college, she found that there were more cute stationery in foreign countries, especially when I first came into contact with Kinokuniya, Extra love with high -quality exquisite Japanese stationery, so he began to slowly take these stationery home according to his economic ability. “At that time (collection of stationery) was relatively mixed, pencils, stickers, and convenient stickers, everything.”

A few years ago, the PVC tape printed with cartoons once became popular. In the process of looking for a good heart, she had no intention of finding that there were paper tape on the market, which was caught in a tape tape. Since 6 years ago, Li Peiyi became a paper tape enthusiast and purchased a large number of paper tape from Japan. Her collectibles do not have specific patterns or styles, only one condition -cute. At that time, online shopping was still not popular. In order to buy a good heart, she spent a lot of money to purchase abroad.

As the paper tape market has become larger, the new paper tape designers have risen one after another, and many high -quality original works have been launched. The first two volumes of the middle to the bottom are produced by the Chinese brand “Traveling on ENJOYLIFE”, and then the works of Hong Kong designer DECO_HOLIC and Taiwan brand TOBAO products.

I dare not count how much I bought, I dare not count

In addition to online shopping, as a tape tape enthusiast, Li Peiyi also arranges time to go to the local stationery store when traveling abroad to see the local specialty stationery. She shared that Japanese stationery stores will also have their own paper tape, and the number is very small. Each person is limited to two volumes. Therefore, as long as you travel to Japan, she will go to the local bookstore to buy it. “Unfortunately, when I arrived in Japan a few years ago, when the New Year holiday, many bookstores did not open the door. In addition, the number was limited. Many (paper tape) was bought by the locals.”

One day I went to find her and wanted to learn about her collections with her, so she brought a double -layer storage box with dozens of rolls of paper tape, including the works of a specific paper tape designer, cooperating with each exhibition, and launched it. Limited editions, specific company products, and even wallpaper paper tape. She laughed and said that she dared not count how many paper tapes had bought, and she would buy it as long as she liked it. For her collections, she believes that she must be “used to use it”. If I only buy it for collection, it is not used at all, then the meaning of the existence of the item itself.

Li Peiyi pointed out that the life of a roll of paper tape is generally 2 years, and it will turn yellow after 2 years, and the viscosity will change over time. She is used to putting desiccants in the storage box to keep it dry, “but this will sucked the aroma of paper tape.” She said with a smile that it was a flavor of a rubber, with acid, and the newly launched paper tape in recent years has no such “good smell” taste.

Since 2015, the well -known paper tape brand MT has launched new paper. Li Peiyi believes that the new tape has lost the old gloss. Although the paper becomes thicker, the viscosity is worse, and the aroma of the MT exhibition limited paper tape is lost. The new paper is one of the limited styles of Malaysia MT exhibition last year.

The market becomes larger and there are many styles

“Have you ever done the craziest thing for buying paper tape? It should be that the transportation cost of items is much more expensive than items!” Li Peiyi said that it was not convenient to buy things abroad, buying channels and freight, so it will spend on it. a lot of money. In particular, the MT paper tape company will do regional exhibitions in Japan and print the cultural or characteristic patterns of various regions. It is only limited to sales in Japan. Therefore, it will take a lot of money to buy a lot of money at that time. “Even if it is not open to overseas people, there are still ways to find friends, or to buy purchasing.”

After falling in love with paper tape, Li Peiyi often went online to find relevant information. Therefore, he met a lot of like -minded paper tape enthusiasts on the forum, sharing network, Twitter and other social media. Everyone often opens group shopping items, or ask each other to buy limited items for local exhibitions, and some people also serve as purchasing. “I often participate in group purchases, because purchasing purchases is more expensive, unless I really want it, I will find purchasing.” She said frankly that in the past, she was very persistent, and there was a mentality of “buying everywhere”. For this reason, I spent a lot of money; Due to the trend of handbook, the tape market has become bigger, and the advancement of technology makes overseas online shopping easier.

“The current market is getting bigger and bigger. Everyone wants to share a share, but it is better to make paper tapes in Asia.” Li Peiyi’s collections are mostly made in Asia. Although European and American countries also launch paper tapes, she thinks but she thinks but she thinks but she thinks it is Its pattern is more monotonous, and it is not as diverse as the paper gums in Asia. With the changes in the market, there were only a few paper tape exhibitions in the past year, and now it has become several exhibitions in a month. New designers in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and other regions have sprung up like rain, and most of these newly advanced popularity are young people, including students who are still studying. She pointed out that today’s production speed is much more than before, letting paper tape fever shouts.

“In the past, a designer launched a few new styles in a year. Everyone is waiting. Even if you can’t buy this one, you will soon have the next more cute and more refined paper tape. You don’t need to worry about it at all.”

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