Valentine’s Day recommendation is less affectionate than long companion.

[Jewelry House today] Some people say that they are not as affectionate than long -term companion, and this is the case for treating feelings and expressing their minds. Just like the Bolton necklace in Elizabeth Taylor, the wedding ring on the Duke of Windsor. Maybe we can’t have countless rare treasures like historical celebrities, but we can use the same means to move the beauty of the beauty. Valentine’s Day is approaching. Get this gift list and for your TA PICK’s choice of true love.


Every Valentine’s Day gift is recorded


Many people think that the festival must have a sense of ritual. In fact, no matter how much we have done a battle, we still want to find the feeling of blushing heartbeat. However, the jewelery bezel is very powerful this year.

1. Love elements that will not be wrong

Buccellati Buccilla Tulle series pendant

No matter what kind of gifts you have prepared for TA, the most important thing is to send it, but if you want to send it, you will not make a mistake. Choose a distinctive love jewelry. The two love elements of Buccellati Buccilla use the brand’s lace process as always. The blessing of hollow design and inlaid diamonds makes it bright, and the inner heart is scattered from the inside out.

Gucci Blind for LOVE series bracelet


Gucci’s Blind for Love bracelet seems to make a pair of lover as a jewelry AB surface. The chain is embellished with red and green crystal, and the metal on the back is made into the same raised shape as the gemstone. The loving pendant is engraved with a pair of birds and flowers, and wrote “Blind for Love” in words, combining the fun of both sides into one.

Pandora Pandora’s Love Arrow Sling, Price: RMB 698

One arrow to wear the heart is also a classic style of love elements. This year, Pandora Pandora launched a “Love Arrow” pendant based on this. Only by understanding. The 18K gold -plated layer makes the arrows colorful, and the two colors of gold and silver set off each other’s shining. Love can be opened and experienced the details of pandora anytime, anywhere.

Tous San Valentin series pendant


The San Valentin series pendant of TOUS is also very special. The pendant is made of multiple TOUS bears together, and the center is also created as a hollow design. The bear turned into a cute god. Is this your choice?

2. Kai Qixin, how long have you not received a love letter?


Harry Winston Herneston Charms series pendant

The love letter is the love memories of many older generations, giving all their hearts to the text that moves people’s hearts. This is the inspiration of love. Harry Winston’s Charms series of Herneston will make the envelope of the love letter into a beautiful pendant. The pendant has two styles: 18K platinum and gold. The love in the text has surged again.

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Paloma’s Graffiti series love pendant

And the most powerful words are the simple love. Love sometimes does not require words. The LOVE pendant of the Tiffany Graffiti series is the designer Paloma Picasso’s handwriting. This series of inspiration originated from the fashionable graffiti art in New York architecture. The bright diamonds shone the moving light in love.

3. Rose that will not wither

Piaget Earl Rose series necklace

Rose is also an indispensable theme for Valentine’s Day. Compared with the short -term flowering period of flowers, Piaget Earl’s rose jewelry is more accompanied by long -lasting. The gentle and elegant 18K rose gold, dazzling 18K platinum and diamonds expressed the gesture of the flowers in full swing.


4. Love bird

BOUCHERON Poems Animaux Animal Series Nuri Parrot earrings

We often say that good things become pairs, just like this enviable love, always two people can have them. In nature, there are many animals that represent long love. Boucheron’s Nuri parrot earrings in the Animaux Animal Series capture the beautiful emotions between animals. A pair of parrots snuggled each other and used gems of different colors to restore their skin tone and swaying the moment of love in their ears.

5. Time is the best answer

Patek Philippe Patek Philippe Rose Gold Style Ref. 52.7 million years of calendar schedules, new Twenty ~ 4 automatic mechanical watch

If you want to keep fresh for a long time, in addition to daily small troubles and occasional scolding, the most important thing is the accompanying companion. Time records the story of every love, and it also makes us better cherish the people in front of our eyes. Patek Philippe Patek Philippe’s Rose Gold Style Ref. 52.7 million years of calendar and new Twenty ~ 4 automatic mechanical watch will retain time. Each wonderful life must be with you.

Cartier Cartier Clé de Cartier Cartier Key Watch

Cartier Cartier launched a new watch to help Valentine’s Day in the Clé de Cartier series, and was exclusively released in mainland China. The leather strap of pink crocodile adds a sweet breath, and the bezel inlaid with bright diamonds emit a dreamy light. Couples composed of classic styles of black straps are recorded every minute and every second.


BVLGARI Bulgari Serpenti series Xuancai Time Watch

No one dares to deny the elegance of BVLGARI Belgri Serpenti. The layer of delicate chain forms a delicate neuthery to firmly lock the rose golden tablet. Golden needle dances elegantly between the Roman numbers over time, and appreciates the golden years of you and me.

Every Valentine’s Day must have the color of you and me


Many times, a color can express our mood best. If someone asks, what color is Valentine’s Day, I think, maybe this answer should depend on what color you want to make it, a delicious dinner, an inadvertent look back, a carefully prepared gift, a full of full -filled gift Empathy, they all have their own unique colors, and this color only belongs to you and me.

Valentine’s Day is pink


Qeelin wulu series bracelet

POMELLATO Ritratto series rose gold ring, pink crystal, brown diamond

Valentine’s Day can be pink. Of course, such a pink color system can impress the old girl’s heart. The QEELIN WULU series bracelet is a limited edition bracelet jointly launched by brand ambassador Gulinaza. The chain belt is made of romantic pink cowhide, and it is equipped with exquisite Wulu 18K rose gold chain buckle. The bracelets can also be stacked with other hundred bracelets, and it is also very convenient to replace the chain belt. The cocktail ring is also one of the current trend items. Pomellato’s Ritratto series rings. The pink crystal gemstone of Darat is quite eye -catching. The perfect match with rose gold and brown diamonds is more feminine.


Valentine’s Day is red


Chopard Chopin Happy Hearts Pendant, 18K Rose Gold and Red Gem

Chaumet Joséphine Coronation • Love Series Josephine theme new works


Valentine’s Day can be red. The romantic and hot red can best represent the passion of love. It records the courage to express love, and it is as shy as the face of the lover. Chopard Chopin’s Happy Hearts Pendant, Chaumet Joséphine Coronation • Love Series Rings are presented with rose gold, red gems, and beauty diamonds. Thousands of love is hidden between this touch of red.

Valentine’s Day is white


De Beers, Enchant Lotus Pearl Maternal Beauty Gold Ring Ring


Valentine’s Day can be white. Pure white can take us back to the kind of state of love when they just love. De Beers Daibels decorated the pearl mother shells into a piece of lotus. Diamonds, the claws of the flower heart are inlaid with a round bright -cut diamond, and echoed cleverly with a small diamond. Rose gold is a little more gentle, and it also makes the simple white more warm.

Time is the old lover who looks at the time, a love work with time, blood, energy, and ingenuity. It can be used as a good product accompanied by the Japanese, but also records the beautiful past of love. With such a choice of mind, does TA still refuse to refuse? (Figure/Jewelry House Layla)


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