What are the table cloth materials

A home needs a variety of decorations, and the table cloth table can also be regarded as a highlight of the home. It not only protects the desktop to avoid wear and scald, but also has the effect of home decoration. So we say that a table cloth cloth can often reflect the taste of the owner’s life, but how to choose a table cloth cloth is very learned, so how can I choose the table cloth cloth that suits them? What kind of material is suitable for what environment. Look up to see what are the specifics below!

The material of the tablecloth is divided into five categories


1. PVC tablecloth

First of all, introduce you to the common PVC material

Solid wood dining table


tablecloth. He was developed by Germany and PVC solid wood dining tablecloths with cotton base. Its advantages are soft, easy to fold, diverse colors, diverse patterns, and easy matching. And PVC’s solid wood dining table cloth is better to take care of, and the service life is also long, suitable for those office workers. PVC itself is a polymer, a polymer with a large purity. Poor acid and alkali corrosion can be processed into any shape. It is cheap and cheap. It is a second product in the synthetic plastic. PVC itself cannot be said to be toxic. Only its component decomposition fission will release the material. The chemical properties and stability of the PVC at room temperature are modified, but the tablecloths made with PVC resin must be modified and the liquid softener should be added.

Second, satin tablecloth


table cloth

Satin is also a good choice, but the satin is more in hotels, dinner, and weddings, but there are many places at home. The satin home table cloth looks more gorgeous and noble, beautiful and beautiful, which can reflect the owner of the owner Home status. However, due to the particularity of the fabrics at the satin dining table, it is generally better to use dry cleaning, or warm water to clean water.


Third, cotton and linen tablecloth

There is also one of the dining tables used by the family. There is also a cotton and linen. This is also a good fabric. The texture is quite good. It is resistant and durable. It is convenient to clean and have no odor. This kind of fabric is environmentally friendly and healthy, and pursues all kinds of natural things. The water absorption is very good, gorgeous, colorful, fashionable and generous. Family dining cotton and linen also exist in many families.

Fourth, fabric desktop

The fabric dining table cloth is a long -term seeing and practical one in our lives. The fabric of the textile fabric is also healthy, with good moisture absorption, skin -friendly toner, which can make the family look more smooth. After pre -reduction, feel comfortable. The fabric is tight. The dining table cloth is treated with silk. Brightness, softness, bright color. It is a home tablecloth commonly used in life.

Five, glass material tablecloth


Regarding glass tablecloths, we must first pay attention to the quality and quality of glass tablecloths. Glass -made solid wood dining table cloth also has the characteristics of cold resistance, heat resistance and convenient cleaning. Although the glass -based solid wood dining table cloth is compared, the glass -based solid wood dining table cloth also has a bad place, that is, the cold resistance and thermal conductivity are not good, and it is easy to sominate. From the perspective of decorative performance, the glass table cloth style and color of the glass -made solid wood dining table have no solid wood dining table cloth with PVC materials.

The common tablecloths on the market are roughly divided into cloth products and plastic products. With “good waterproof and oil -proof effect and easy scrubbing”, plastic and plastic tablecloths are very popular. Many plastic and plastic desktops are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Although it is non -toxic, the chlorine chloride released after heat is toxic substances and may cause liver cancer. If a plasticizer is added, it will also contain heavy metals such as lead and chromium. It is easy to adsorb in high -temperature foods and sweat on hand, which harms people’s health. The colorful tablecloths, due to the addition of various pigments, mixed food after coloring, is not conducive to physical health. Do not use the tablecloth of plastic products. If you must use it, you must pay attention to the material of the tablecloth. Buy, choose


The material will be safer. In contrast, natural clothing products are safer, it does not contain chemicals, and it is more convenient to clean.


There are many types of tablecloth materials. The above materials introduced by you are more common, and there are many other options. These products are relatively suitable for the arrangement of family tablecloths. I hope that these knowledge of Xiaobian can provide some help for everyone when choosing table cloth materials.


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