A piece of black flower with black flowers, but the jade carving master can make exquisite landscape cards, which is really amazing.

Yu must have workers, work must be intentional, and the intention must be auspicious!


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The color of emeralds sometimes appears “green to thick”. We often encounter some such emerald rough. At a glance, it is a black flower, but it is charming green with a strong light. Yes, the jade carving division often uses skilled carving techniques to reduce the thickness of the color parts, change the refraction angle of the light into the jade material, thereby fading the phenomenon of black flowers, so that the color of the finished product emits charming green and improves the finished product grade!

Today, I will share such a work for universities to discuss it together.


At first glance, it is estimated that not many people will like it at first glance. Although there are no large cracks in the square, the most deadly planting is the “black flower” floating in a ball. This black flower greatly reduces the beauty and value of the emerald, but the jade carving master saw it at first glance. , I still ca n’t help but like this piece of material. Although the jadeite is black flowers, the black flowers are green under the light, which shows that it can change the visual beauty of the finished product through some sculpting skills.


Based on the inspection and analysis of the dark color of black flowers, combined with the coloring distribution, the jade carving division decided to use this jade material to sculpt a landscape theme pendant: according to the distribution of the design of the mountains according to the flowing flowers, the design of the non -floating flowers designed in part of the flowers without floating flowers. Lakes, poets, trees, buildings and other embellishment elements. The composition is rich and full, the theme is prominent, and every characteristic of the emerald is fully utilized.

The jade carving division uses a bold relief carving pattern. The advantage of this is that it can better grasp the plumb thickness and master the critical point of the black flowers turning green. The large open -carving is different from high -relief carving. It is a layer of layer of slowly grinding jade materials to shape the pattern, so that the jade carving division will be more likely to find the critical point of turning black flowers.


After the careful efforts of the jade carving division, the wool of landscape pendants was finally completed. The black colors floating on the rough stone have become a layer of green mountains. At the beginning, the wool that was not entered into the eye was at this moment.

The treatment of polishing is also ingenuity everywhere. The building, the pagoda, the poet, and the fishing boat have used sub -light treatment to increase the sense of layering; the use of light treatment in other parts to make the green flowers on the floating green flowers open more, fading the gray and black feeling, and the gray and black feel It is more exquisite to make the finished product through such light refraction.


The pattern structure on the back responds to each other, like a far -reaching mood splashing ink landscape.


Finally, take a look at the light transmittance!

What do you think of the carving treatment of this work?

Welcome to leave a message for discussion!


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