Cool Manju Children’s Bookcase How to choose from children’s bookcase buying skills

Now parents pay attention to cultivating their children’s reading habits. At this time, a good bookcase must be available. Many furniture brands have also launched children’s bookcase products. Cool house is no exception. What about the cool house children’s bookcase?

How about Cool Manju Children’s Bookcase

酷漫居儿童书柜怎样 儿童书柜选购技巧

Guangzhou Kuroju Animation Technology Co., Ltd. is the founder of domestic animation home creative design, retail and Internet application segments, and is also a leading company in the field of international animation industry in this field. Its product series mainly include the four major series of Rubik’s Cube series, Disney color board series, Disnone wood series, and HelloKitty girls series series. Knowing Kuoman children’s furniture, let us appreciate the characteristics of different series of children’s furniture together.

酷漫居儿童书柜怎样 儿童书柜选购技巧

Cool -living anime children’s furniture -morefun series. The board is selected from the Eagle board imported from Germany and the domestic top Asian board, and the Da Ya board. No fading, and UV ink does not contain six harmful substances, non -toxic and volatile, water resistance and pH, anti -light, non -fading, non -fading, and creating environmentally friendly and safe children’s furniture. The Rubik’s Cube series integrates Disney, Doraemon, HelloKitty, and other world’s top animation brand resources, allowing consumers to create an exclusive world for children.

Cool Manju Disney color board series adopts environmentally -friendly solid wood granular boards. The internationally renowned brand hardware and environmentally friendly water -based sand paint ensure that the amount of formaldehyde release is controlled at the minimum. The prototype is designed with Disney Mickey partners, bear partners, and princess Disney, allowing children to be influenced by the excellent quality of Disney animation characters and establish a happy and healthy personality characteristics.

The Cool Mansha Mu series is imported from New Zealand’s pine wood, and the most advanced environmental protection UV paint technology in the world is based on solid wood environmental protection quality, texture and texture, safe and environmentally friendly. The combination of organic is particularly fresh and elegant. The simple natural style and the art of anime are organically integrated, making the child seem to be in the pine forests of New Zealand to enjoy the intimate contact with nature.

Cool Manju HelloKitty Girls’ Series Children’s Furniture has two series of Korean and plate -type series. The Korean series uses solid wood and environmentally friendly plates, and the surface of high -grade NC paint decorative furniture is selected. Degree, and it looks noble and shiny, and has a long -lasting color. The board series, high -quality environmental protection board and high -grade PU paint, make children’s furniture high -hardness, scratch resistance, wear resistance high temperature, bright color and bright color.

Children’s bookcase buying skills

1. The materials of children’s bookcases should be environmentally friendly

The plates made by children’s bookcases must choose environmentally friendly types, so that they will not endanger their children’s health. Children often come into contact with bookcases, so the choice of bookcase must ensure that it is environmentally friendly. At present, there are many plates used in children’s bookcases on the market, such as: solid wood boards, large core boards, medium dense boards, solid wood granular boards, and so on. In these boards, solid wood granules are an economic and environmentally friendly board. They are neither expensive and environmentally friendly. Therefore, children’s bookcases of this board are favored by many parents. In addition, we can let merchants present environmental testing reports when buying children’s bookcases to ensure safety.

酷漫居儿童书柜怎样 儿童书柜选购技巧

2. The design of children’s bookcases should be smooth, not too high

酷漫居儿童书柜怎样 儿童书柜选购技巧

The design of children’s furniture needs to be smooth, and there should be no too much sharp corners, as well as the design of children’s bookcases. Because children are relatively moving, they like to run back and forth, and accidentally hit the edge corner of the bookcase, causing damage. Therefore, when choosing a children’s bookcase, we must pay attention to whether the corners are smooth and whether there is a sharp corner. We must not choose a very sharp bookcase.

酷漫居儿童书柜怎样 儿童书柜选购技巧

In addition, the design of children’s bookcases should not be too high. We must consider the height of children. Too high children’s bookcases will make children uncomfortable and not conducive to children’s learning. Therefore, when choosing a bookcase, we must consider the child’s own situation and choose the appropriate children’s bookcase.

3. The function of children’s bookcases should consider the growth of children

Children’s bookcases are chosen according to the needs of children, but we must not only consider the use in front of us. We must also have long -term consideration. We must think of the growth of children. When we buy children’s bookcases, we must consider that children can also use it when they grow up, so the functions of children’s bookcases must be diverse and variable. This does not need to change the bookcase, which is more economical.

As a dedicated children’s furniture brand, the products under the Gumanju involve all aspects of children’s growth. In terms of children’s bookcases, the brand of Kuoman Children’s Bookcase is still very good. I don’t know if everyone thinks the introduction of Xiaobian has solved the problem of the Kuoman children’s bookcase.


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