Seeing that human cubs wear, cure my fear of marriage and childbirth

Compared with the temperature, no matter how much temperature we are, our children are now average fashion small icon. After clicking the Weibo topic of human cubs#, you can see that the full screen is fashionable and fashionable.


Speaking of tide baby, the first thing Xiaobian thought was the baby daughter of Beckham and Victoria -Xiaoqi.

Xiaoqi grew up under the gaze of everyone. Whenever she went out of the street, the media always captured her shots. At that time, she wore every children’s clothing to become a hot topic.


Sitting on his father’s arm and. Picking his tongue at the camera, this is the first photo of Xiao Qi.

At that time, she was only 7 months old. She was wearing a British brand Caramel Baby & Child’s doll sweater sweater, like a soft glutinous naughty doll, and enlightened everyone.

Compared to simple cuteness, Victoria’s arms already have a sense of fashion.

Xiao Qi’s clothes are not only fine -grained, but also matched with their parents’ clothing.

For example, every time they follow their dad out of the street, the atmosphere of the two was very harmonious.

Sunshine yellow+denim blue, full of vitality father and daughter, Time.

The full -screen girl powder is the spoil of her dad to her daughter;

When the weather is cold, turn on the British Fan’er together. Xiao Qi’s leggings have been integrated with Dad’s sweater.

Needless to say, each set of Xiaoqi’s set must be the careful work of the fashion queen Victoria.

As the seventh seventh age is getting older, the frequency of her high -profile appearance in the lens has dropped significantly. In the photos of last year, Xiaoqi snuggled beside her parents, and the smile was still pure and clear.

In recent years, people’s eyes have begun to fall on Princess Charlotte, 6 -year -old.


“How to dress up her daughter like Princess Charlotte?”

“The 10 best -looking dresses in Princess Charlotte.”

“What are the clothes below 100 euros of Princess Charlotte?”

It can be seen from the popular topic of the British website that Princess Charlotte’s fashion influence has begun to be seen.


Looking at her usual dress, the brand must not have to say. After all, the clothes worn by Princess Kate were renamed “The Kate” and “The Duchess” by the brand.

What is important is that when Princess Charlotte is driving a famous brand, it is often commented as “God -like Diana” and “Queen Elizabeth” by netizens. It can be seen that her temperament is superior.


Of course, just look at the daily clothing of stars and noble children. Ordinary people do not need to pursue the child’s brand -name, as long as they will match it, they can also wear temperament and personality.


With the help of the Internet, we can often see a personal style and a small genius in social media.

Coco Pink, a child on the streets of Japan, is one of the very popular fashionable people on Instagram.

Her style is not limited to minimalist Japanese style, American fancy, British calm, Korean trend she can hold. For the use of various hats, glasses, bags and other accessories, you must also be handy.


Coco Pink’s parents have an ancient clothing store in Tokyo, so she has a high acuity for clothing and trend since she was a child.

AH Inlee is also a small blogger with a very popular popularity. Under the careful dress of Chao Ma, the little Ah IN has fallen in love with the selfie of the mirror since the age of 3, and shares life with a different look of Looks for different shapes every day.

The small Ah in wearing is a simple and elegant style, and occasionally wearing a more special princess wind yarn skirt. The most recognizable is the two “little 啾” on her head. Whoever reads will feel: “I want to lie to me to have a female goose!”

Of course, there are also many babies in our country, such as the small sister -in -law with 327.2W fans in Douyin.

Netizens have said that the aesthetics of the sister -in -law were brought out of the mother’s fetus.

White pants+lethal vest = soft cute sister -in -law.

Blue sweater+yellow shorts+cricket socks = tide cool sister -in -law.

Every time she goes shopping, her mother will let her sister pick her clothes by herself, and she will not only step on the mine every time she picks up, but even a textbook of wearing a community.


Children’s psychological education expert Sun Ruixue said in the article “Capture Children’s Sensitive Period” that the temperament of adults is shaped by the aesthetic foundation of the child stage. It lays an aesthetic tendency and quality of life.

Looking at the human cubs that are now wearing online, who would say that children do not understand aesthetics?

In order to prevent them from growing up, our strange uncle and old aunts have to learn to wear them well.


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