If you want to be exquisite to the old, you can use the “hat” to get people. A jazz hat can be cool at the age of 70

Occasionally, I saw a few photos of a Lyn. Slater fashion blogger in the United States. And love, exquisite and charming and unique. She likes exaggerated design and design, and the accessories are very bonus, especially the hat has played an indispensable role. It lies in the hat.

一 In daily life, a suitable hat hat is definitely our blealing bonus. A suitable hat can not only keep warm to modify the face shape, but also make your fashion rise a few steps.

There are no people who are not suitable for wearing a hat, only the owner who does not choose a hat, but you can’t have all the hat. You can’t all have it. Just find the most suitable one for you.


The name of the TRILBY Hat “Trilby Hat” comes from British writer George Du Morrier’s popular novel “Trilby”. At that time Slightly short and narrow hats, people directly call this hat “Trilby Hat”. There are many people who can’t distinguish the jazz hat and hat. In fact, the brim of the jazz hat is relatively short, some will tilt down, and the back is turned upwards, while the brim of the hat hat is relatively flat.


Every kind of face shape must have the most suitable and unsuitable hat! Many eyebrows are hats, as I want to wear a hat, and if you want to wear a hat, you must first consider the hard conditions of your face shape. What kind of face shape is suitable for wearing tide, cool and elegant jazz hat? Hurry down! There are common types, long faces, round faces, square faces (containing positive triangles), heart -shaped faces (containing triangles and diamonds), oval.


The standard face has to be easily controlled by any style. Long face and long square face are also suitable for wearing jazz caps, neutralizing the edges and corners of the face, and round lines can neutralize the edges and corners of the face and stretch horizontally.

There is a circle of hats such as jazz hat, but the wrap of the hat is relatively small. If you are rounded and want to stretch your face visually, you can pull the top of the hat and cover your hair properly to make the face look narrow. Long; edges and like inverted triangles, the forehead part is narrow and the cheekbones are wide. The chin is pointed to the “Shen” shape, also called a diamond -shaped face, with a clear edges and corners. Choose a jazz hat with a bit width. If you try more, you will find one that suits you and has your own personality.


Society is constantly improving, fashion is constantly changing, and hats are also indispensable as the decoration of fashion personality trends. In the spring and summer seasons, the sun protection and fashion are combined into one, and two are won. Let ’s take a look at the matching of jazz caps in life. It can give you more inspiration to everyone, and also enhance our wear skills. When it comes to the hat, the first thing we think of is the Queen of the United Kingdom. The hat is used to the ultimate model. The exquisite and elegant and best reflection. 365 days a year, the hat is not separated.


Jazz caps can be very capable and exquisite, with handsome and classic suit. Lu Xun said that when the girl was handsome, there was nothing about a boy! There are no too much decoration, no exaggeration of a big hat, simple and classic, no one can control, not to pick people!


On the streets in the early spring, the streets are full of windbreakers. As long as you want a beautiful jazz hat, you are the attractive heroine of the TV series or the glittering model of the runway.

A black, paired with a black jazz hat, has a layered handsome and handsome, the big hat is very small.


The black jazz hat and light gray or white jacket are full of aura. If your face is round, you can leave a little hair on both sides of your cheeks and cover it appropriately.


Camel is hot and elegant this year, with a gray jazz hat as a whole look gentle and elegant.

Black and white gray makes you feel listless and bland? You can have a colorful jazz hat to make you full of energy and color in minutes.

With the popularity of medium -sized wind and hip -hop style, the Jazz Hat has almost become a must -have for everyone to dress up. The green jazz hat with a military green jacket can also be so cool.


Just such a hat can make your mediocre dress become the focus of personal charm. Let us be tireless on the way to become beautiful. After all, we only come once in this world. Be the most beautiful self and pursue life.


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