How to choose autumn and winter children’s clothing? Anta children’s match guidelines are quickly checked

The recent temperature has declined, and it is estimated that many people have begun to turn the box to the cabinet for themselves, and the naughty boy at home is ready for autumn and winter equipment. It is not easy to keep warm and cold in autumn and winter children’s clothing, but also have both fashion and comfort, but don’t worry, Anta children have helped the naughty children with the autumn LOOK, and there are many second generations, popular teenagers’ upper body upper body upper body. Street shooting, this wearing guide is worth collecting.

Autumn Sports Tomiyoshi LOOK: “National Brother” Jin Yaoyuan and Tie Man champion Jin Yaohan

Global color authority Pan Tong released the top ten popular colors of 2021/22 autumn and winter at the beginning of the year, continuing the cleverness of spring and summer, not only green honey color, but also sweet and cute pink. Anta children can be seen on the latest costumes of 2021. In the movie “My Sister” cooperated with Zhang Zifeng, Jin Yaoyuan, who has a wonderful performance, has recently joined hands with his brother, the three U10 national champion C Shao Jinyao Han, the two people wearing the Anta children’s electronic skate series, this time The series combines retro futurism and skateboarding movements, with both interesting and trendy attitudes. Under the high -value C and D less interpretation, the turnout rate is super high.

Jin Yaohan and Jin Yaoyuan wear Anta children’s “electronic skateboarding” series of clothing

Winter shower cold and warm LOOK: Yang Yangyang’s three brothers and sisters


In recent years, more and more parents will choose to take children to try outdoor sports in winter, such as skiing, skating, etc. At this time, a down jacket that can resist cold weather is particularly important. The Anta children who focus on the development of sports technology equipment continue the highly acclaimed thermal return series last year. This year, the second generation of thermal return is launched. To achieve warmth, with this hot back to the second -generation down jacket, no matter how cold the sky is. In addition to technology, it is also very intentional in design. The snowy mountains in the origin of skiing are integrated into the appearance of the clothing. A few days ago, the Olympic champion Yang Wei’s son Yang Yangyang brought a pair of twin sisters upper body Anta Children’s Hot Return to interpret the correct way to open the winter.

Yang Yangyang and twin sisters Huanhuan, Lele wearing Anta children’s outdoor series


Winter Sweet Sports LOOK: Xiaoyi Nest

Compared with the design of the black and white snowy mountains with a sense of technology with a sense of technology with a sense of technology, the outdoor series of girls and children adds a bit of sweet and cute. It also uses the design of Xinjiang Altai Snow Mountain as the source of inspiration. There is a cute and cute Snow Rabbit pattern. In the cold winter, the outdoor series blessed by the second generation of thermal return technology can keep warm and sweet and fashionable. The well -known actor Dong Xuan’s beloved girl’s small dimple turned into a sweet sports girl, the playful double ball head made netizens ridiculed “to lie to my daughter series again.”

Dong Xuan’s daughter Xiaoyi is wearing Anta Children’s Outdoor Series


Winter Sports Fashion LOOK: Xiao Tianren

Of course, not only bloated down jackets in winter, it also needs to be bright while keeping warm. Xiao Tianren, who has performed wonderfully in the hit dramas such as “Qingpingle” and “Restart”, and the recent winter street shooting exposed by Xiao Tianren, the naughty boy. It is also the second -generation down jacket of Anta Children’s Outdoor Series Hot Return to Technology. Compared with Yang Yangyang’s black and white full -print equipment, Xiao Tianren chose the red thermal return second -generation down jacket. The finishing touch of orange half -long socks, mixing and matching style with both sports and fashion.

Xiao Tianren is wearing Anta children’s “Outdoor” series of hot returns to the second -generation down jacket

After reading the winter dressing guide, do you feel that the wardrobe of the naughty boy at home should be updated? If you also want to be the same model with the second generation of Star and the outstanding young stubborn family in various fields, you can pay attention to the “Anta Children” public account to enter the official website to buy, or you can go to the official flagship store or terminal store of Anta Children Tmall. The second -generation and sports experts will be transformed into autumn and winter sports tide children!


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