High school students took the high -speed rail home, the schoolbag actually had 80,000 yuan more

Take the high -speed rail home during the holidays

But I found that the items in my bag became huge cash

Facing “the pie falling from the sky”

what would you do?

Recently, Guizhou Panshui 15 -year -old boy Xiao Yang

I encountered this “problem”

“This bag is not ours, what should I do if so much money!” At 14:20 on September 30, a teenager was accompanied by his father and hurried to the duty room of the police station of the Liuzhi South Station of the Anxiu High Speed ​​Rail to find the police for help.


The police asked that the young Yang Yang was 15 years old and lived in Pingzhai Town, Liuzhi Special Economic Zone. He returned home during the National Day holiday. On September 30, he took the C6042 train from Liupanshui Station to Liuzhi South Station.

After returning home, Xiao Yang was about to write homework. After opening the schoolbag, he found that his learning materials and other items became cash. He immediately told his parents that the whole family was surprised.

Xiao Yang recalled it carefully and realized that it was likely that when he got off the car, he took the wrong shoulder bag of another carriage of the same carriage. The shape of the two backpacks was difficult to distinguish.

After the police, the bag was equipped with 83,100 yuan, 5 bank cards and 1 motor vehicle driving license. The driver’s license information showed that the backpack was 34 -year -old Mr. Yu.

The police combined with past experience infer that most of the passengers carry a large amount of cash when they ride, and they may even be “life -saving money.” After multiple contacts, I finally got Mr. Yu’s phone number.

It turned out that Mr. Yu went to Guiyang on the same day. Because the backpack left on the luggage rack was the same as himself, and after arriving at the station, he took the bus. On the way home, he suddenly felt that the backpack seemed to be heavier. I opened it and found that it was a book. There was a student ID.

Thinking of the cash for decorating the new house in the bag, part of the savings that have been working hard for many years, and some of them borrowed from relatives and friends.

When he was at a loss, he received a call from the police. After surprise, he quickly bought the ticket and returned to Liuzhi South Station. At 17:00 on the same day, Mr. Yu rushed to the duty room of the police station. After verifying the identity information of the two parties and the inventory of the items in the bag, Xiao Yang and Mr. Yu exchanged the wrong shoulder bag, and they expressed their gratitude to the police.


The Gui Railway Police specially reminded that starting the National Day long holiday, the passenger flow of the vehicle has increased significantly, and the luggage items that are carried with you must be properly kept when traveling; When riding and getting off the bus, carefully count the number of luggage to avoid leakage; you can wear jewelry and paste stickers to distinguish between the more popular backpacks and suitcases, so as not to take it wrong and delay the itinerary.

Source: People’s Daily Online


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