The Liulin Bowl Group in front of the gap

A taste represents a regional symbol, and a food is connected to memory and nostalgia. The food culture of Tiannan to build a “China on the tip of the tongue”.

On the deep and inclusive Luliang Mountain, a kind of unforgettable food was given to the unforgettable food -Liu Lin Bowl. This is the gift of nature and the taste of people’s memory. Today, this kind of local snacks with buckwheat noodles have developed from a local snack with flavored features to a famous Chinese snack, and have been named “Shanxi Old name”. The millennium in front of the gap drifted out of Luliang Mountain and constantly conquered people’s taste buds.

“The old name cannot be relying on the old selling the old, but to change the old and the old and the old and the old and the old and the old. The interpretation of the old -fashioned size contains unlimited development potential.

History precipitation in front of the gap

“Front of the gap” is geographical coordinates and is a cultural symbol.

Because it is located in the Tianjiagou ditch in Liulin County, it is famous in front of the gate. According to the “Saves of Liulin Town”: “In front of the Liulingou gate in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, it is a restaurant night market of Wen Jinxi. Every day Shen Xishan, a family of rice shops, hotels, and teahouses is lively … The “Night Market” in front of the Goumen is also known as ‘Hungry Ghost City’. “

According to the “Liulin County Chronicle” records: “The buckwheat noodle dough is the traditional specialty of Liu Lin City. It is delicious and delicious in the four seasons. Under the night market in front of the gap, the bowl group is one of the representative food.

In 1907, Jia Ditang Chengzu went to the bowl of the bowls and set up the first Jiaji bowl of the bowl in front of Ming and Qing Street in front of the Goumen. With the expansion of trading, in 1915, Jadetang was adjacent to the north of the north to create a bowl of bowls with a “Yongfa Chang” name. In 1927, Jia Yongfa, the eldest son of Jia Ditang, took care of the bowl of business with his father.

Time has moved, but the “Yongfa Chang” bowl group shop has been retained. In 2002, Jia Yongfa’s nephew Jia Xudong inherited the family business, invested 1 million yuan on the basis of the original site, registered the “front door” trademark, established Liulin County Goumen flavor food Co., Ltd. In terms of process, traditional craftsmanship is combined with modern equipment for mass production.

The production process of the bowl group continues, but the history of the bowls is far more than a century. According to “Lu Liang’s Wind Fun” records: According to legend, Liu Yuan, the Xiongnu aristocracy, started to fight against Jin, and sent troops from Shi Shi to Shile Shile to attack Jin. Due to the frequent war at that time, the military food was difficult to raise, so buckwheat was worn into flour and porridge. Once, several sergeants went out and missed the meal. When they returned, the porridge had been cooked. In desperation, they could only cut into pieces and grab the food. After eating, Shiller praised him, ordered the kitchen to make it. Later, in the folk imitation, it gradually developed to a small bowl of batter, steamed in cage, and cold and food. Later, foreign missionaries came to Liu to eat and eat with knives and forks.

This is the classic way of eating the Liulin Bowl. The taste of the small bowl of the small bowl, through the millennium history, experienced the smoke and fire, just for the happiness of people’s taste buds.

The big industry in the small bowl group

One side of the soil and water raising one person.

Due to the special geographical location and climate conditions, the most varieties of grain produced in Shanxi are known as the “Kingdom of Miscellaneous Grain”. Buckwheat is the most representative gourmet raw material. According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, it has the role of “real gastrointestinal, qi, and spiritual spirit”.

As a soba derivative, the bowl of the bowl is the unforgettable memory memory of Luliangshan people. At the cost of three or five people, at the expense of cost, drove to the stalls in Liulin County, just to eat two fresh and delicious bowls. This behavior is enough to prove the local love of the bowls.

“Now to eat it, it will deteriorate overnight. The problem of the Liulin bowl group has always been ‘deep girlfriends’ unknown’.” How to break the limited development space and let the Liulin bowl group get out of Luliang Mountain? At the moment of inheriting the ancestor’s craftsmanship, Jia Xudong germinated the idea of ​​making the big bowl group industry.

Vacuum packaging is Jia Xudong’s original simple creativity. However, the implementation behind it needs to overcome all the technical problems. It is related to all aspects of the entire industrial chain such as product quality, promotion, and brand.

“First of all, we must solve the problem of taste differences between vacuum packaging and traditional production and extension of the shelf life. It needs to pass thousands of repeated tests to consume time and energy.” Jia Xudong finally proved to use practice that under the principle of manual production, combined with modern and traditional traditions The process of industrial production is feasible.

“The taste is smooth, and the shelf life is half a year.” The product quality of the bowl of the bowl in front of the Goumen has won multiple honorary titles -Luliang City’s “Consumer Trusted Unit”, “Provincial People Reassuring Food Brands”, “Provincial Quality benchmarking enterprise” and so on Essence

Bowl is a major feature of the Liulin bowl group. According to the consumption habits and diet methods of different groups, the bowl of the ditch door from extending the shelf life, product design, market positioning, and brand promotion, step by step, gradually let him go out of Luliang Mountain and get out of the lady.

On the basis of formulating brand promotion, Jia Xudong is good at connecting various resources and seeking the best publicity method to expand the influence of the brand. “In the” Shanxi Brand China Bank “activity launched by the Provincial Department of Commerce, the bowl of the bowl in front of the gap is the biggest beneficiary.” He said with a smile, “Our bowl group is equivalent to the ‘dog ignoring’ in the bun.

It is understood that the annual turnover of the Food Co., Ltd. of Liulingoumen reached more than 20 million yuan, which directly indirectly drove the employment of about 6,000 people. The entire industrial chain created a social value of more than 200 million yuan. The bowl in front of the Goumen has won the titles such as “Shanxi’s Famous Trademark”, “Shanxi Province Intangible Cultural Heritage”, “Chinese Famous Snacks” and “Top Ten Traditional Snacks in Shanxi Province”.

The new responsibility of the old name

Based on snacks, entering the industry. The eight words on the outer wall of Liaolingou Gate Food Co., Ltd. are extremely eye -catching.

In Jia Xudong’s view, local snacks contain potential large markets with broad prospects. The old -fashioned brand stimulates new vitality and leads the development of the industry. It is the responsibility of the old name.

“With the acceleration of the overall social rhythm, the” post -“post -” post -“post -” post -post -post -“post -” post -post -after -00 “crowd has become the main force of social consumption. The Internet breaks the concept of time and space. Development direction. “In the front series of products, a special snack” Jujube Cake “made of yellow rice and red dates is well received by the market.

“Promoting product terminalization and convenience is the real way out of agricultural products.” Jia Xudong said in analyzing the development direction of local agricultural products.

“Whether it is a product or channel, whoever master the terminal is the trump card.” Jia Xudong firmly believed in his point. He also believes that the promotion of “convenient food” of agricultural products will be a large market of 10 billion levels, and the prospects will be optimistic.

“The gap is not only in the bowl group, including the scope of Liu Lin’s agricultural product processing, mature one, and develop one.” Jia Xudong felt that the peculiar products such as the red dates and Xiaomi of Liu Lin have the potential of excavation. The next step will be studied and developed. The previous series of products broaden the market competitiveness that stimulates and stimulates the old name.

“Let the local snacks be famous in the world.” The millennium in front of the Goumen blindfolded to the whole country.

Author: Yan Zhongxing

Source: Shanxi Daily


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