Graphic tutorial net gauze lace high -necked bottom shirt tutorial (attached scissors)

How can our wardrobe be missing such a bottom shirt during autumn and winter? It is both sexy and fairy, and it can be described as a combination of “angel and devil”. That’s right, what is said to be this lace high -neck mesh bottom shirt, not only two people, but also one black and white! It’s right to listen to me, make it quickly! Even if the autumn passes, we still have winter, even if winter passes, don’t we still have the beginning of spring in the coming year? It is also beautiful to wear in spring!

This picture comes from the Internet, used to match inspiration for reference

Key words

图文教程 网纱蕾丝高领打底衫教程(附裁剪图)

###网######仙 qi bottoming shirt#

图文教程 网纱蕾丝高领打底衫教程(附裁剪图)

Fabric recommendation

图文教程 网纱蕾丝高领打底衫教程(附裁剪图)

Fabric: High bomb -encrypted spandex mesh, brocade ammonia mesh, elastic lace, elastic fine pleated mesh, elastic fine pore mesh, mesh lace, embroidered chiffon, etc.

Accessories: fine bouncing force line, pearl buckle, mushroom buckle

Graphic tutorial

1. Prepare fabric

2. Put the prototype on the fabric and draw a tailor drawing (plus 1cm sewing)

图文教程 网纱蕾丝高领打底衫教程(附裁剪图)

3. Decodor each film according to the cuts

图文教程 网纱蕾丝高领打底衫教程(附裁剪图)

4. Switch to the front and rear shoulder lines to sew 1cm, and lock the edge

5. Turn the front and rear clothes to the front and place Xiaofei on the arc of the sleeve cage

6. At 2cm from the edge of the sleeve cage, use an awl assistance to uniformly crush the fold

7. The same method on the left and right sleeves

图文教程 网纱蕾丝高领打底衫教程(附裁剪图)

8. Fold the center line of the rear film, cut down from the back nest and cut 10cm

图文教程 网纱蕾丝高领打底衫教程(附裁剪图)

9. Cut a 20 -centimeter -long diagonal cloth strip fabric (45 degrees oblique tailor)

图文教程 网纱蕾丝高领打底衫教程(附裁剪图)

10. Switch to the 10cm port that is just cut with the tide film (the edge method)

图文教程 网纱蕾丝高领打底衫教程(附裁剪图)

11. Fold the oblique cloth strip into the sewing portion, as shown in the figure, stitch the thread

图文教程 网纱蕾丝高领打底衫教程(附裁剪图)

12. The pressure line should be pressed on the same line on the previous sewing line, the effect after suture

13. Put your body on the front face

图文教程 网纱蕾丝高领打底衫教程(附裁剪图)

14. Pick away the small flying tablets of the body to the collar, and place the point of the point of the cuffs on the shoulder line (the sleeve and the body are facing the front), suture the cage arc

15. Both sides of the sleeves are sutured in the same method

16. Turn your body to the opposite side, align the front and rear slices and sleeves, suture the side stitching and the bottom of the sleeve

图文教程 网纱蕾丝高领打底衫教程(附裁剪图)

17. Put the sleeve cage, side seam, and cuffs, and turn the clothes to the front to see the effect

图文教程 网纱蕾丝高领打底衫教程(附裁剪图)

18. Wrap the fine loosening line on the bottom line as the bottom line

图文教程 网纱蕾丝高领打底衫教程(附裁剪图)

19. The elastic line around

图文教程 网纱蕾丝高领打底衫教程(附裁剪图)

20. Use the bottom line of the loosening line, sparse the pin of the sewing machine, and press the lines directly on the neckline (2cm-2.5cm on each edge)

22. Use the same method to press the four lines in parallel, and the neckline will become natural wrinkles

23. Put the collar on the platform or put it around your neck to see if the length is suitable

24. Put the wool edge of the collar nest, the hem of the clothes, and the cuffs, the inner folding edge 1cm pressure line

25. The collar woolen edge has been sutured, ready to be upper collar

图文教程 网纱蕾丝高领打底衫教程(附裁剪图)

26. Uniformly align the lower end of the collar and the collar of the clothes, fix it with a bead needle

27. The schematic diagram when the collar is unfolding

图文教程 网纱蕾丝高领打底衫教程(附裁剪图)

28. Directly pressing the line on the front of the collar circle

29. Good effect on the collar

图文教程 网纱蕾丝高领打底衫教程(附裁剪图)

30, cut a small cloth strip

31. Fold the fabric pairs and suture the folding line, and then cut them into 3 small segments

32. Fold the two ends of the small cloth strip, hiding under the collar, and suture the thread (the length of the eye bars is about 1cm, and the rest is hidden in)

33. Nail on the corresponding position on the other side of the collar

图文教程 网纱蕾丝高领打底衫教程(附裁剪图)

34. Desles are recommended to use spherical buttons. If you make white fabrics, you can use pearl buckle

图文教程 网纱蕾丝高领打底衫教程(附裁剪图)此图来源于网络,用于搭配灵感参考

35. Use a rowing line at 5cm away from the cuffs (if you like a speaker sleeve longer,

图文教程 网纱蕾丝高领打底衫教程(附裁剪图)

36. The sewing machine is replaced with the loose line as the bottom line.

图文教程 网纱蕾丝高领打底衫教程(附裁剪图)

37. The effect of the cuffs is shown in the figure.

图文教程 网纱蕾丝高领打底衫教程(附裁剪图)

Finished product

Paired with a suspender velvet skirt

图文教程 网纱蕾丝高领打底衫教程(附裁剪图)

Real -person trial effect

图文教程 网纱蕾丝高领打底衫教程(附裁剪图)

If you don’t want to make the design of Xiaofei, you can remove the step of Xiaofei Bian. You can make a simple point, such as the following two white bottoming shirts

图文教程 网纱蕾丝高领打底衫教程(附裁剪图)

If you imagine the neckline wrinkle effect of the bottoming shirt, you can put the amount of 5-6 cm in the neck nest arc when you draw a picture.

White bottom shirt real people try on

图文教程 网纱蕾丝高领打底衫教程(附裁剪图)


图文教程 网纱蕾丝高领打底衫教程(附裁剪图)

The following is a reference to Mr. Xiongneng’s “World Classic Clothing Design and Paper Sample-Women’s Wear”, about the application of the basic type of paper samples of ladies shirts. After drawing the basic type, you can make a variety of basic types. Modification of styles.

The following is the black mesh bottom shirt. The modification made on the basics of the shirt is for reference only

Below is the data related to the sleeve and Xiaofeibian

图文教程 网纱蕾丝高领打底衫教程(附裁剪图)

Thank you for your patience!


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