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In recent years, the high and low beds (also known as going to bed, upper and lower shops, double -layer beds) have really brought a lot of gospels for many Baoma families who have to have a second child, but it has always been a problem about buying and getting bed. How should I choose to get out of bed? Today, Emperor Yong came to get out of bed for everyone!

Choose a high and low bed without sharp edges


When buying a bed for the baby, you must pay attention to the smooth and corner to be processed very smoothly

It is best not to expose every joint of every joint of furniture

If there are protruding metal details, use rubber or cushion to prevent the child from bumping in trouble

You can choose a high and low bed for your baby to buy pure solid wood wind


The natural texture of the wood is perfectly combined with the round touch

The baby will not hit it because of material problems, and it is okay to sleep like this bed until the child grows up.


Materials should be environmentally friendly and healthy

For children’s food and wear, parents want to give the best and good standards and what are the expensive and big names? uncertain

However, health and environmental protection must be good

What is the difference between beds of different materials?

Then buy a high and low bed created by solid wood

Will not make an error

Solid wood wood is natural and environmentally friendly, without odor


Do not release harmful substances and gas

Choose height and suitable size bed

The size and height in the children’s room are actually very important because children are in the body’s growth and development settlement

The size is appropriate to better use

It is more appropriate to choose about 50cm in high and low height

Because the height and body shape of children are more matched

This way children will feel more comfortable

Multi -functional viaduct bed

It is most suitable for choosing a multi -functional high bed like this requirement

Just like a child who is suitable for seven years of age and can grow with the child, the small combined bed collection wardrobe desk and bed combination is very suitable for small units


Although the real sparrows are all small in or internal organs

Choose a novel and interesting high bed

Because children are in a period of growth, they are also when they are developing imagination, so parents are choosing high and low beds for their children.

You should buy some cute or novel beds

This not only will not reject children, but also stimulate children’s imagination!

The height bed with a slide is equivalent to sleeping on the amusement park. You can slide down the ladder. At the same time, there is a strong storage function. A bed is a world. A child will feel novel in this environment. The world feels innocent and romantic.

Choose a high and low bed in many parties

In the high and low beds that have just been introduced, children’s shoes have also found that high and low beds can have a storage function. Not only the storage function


The design of high and low beds is more interesting than you think

Here we briefly introduce you


① The ordinary ladder of the ladder cabinet can no longer arouse the children’s interest. If the bedroom space is sufficient, do not put a set of staircases. Children can climb, store it, and be used as game areas. ② Separation of beds, in order to meet different residential needs, I bought high and low beds that can be “disassembled”, and the beds are divided into two, and they can meet other purposes. ③ The combination of the bookcase is in the area of ​​the lower shop. With the home of the bookcase, the desk, etc., the high and low beds change a three -dimensional small living space in seconds.

The above is how to choose a solid wood high bed, I hope to give you some reference!


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