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Woman wardrobe is always something that is less shoes that the bride’s wedding shoes, not to mention. The most important life a pair of shoes, often let the bride pick dizzy. Not the most expensive, but it must be right. Today, the general election to talk about wedding shoes should pay attention to what.

A heel

Height of the heel height and groom are closely linked. Select the appropriate heel height, it can make the bride and groom look more match. If you have been wearing high-heeled shoes on the wedding, is enough to suffer, so they could not choose a pair of high heel shoes, usually you can wear after the wedding. In addition, to increase the effect of non-high-heeled shoes, shoes you can choose to bring some color embroidery, very fine enough and you expensive wedding dress matched. In addition, if the ceremony is to take relatively soft turf, the heel must not be too sharp.


Second, the style


Can start from the style, material, color, design aspects in the selection of the time, so you get rid of monotonous white shoes at the wedding, to create elegant, elegant, stylish, feminine taste. Simple or complex, can be wrapped or bare do with their preferences to select and apply.



Often, people will choose shoes to wear at the wedding. Because leather is suitable for most people, and shoes for the wedding dress is also easier, even after the wedding, you can continue to wear shoes. Satin and lace wedding shoes made of materials also excellent.


When the wedding with white, choose white, silver, gold wedding shoes and also easy to match colors. Secondly, in matching dresses, mainly for the color of the bride dress to choose, if your dress is luxurious silk fabric, a gold or silver wedding shoes, the choice is wild. Red is the preferred Oriental bride, it not only can be used with a white wedding dress, it can also make red Chinese-style wedding dress more dazzling.




Fish head stiletto wedding shoes, very little choice for tall bride. Fish head shoes sustained popular style, low-heeled white work well with the fish head out of yarn. Round, pointed, fish mouth style wedding shoes are popular styles, except in the heat of summer, even in the slightly cold autumn and winter season, these models is quite suitable, or whether it is with the wedding dress from the shoe styles select up these wedding shoes are advisable.


Third, the time


The best selection of shoes at around three in the afternoon to six o’clock, because feet swell slightly at this time, if the time does not feel small size selected, other times of day wearing no problem. Stood try, because when standing leg slightly larger than when sitting. When not wearing tried to go look in the mirror to buy, be sure to take a few steps back and forth, carefully feeling stability and shoe size is appropriate. In addition, the foot with the different seasons there will be expansion and contraction, so in the winter when the summer buy discount shoes, you try the right size with the summer may be slightly smaller than that.

Fourth, the size

The ideal size is at least: Ten toes freedom of movement in the shoe, there is a comfortable cushion and modest interior space; the tread and the foot depression at the very arc of fit, ankle and toes can not touch shoes; forefoot have a certain room for maneuver, if withstand toe toes back into his heel and the shoe can help the distance between a finger, the size is just right; well stick to the surface of the heel to the sole heel portion, walk when not slide to slide; look down on themselves from the curvature of the central arch of the foot and the shoe is consistent, confirming feet around the elastic is appropriate.

Fifth, comfort


Shoes are material comforts, but also mental and physical enjoyment, the most important thing is to buy shoes feel comfortable, followed by the appearance. One pair of uncomfortable shoes, probably because you have to change your walking posture itself has destroyed physical beauty, how can embody its value? In fact, get a pair of comfortable shoes is not difficult, the key is to master the “secret . ” When you decide to try on shoes, first of all find out whether it is clean, there are no cracks. Soft shoes, but also durable quality assurance. Specifically: You can bend the shoes look, the more easily distorted, the more elastic show, the better the quality. Rather buy a big shoe size shoes, do not wear too tight narrow shoes, walk a few steps or you will suffer a great deal. Toe head with the toe, that taste will not be comfortable. Wear shoes too small, too narrow, easy to damage the skin, affect foot beautiful, even sprained heel, much less the whole United States to talk about.


Sixth, the number of

The number and the number of wedding dresses wedding shoes should be closely related to the different aspects, different costumes with shoes will be different. But a wedding down to prepare pairs of shoes, in fact, not real close. Most of the bride, in fact, will prepare a pair or two pairs of wedding shoes –


Prepare only one pair of wedding shoes:

a, no matter at home, hotel or outdoors, it can be uncomfortable to wear;

b, beautiful, good-looking, easy photographers shoot details;

c, quality assurance, to ensure that the wedding day will not be a small accident;


The d, color and style, and your wedding day all clothing must be able to match;

e, easy and convenient to wear

Prepare two pairs of wedding shoes: one pair of Chinese + heels, one pair of flat or high-heeled + 2 pairs can be dressed in full wedding shoes.

Chinese wedding shoes mainly Chinese dress for your equipment, flat shoes can make you take a rest during the wedding, two pairs of shoes can be replaced at any time, can be avoided wedding shoes appear small unexpected embarrassment!

In fact, to say more, to see a woman in the heart of that pair of shoes, they will definitely find ways to have. But in addition to the United States wedding shoes, fit is really the most important. I hope all the girls can wear the most comfortable shoes looking into the marriage hall.

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