The real role of shampoo is one! After picking the ingredient table, we teach you to choose like this

The real role of shampoo is one! After picking the ingredient table, we teach you to choose like this

More and more people have discovered the important influence of hair on the face value. The difference between not shampooing and shampooing can even determine a person’s social status: Whether it is a passerby who ignores everyone, or the male god/goddess who is fascinated by Xiaofeng depends on whether you have a elegant show. send.

However, the higher the expectation, the more problems. Some people have a fast hair, and some people make it easy to fry. More people are troubled. There are too many shampoo products on the market. I do n’t know how to choose.

In fact, the core function of shampoo is very simple: clean.

Rather than being overwhelmed by various products packaging, it is better to grasp the focus first. Today, this article is about how to choose shampoo.

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Wise consumption step first

Reduce expectation

Some people often ask: Why do I buy precious shampoo or lost hair? Why do stars use net red shampoos, but I use but have no star’s gloss effect? Which shampoo can make the hair do not knot?

Sigh for the water for the water: I’m so difficult.

We must first reduce the expectations of shampoo.

Make your hair softer and shiny. It is not something that can be done by shampooing alone. Don’t put too much pressure on it.

The main function of shampoo is to clean the excess oil on the scalp’s hair, as well as dirt such as dust contaminated in daily life.

A qualified shampoo can be washed clean and gently and not irritating the scalp.

On this basis, some of the additional ingredients added by shampoo can achieve a certain functional effect, such as fluffy, soft and not static, moisturizing and moisturizing.

But professional issues still require more corresponding products. In addition to the conditioner, hair mask, and essential oil that everyone will use, the hair dryer and comb will also affect the shape of the hair.

So, before buying shampoo,

In fact, as long as you remember that you are looking for a clean product that suits your hair, you can avoid many dazzling propaganda words

The calmness of “passing through the flowers, chopping hands is not wasted”.

Wise consumption step second

Turn to the back of the bottle

Another common doubt about shampoos is: what is the difference between Internet celebrity, imported brands, and supermarkets that can be bought? The above -mentioned effects are dazzling. How can I buy it?

The formulater said: It is difficult to say that there are too many factors that affect the final effect of a bottle of shampoo! Looking at the brand alone, the efficacy does not necessarily buy it.

For example, severe scalp inflammation may be affected by various factors such as seasonal, regional climate, and pressure. The same person with the same shampoo may also have different effects. And the same dedandering products are not necessarily suitable for two people with many dandruff at the same time.

Since the effect of propaganda may not be achieved 100 %, is it just blindly buying it? Of course not.

We can turn to the back of the shampoo bottle to see the formula table.

According to your own needs, find the ingredients you need or avoid this product.



If your hair is healthy and healthy, you just want to wash it, then you can focus on the cleaning ingredients in the shampoo–


The following are common surfactants (

The cleaning effect decreases in order, and the mildness increases in order



: Sodium sulfate, sodium laurel polyetheric sulfate, etc., as well as a certain sulfate/sodium phosphate (polyether)

Picture source: taken by yourself


: Sodium of Sodium Sodium and Ending of Beet Alkali (Simple Beet Alkali is a moisturizing ingredient, not a table activity)

Non -ionic table work

: Ingredients at the end of glucoside, ingredients at the end of Mea

Amino acid surface work

: Coconut oil -glycopanate, etc., the name of the name of amino or aminoine in the name

Most of the products have a variety of tables, rather than a single surface active agent to achieve better cleaning power, foaming and after washing.


Mild, don’t stimulate the scalp

Different from the dish,

Our hair is not cleaned to the better.

Although it is essentially dead cells (keratin), it can still be gentle and choose the cleaning intensity as appropriate.

If the scalp is more sensitive, avoid the ionic ionic table with too strong cleaning power. There are also some irritating ingredients, such as salicylic acid, as well as preservatives of Nepalese albums.

What can be selected is the mild and clean amino acid surface work, and adding red alcohol, potassium potassium potassium, and other soothing anti -allergic ingredients

They are also used for anti -allergic skin care products, and they will have a certain effect, but after all, shampoo staying is not long, and the effect is limited.


Dandard dandruff, the scalp is not itchy

Dandruff can be said to be a stain of face value. Of course, there will be dandruff without washing their hair in a week. But if you start the “snow” on the second day and the third day of the shampoo, you may have to pay attention to shampoo with dandruff ingredients.

The dedue components that are more commonly used and confirmed by a large number of tests include pyrumin zinc, salicylic acid, chloroprimazo, etc.

However, there are many causes of dandruff and need to be prescribed. If it is very serious, large dandruff, or scalp redness and itching, you need to go to the dermatologist to see a doctor. Use prescription products, do not use the market to promote drug -effective shampoos on your own.


Fluffy, hair loss

Everyone wants to solve multiple image problems by the hair volume: young, small face, and vitality … Indeed, although the particularly fluffy hair does not look so soft, it will indeed look better than the scalp. Even more vigorous.

If you want to wash it, it will not fall,

You can avoid shampoo with high oil content and moisturizing type, because oil will make the hair heavier and more “collapse”.

What do you think of the formula? Avoid polymer silicon oil and vegetable oil.


Oil control, refreshing

Not only does the hair oil look unpleasant, it will have a taste when it comes to smelling, making people retreat.

How to determine if you need oil control? You can find the head for a night, and reached out the root of your hair the next afternoon. Take it out to see if the fingertips are not oily.

If there is,

You can choose shampoos with high clean cleaning power. Healthy and unsightly scalp can also choose shampoo with oil control or even dedue ingredients.

At the same time, like the demand for fluffy, avoid those oily ingredients, or the packaging of moisturizing shampoos.


Soft, not frying hair

When Silicon oil shows his skills!

If you want to wash your hair smoothly or not, or not static electricity, you need to choose products containing certain oils such as oil, such as silicon oil and vegetable oil. The residues on the hair can protect the hair, prevent the hair scales from raising, reduce the evaporation of the hair, and make the hair softer.

In addition to oil, some common conditioning agents in shampoo can also help you:


: Glycerin and propylene glycol. Used to moisturize and prevent shampoo zone from taking too much scalp.

Ionic component

: For example, ammonium salt. After shampooing, the hair will be negatively charged, and the cedic component can neutralize these charge, reduce the repulsion of each other between the hair, and make the hair smoother.

Nevertheless, it is impossible to achieve this effect on the picture alone.


Can’t do this demand

You may not see the needs you are most looking forward to when you go now:


It’s because it is not to be detached because, because

You cannot solve the problem of hair loss by shampooing alone.

There are many reasons for hair loss, including endocrine, mental stress or genetic factors.

It is by no means simply washing your head to solve it.

Some ingredients themselves have indeed improved their hair loss and other hair loss and other hair loss, but the penetration ability of the ingredients, the amount of addition in the shampoo, and the time of shampoo have limited the shampoo products in hair loss of hair loss. The role of the side.

In other words, some others have used effective shampoo, which may not be to you. This is why there are various evaluations of the same anti -de -shampoo products, and shampoo really has suffered too much expectations.

If you really take off your hair seriously, we still recommend: first go to the dermatology department of the hospital to see a doctor.


In addition to the hard core knowledge of the above ingredients selected shampoo, there are actually a few small suggestions:

The ability to foam has nothing to do with cleaning ability.

There is no need to bubble when washing your hair before touching the scalp. If you stimulate the scalp, you can’t get up.

Do not rub the scalp and towels with nails

Do not comb your hair with a combed combed

After washing your hair, you need to match your hair care products

Do not be too high in temperature of the hair dryer

Seeing this, everyone should understand how to choose a shampoo that suits them?

But in the face of a variety of shampoos on the market, all kinds of effects are blown by the sky. You will explode before the order is placed:

Which one to choose!

Intersection Intersection

Lilac Life Institute

Based on different effects, demand and price, summarized

4 hair washing water recommendation purchase list

, I really do n’t pick my hair, I quickly collect it and buy it, and I will definitely pick out the one that suits you most ~

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Image source: station Cool Hirolo

Image source: station Cool Hirolo

Image source: station Cool Hirolo

Image source: station Cool Hirolo

Picture source: taken by yourself

4 hair washing water recommendation purchase list

Quality product recommendation: moisturizing shampoo


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