How can men wear sweater to be as high -level as 007?

Fan Master: Men’s knitted shirt strategy

Two days ago, the cold exposure solar terms were getting colder and cooler. When it comes to the essential items for warmth in late autumn, sweaters are absolutely indispensable.

To say that the first -looking man who can wear sweater, Fan Lord first thought of 007 James Bond. On the poster of “No Time to Death”, he wore a naval blue vertical sweater. The shape was simple but handsome and stylish.

This British -style military sweater comes from




A brand dedicated to a high -end cashmere sweater seems to be simple. In fact, there are many design ingenuity: the navy blue color is very positive, the ribs are thin and thin, and the cloth treatment of the shoulders and elbows makes the clothes more durable and neckline. The drawing rope design is practical and will not be dull. The price is 345 pounds

(About 3,000 yuan)


Even outside the play, Daniel Craig, who played Bond, recently promoted the movie, and implemented the knitwear style to the end.

Take a photo with Bili, wearing Anderson & Sheppard’s knitting Henni shirt, the style is more special; in an interview, I wore Massimo Alba’s shawl neck cashmere cardigan. The style is very casual.

In fact, knitted sweater has always been the “traditional costume” of 007, and it is also one of the highest categories outside the suit. From Sean Connery to Pierce Brucenan, every Bond is indispensable.

In addition to the hardware conditions of the face value and body, how to choose the right knitted sweater, Bond also gave a good demonstration.

Today, Fan Master summarized a few Tips and talked to you how men wearing sweaters can be as high -level as 007 ~


Select fabrics according to the needs of wearing

Men’s wardrobe is not expensive. Knitting sweater is a very large category. The range of options is very wide. As the basic model of ten thousand years, the excellent material is always the primary selection standard.


The wool is thick and solid. It is very wide and stylish. It is very suitable for tough guys with rough temperament. 007 often wears when performing tasks outdoors. The disadvantage is that the skin -friendly feeling is not very good ~

Two “007”: Rogermore (left) & Brucenan (right)


If you feel that ordinary wool materials are too “crowded”, cashmere is too delicate, and high -quality imitation wool or pure cotton sweater is also a good choice. The cost performance is very good.

The skin is more sensitive or likes delicate texture. It is recommended to choose cashmere materials. Although the price is a lot higher, the texture and skin intonation are not said. It is very convenient to wear it. In addition to the brands such as N.Peal, Loro Piana, Colombo, and Brunello Cucinelli

Known with fine high -end cashmere products


Putin’s sportswear is Loro Piana’s cashmere knitted suit. It can be seen how much “love”, but the price of 10,000 yuan is indeed not low. ↓


However, the top of the sweater fabric chain must also belong to Vicuña Luo Ma Mao, and it is also the top fabric of the Loro Piana family. It is very sparse (Ang) (expensive). Each lobma can only produce 200 grams of fiber ~

Loro Piana’s Luo Ma Mao sweater is not only highly warm, but also has the softness and skin -friendlyness that is beyond imagination. It is the choice of the quality of invisible rich people ~


Select the style according to the occasion

As a “enumerated” category, the style of knitwear is also super. In the 007 series of movies alone, Bond has almost worn all kinds of knit sweaters, V -neck, round neck, high neck, cardigan … Each dress is a textbook -like demonstration ~

V -neck sweater


V -neck style is more age, slightly mature, and more suitable for formal occasions. The advantage is that the face is small, and the proportion can be visually improved.

The matching match is also very rich. Whether it is normally paired with trousers or jeans.


V -neck shirt and suit jacket are not wrong in autumn and winter. For serious occasions, you can refer

Ryan Reynolds


This set of colors is brighter, and the sense of leisure is stronger ↓


Round neck sweater

The round neck sweater should be more casual. In the same white shirt, after Daniel replaced the V -neck sweater with a round neck, using the natural and round arc to neutralize and the toughness of the face loss, it seems that the whole person is more affinity ↓

If you want to be more casual, you can remove the white shirt inner, just like the round neck T -shirts wearing everyday, but knitted fabrics are more textured than ordinary T -shirts and more figure ~

If the body shape is not so FIT, you can add a jacket, the round neck slim style can be said to be a universal bottoming item ↓

Of course, you can also consider the loose patterns wearing the US team in “Blade”, warm and beautiful, and have a stronger tolerance for the figure. ↓

High -neck sweater

The low -key and warm turtleneck is now a very popular style in the elite group, and Bond is no exception. The black turtleneck knitting of the Roger Moore 007 is capable and displayed. It is time to see it today, and Jobs has to call inward.


Daniel’s GIEVES & Hawkes blue high collar, paid tribute to a veteran tough guy Steve McQueen.

The Daniel version of Bond also likes this relatively heavy turtleneck sweater. Generally, it is a casual worker jacket or down jacket. If it is outdoors, it can be paired with a knitted hat. It can be said to be quite warm ~

Now the super popular plain slim mid -necked, Bond also passed through, but the matching is still a leisure jacket.


Of course, suit and high -neck shirts are also perfect. A high -necked shirt with excellent texture and tailored suit is a key item for men to create a high -level sense in autumn and winter.

The bosses who advocate simple dressing like this are very liked to match like this. With a fixed formula, it will not save time and save time.

Prince LV loves to wear a suit with a high -necked shirt. It is exquisite and stylish. It also echoes the color with the supermodel wife.


When Federer attended some formal occasions such as the red carpet, he chose to use Tibetan blue and wine red suits to match the same color turtleneck sweater, which has both styles and an restrained elite atmosphere.


The knitted sweater is suitable for wearing as a coat. In the movie, the cardigan is one of Bond’s favorite vacation items. Whether it is paired with white shirts and sunglasses ↓

It is simple and exquisite with white T and casual pants.


Daniel outside the play has a thick gray cardigan, paired with shirt tie and trousers coats, and went up to the exquisiteness. There are no problems to attend some serious occasions ↓


The British seem to like this kind of lapel -knitted cardigan plus inside, seemingly casual, but in fact, we pay attention to ↓

Americans love unnecessary knitted cardigan, with jeans are authentic American Tide Fan Er ↓

Knitwear is also a very classic style, which is out of date. In the late 1970s, US President Carter, who was wearing a Loro Piana cardigan to attend the event in the previous two years, came into the air.


Prince Philip wore this blue cardigan in middle age, and appeared on the body of Prince LV decades later. It can be seen how long this item is.

Hooded sweater


007 wore countless cardigan, but I haven’t tried a hooded model. However, the hooded sweater has been very windy in recent years. Both financial elites and IT big guys have really liked them. They are both age -reducing and Effortless Chic ~

The male leads of Zuckerberg and the financial thermal drama “Billion” are hoodie control, and prefer Loro Piana and BRUNELLO CUCINELLI.

Choose a long -term selection version


The choice of knitwear version is also very particular. The 007 poster is the same knit sweater. If there is no perfect figure like Bond, the self -cultivation model will easily expose the figure defect.


And the same blue round neck sweater, the thin -sized teenager Musk chose the thin vertical stripes, and the whole person seemed to be thinner. Men who are not too strong in their bodies can choose a twisted pattern like a model to enhance their sense of power ↓

Use color matching to create a sense of high level

The knitwear worn by 007 not only has a large number, many styles, and color matching. Universal black and white will never make mistakes, do not pick temperament and age, daily, commuters are acceptable, it is a standing item in the wardrobe ↓


White has a particularly winter atmosphere, with a sense of warmth, and people will be lined with gentle ↓

Blue is also suitable for mature men like Bond ~ I think black is too dull, you can choose a dark blue like Tibetan blue, which is not too serious and not too serious; Essence ↓

In addition to Bond’s favorite black and white and blue, autumn and winter men can also choose the earth color system, which is safe and advanced. I put on a black suit like Paul McCartney, elegant and restrained

Maple leaf red is very suitable for autumn and winter, which makes people feel warm and can easily have a good look. High saturation is more likely to make people’s eyes shine, lower saturation is more calm and stable. Loro Piana provides a suit for Juventus.


High -level players may wish to “light” anymore. The second Bond George La Zhanbe contributed the look of the orange high -necked knitted knitted khaki jacket, which is young and elegant.

If you want more fashionable “fancy”, there is a sense of lazy, casual fashion ~


Which knit sweater is worth recommending

Loro Piana


Needless to say, Loro Piana, known as the “Rolls -Royce in the cashmere world”, Putin, Bobby in “Billion” all love ~

The clothes of their clothes are particularly comfortable, and the design is simple, making people unable to stop as soon as they enter the pit.


This pilot’s jacket’s cardigan has an elegant two -color effect on both sides, stylish and atmospheric color, and horn buttons are also low -key. 100%cashmere material. The price is very cost -effective in Loro Piano. ~

¥ 12,500

This year -old limited zipper hoodie, with a more advanced Baby Cashmere small cashmere material, is all taken from the inner fine velvet on the Hirus goat cub, the skin can be regarded as a kind of enjoyment. LP will produce some limited funds every year, and the number is very small. It is not easy to hit the shirt. It is also commemorative to relatives and friends ↓


¥ 22,400


Brunello cucinelli


Brunello Cucinelli is also known for its high -quality, or Zuckerberg’s favorite ~ If there are too many basic models, you can try this moral cardigan. Classic medium color and seasonal color superimposed, elegant and delicate ↓

¥ 20,000


The set of the same series is also recommended. Different colored yarns create a unique color effect. The cuffs, necklines and hem use a thick tattoo knitted edge, which is more comfortable and warm. The contrasting color decoration of the edge of the wrist is the iconic design of the brand, and at a glance at a glance ↓

¥ 17,300


The Italian national treasure -level luxury brand Colombo is the world’s largest cashmere and rare fabric manufacturer. The quality control is very strict and insists on 100 % Italian manufacturing. Hand -stitched double -sided cashmere technology, and the natural water ripples combed with thistle flowers are the two major ace of its family.

The diameter of the cashmere fiber selected by this high -necked sweater is less than 13.5 microns, which has an extremely soft touch. The dark camel has a gentle and gentle atmosphere, and has a gentle tranquility, which is very suitable for men.

¥ 21,600


Although the gray is the same, it is much thinner, which is more suitable for autumn or early winter seasons. The color is inspired by the beach from the Renisa Fargara in Iceland. The feeling of calmness ~

¥ 11,800

This Dai Mo Blue Light has a poetic feeling when listening to the name. Inspired by the magnificent scenery of the sea and the sky when it is inspired by the moonlight. Small embroidery, super delicate ↓

¥ 12,800

Johnstons of elgin


Johnstons of Elgin, a century -old cashmere brand in Scotland, is no stranger to Fan You. Before, Fanzhu went to the factory of his house for two consecutive years, and he couldn’t control it every time. He couldn’t stop at all.

This classic zipper high -necked knit sweater is very suitable for mature men. Navy blue is more expensive than black. It is versatile and easy to take care of. The leather zipper head is low -key and luxurious. There is no problem with daily commuting or attending formal occasions. The semi -zipper model is also easier to wear and take off than ordinary coating.


¥ 3,250

The POLO shirt is a hot item this year. This limited cotton cotton is imitated with POLO short sleeves. The knitted fabric is faintly shiny. The seamless knitting integrated mold is like the second layer of the body. Tight, very suitable for men.

¥ 2,580


Falconeri is full of Italian style light luxury fashion brand. In recent years, it has become more and more well -known in China. It focuses on men and women cashmere clothing. The texture of ultra -light cashmere and super soft cashmere series is very good.

This spring new high -necked cashmere sweater is very suitable for bottoming, 100%cashmere texture, delicate and warm, whether it is matched with a suit or coat, it is very stylish. Now the flagship store of e -commerce is only 1499, it is worth it ~


This new fisherman Polo collar knitted sweater with a worker pants or jeans can go out directly. It uses ultra -fine Merrust wool material, which is not uncomfortable to wear; The details are all sophisticated. Now the discount is only around 1,000 yuan ~


Erdos Ordos


To say that the excellent cashmere cashmere, the domestic brand Erdos Ordos is also one of the best. In recent years, the design has become more and more high -level. Make cashmere not only comfortable and warm, practical and durable, but also keep up with the trend.

Fan Lord likes its various green fruits to collar pure cashmere items. It is retro and fashionable. Men of any age can control their own style. This cardigan is recommended by the two colors of soil brown and dark green gray. Whether it is the same color gradient or the contrast, it can make people shine. Now there are 7.5 % off.



This green fruit collar cashmere cashmere shirt is more retro, a bit of college style, if it is equipped with a pair of metal frame glasses, it will be more Feel ↓

¥ 3,990




As a high -end domestic clothing brand in recent years, Zhihe’s men’s sweater is also very treasured. It perfectly balances the core needs of users such as texture, comfort, and easy care, and pays great attention to environmental protection.


This POLO collar cashmere hair sweaters are very bright: the style of work style is very popular now, but cashmere workshot shirt jackets are rare, and it is very good to wear and stack. The gentle color system is natural and environmentally friendly; the hairpin technology increases the richness of the fabric, and the touch is more fluffy and soft.

¥ 8,996


If you feel that the solid color is too light, you can try this checkered tattooing round neck cashmere sweater ~ The refined texture cashmere is light and warm, and it is not easy to take the ball to take care of it; The sesame doting technology makes the plaid pattern very three -dimensional, so that winter is no longer dull ~

¥ 6,996

Conventional high -necked jackets can also be different. If you don’t want to be the same, then put away the black and white and gray, try the romantic and advanced purple.


Zhihe is low saturated, soft and natural, not picking people or picking skin; the yarn is wool, cashmere and real silk blend, smooth and glutinous, faint luster is very textured; Quantity, simple but not simple ~


¥ 2,596

Well, the topic of men’s sweater is here. I still want to see which categories of items recommended by Fan Lord this autumn and winter, welcome to talk about the comment area ~

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