In 2019, the opening of the spring large size suit is popular. This kind of boyfriend style is not only cool and handsome, but also improves the gas field.

Spring is coming. As a delicate urban girl, there is a jacket that cannot be missing, that is, a suit jacket. Speaking of suit jackets, I believe that many little fairies can say a lot of styles and even matching, but do you know what kind of coats and matching is popular this year? To say what is popular, celebrities are a group that is not underestimated. Generally, celebrities like styles. Everyone basically wants to start. Xiaobian recently discovered that the stars love the biggest -size suit. The loose large -size suit is very stylish. It is really handsome to wear. Let ’s take a look at everyone.


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The first is Shi Shi “Moran”. Molan recently wore a suit jacket and jeans at the airport. The whole shape looks very handsome and casual.

Jiang Shuying chose a checkered suit. The loose suit jacket retro and very boyfriend. Below with black leggings and black boots, the overall urban modern fan looks properly. Shen Mengchen chose a classic black boyfriend’s style, black western handsome and versatile, especially with black T -shirts and black leggings.


Tang Yan also chose the black large size suit with Shen Mengchen. Tang Yan paired the black suit with blue porn jeans. Black and blue were not dull. Dili Reba is also a large -size suit+blue ripped jeans. I chose a retro checkered suit to make handsome neutral jeans more modern.

Xue Xuan is also a checkered large -size suit. The checkered suit is paired with a white chiffon shirt and straight jeans. The white chiffon shirt makes the commute and handsome suit and jeans a bit of sweet little woman temperament. Yuan Shanshan on the right likes to wear a checkered suit with a guard clothes. The white sweater is both bright and breaking the old style of the classic plaid suit.

Compared with Asian stars, European and American stars prefer to wear a large -size boyfriend’s style of style. She is more modern and uninhibited. Jenna is a large suit with a pornographic jeans, and also shows a handful of abdominal muscles. Jiji is also a suit with ripped straight jeans. Both of them choose high -heeled short boots. This shape is more advanced.

In front of the large -size suit and jeans. In fact, in addition to jeans, the boyfriend’s suit can also be matched with a skirt. The shape is very cool and handsome. This year’s large -size suits and irregular skirts are very popular.


In addition to the skirt, the boyfriend’s style is also very popular with a dress. The most popular is the classic checkered suit with a bright color dress. The shape of the matching shape is bright without losing the intellectual and capable of going to work. Of course, you can also choose a bright color suit with a bright color dress.


The print -style dress is a good helper with a boyfriend’s style, like the wine red suit on the left with a yellow wave dot skirt, the calm and capable suit with a bright color ripple dot skirt, and the intellectual maturity has a little girl’s breath. In addition to the wave dot, the black and white print skirt with exotic style on the right is also very fashionable. The black and white color of the whole body gives a sense of unparalleled feeling.

You must choose a suit jacket this year to choose such a handsome and fashionable big -size boyfriend style suit. This style of suit is definitely the hottest style of the suit industry this year.


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