For more than 40 years of deep cultivation in the smart lock industry, Na Shi Laoshi’s new product A70 has been launched

For more than 40 years of deep cultivation in the smart lock industry, Na Shi Laoshi’s new product A70 has been launched

According to relevant data, at present, more than 3,000 companies in China are involved in smart door locks. At this stage, there are still some problems that cannot be ignored. First of all, compared to Western countries such as Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea, the popularization rate of smart door lock products in my country is not high. In terms of product, the current smart door lock industry lacks innovation, plagiarism of product design, and the phenomenon of crude production exists. Products Quality is difficult to guarantee, and the market urgently needs to lead brands to lead the development of the industry.

Solity Group, the originator of the global intelligent lock industry, accumulated

The Sulidi Group was founded in 1980 and has accumulated more than 40 years. The cumulative sales volume exceeds 10 million units. A strong R & D team has created more than 100 products to be listed. All products have undergone strict testing of more than 56 projects to ensure that the quality of the product is reliable. The product exports 22 countries and achieves industry leadership brands.

NEXSLA, Sulidi’s multinational emerging international brand

Based on a large number of OEM/ODM experience in the Chinese market, Sulin launched the Nexsla brand, and opened a new VI logo to create products that conform to Chinese consumers, build a comprehensive after -sales service network, and strive to use the world to use the world to use globally Experience and wisdom, serving the Chinese market.

Nishila improves the quality of human life through innovation technology and strives to make the world healthier and sustainable.

Nishira is committed to supporting the future smart home life and providing systematic operation of technology and service platforms.

Nishila promised customers to provide differentiated and systematic next -generation services that transcend the value of existing service.

NEXSLA, creative change! Intelligent build the future

As a line of defense of indoor security, the door lock has been working in the field of intelligent locks for many years. He has always paid great attention to innovation and insisted on integrating his products with technology. A product A70 provides consumers with a high -quality life experience. This new product also adheres to Kushla’s consistent high -standard and high quality, creating a high -quality intelligent, comfortable and convenient living experience for users.

With the intensification of industry competition, for lock companies, the competition of comprehensive strength will be the mainstream. As a company with good strength in production, research and development, channels, services, etc. New products lead the industry change!

Zhimei Double Polar, Kinla A70 Yao Shi debut

Under the influence of the trend of today, high -quality personalized products are gradually favored by mainstream consumer groups. As a leading brand in the intelligent lock industry, it also has cultivated smart lock companies that have been deeply cultivated in the industry for more than 40 years. Kushla has recently released a heavy new product A70!

Nishila A70, dual -machine driver, leading the industry’s new height

The A70 product is another masterpiece that Nala has been crafted after two years of carving and ingenuity. The ingenious symmetrical design and curve realize the aesthetic sense of the appearance, and the aesthetic sense of the integration of one -piece will enhance the user’s residence environment.

The A70 adopts the latest fully automatic solution. The dual-machine driver fully automatically EA (Easy-Auto) lock body, the main tongue and the oblique tongue are controlled by independent motor, which effectively prevent the oblique tongue stagnation. A sensitive response of the action state to prevent the lock from faults, and quickly turn on within 1 second. According to the GA374-2019 standards of the Ministry of Public Security, 60 and 70 door distance installation can be selected to easily achieve adaptation.

Aesthetic appearance, carefully crafted, ingenious creation

At present, the smart lock appearance on the market is in a variety of markets. Although there are many products, it is the same at a glance. Many miscellaneous manufacturers or small brands blindly follow the style of design, causing more and more products in the market. Consumers have aesthetic fatigue for intelligent locks.

Nishla Smart APP, smart life, all in control

After a large number of user investigations and analysis, it took two years and finally listed on the major Android application markets and App Store.

L Bluetooth standard

Manage various functions from the APP settings. After allowing visitors to open the APP, the app is the door opening key

L WiFi Remote Control Pipe Door Lock (optional)

Low -electric WIF technology, 8 dry batteries can be sufficient, and various door locks can be set up and managed in other places.

7 major opening methods to meet the needs of users in all aspects

The A70 fully automatic smart lock has 7 types of opening solutions. Users can choose any way to open and enjoy a quick step.

Eight security design to ensure user use safety

Having one -click defense, electronic lock, sensing one -button, hijacking, opening alarm, external emergency power supply, fire escape, virtual passwords, door deficiency and alarm, etc.

Nine good convenience functions, humanized design

One -click mute opening, electronic warranty card, two major modes set, visitor password, doorbell, voice navigation, automatic/manual lock setting, self -test failure prompt.

Intelligent life, intimate function, all in control

The appearance of the smart door lock has made many users taste the sweetness and get rid of a series of troubles brought by the keys. I no longer have to worry about being forgotten to bring the key. Kong … As long as you have your own fingerprint, you can open the door with one click and experience.

In addition to the fingerprint unlocking, the Nigla A70 also has 7 types of unlocking methods such as password unlocking, door card, temporary password, emergency key, WiFi, Bluetooth, and the use needs of different scenes and different family members.

The Nishira A70 also connects the APP. The interface is simple and easy to use. You can check the various status information of the door lock at any time, and check whether your family returns safely in time, so that you can pay attention to the family who is far away.

Nishira A70, Zhimei Double Polar, consumer wise choice

If the smart door lock is not bought well, you will buy a poor quality and experience of the unscrupulous lock, which will even bring hidden safety hazards. So be sure to choose a guaranteed lock.

Choose Nishla A70, wise choice!

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