Haopin Shandong | Go abroad with Silk Steel, Hao Ke technology has changed “weaving” into “intelligent manufacturing”

Haopin Shandong | Go abroad with Silk Steel, Hao Ke technology has changed “weaving” into “intelligent manufacturing”

Reporter Kang Yan Learner Chen Dan

Why can a layer of textile network revenue a year in 400 million? Why do you believe that its products can “use Silk Steel” in the field of coal mine? Why can plastic grille solve the technical problems of the Sichuan -Tibet railway and airport runway? So that the low -key Haoke Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hake Technology), which is low -key to locals, is selected as “Good Pin Shandong” Intersection

Deep cultivation

Gradually become industry leaders

Entering the production workshop of Hake Technology seems to enter the High -tech Technology Exhibition Hall of Industry 4.0: a machine automatically pulls plastic brushes, weaving, coating … No need to intervene in manual intervention, the machines on the fully automatic production line are meticulous, concerto A high -tech production movement. Its grille, machine weaving, pipe bags and other products produced in it are used in infrastructure projects such as lane lane support, road solid foundation, and river retention. It is described in one sentence that this is a comprehensive enterprise that solves engineering problems through weaving technology.

The 16 -year -old Haoke Technology, the initial thinking was the last step of how to complete the integration of coal mine engineering, that is, the efficiency of the retracement of coal mining support and comprehensive mining work surface. In the safety production of mine, the steel wire mesh of 10cm is often supported to support the surrounding rocks. However, the length and deep of the mine can only rely on manual installation and disassembling, and the amount of engineering can be imagined. Is there any material instead of steel wire and improve efficiency under the premise of ensuring safety, Haocco’s technology has made the best solution.

“The grid material made of high -strength polyester fibers we launched not only has excellent flame retardant and improves safety, but also because of flexible materials, but also has gradually become a best -selling product in mineral equipment. . “Cui Xin, assistant to the chairman of Hao Ke Technology, proudly said that the working surface of 40-50 people had been completed in two weeks, and now more than 10 people can be completed in four or five days.

With its original technical advantages, Haoco Technology quickly established a foothold in the field of coal mine. The mine use grille has now occupied 70%of the national market, and even occupied the leader in the international. Australia, Russia and other large coal production countries pay for their excellent quality.

Extending the industrial chain

Conquest multiple major projects

With the continuous application of new technologies and the innovative research and development of new materials, Haoke Technology’s business tentacles have gradually extended to major engineering fields such as transportation and airport construction, especially in the construction of the Sichuan -Tibet railway.

“The Sichuan -Tibet Railway is more than 1,200 kilometers across the line, of which more than 900 kilometers of the tunnel, accounting for more than 85%of the whole process. The geological activity at the section is frequent. Within 5 mm. “

The power of the rock blasting is extremely powerful. If the previous steel bars are used to laying roadbeds, the steel bars will be easily broken after the reinforcement force. The Sichuan -Tibet Railway is a national key project. Han Guangdong, deputy chief engineer of Haoke Technology, is deeply responsible. “It is impossible to control deformation in one step.” Hao Ke Technology and Academician He of China University of Mining University split the problem of settlement into two steps. “First control the deformation, use the toughness and flexibility of the high -intensity grid, and jointly buffer the blasting force of the rock with the NPR anchor rod developed with Academician He to achieve uniform deformation.” Like the quilt, the flexible and toughness of the quilt can perfectly buffer the bullets and remove it, so that the bullet cannot be worn.

With the leading position of the new material field, Haoka Technology is equipped with Dongfeng with the “Belt and Road” to go abroad. “The Padma Bridge of Bangladesh is 7.7 kilometers in length, and the whole process is basically on the swamp.” Cui Xin said that it cannot overcome the problem of the foundation reinforcement. “Adding our grille to the roadbed can strengthen the foundation,” 130 tons of high -strength septum resistance per meter, while the strength is better than steel, and it has the toughness that steel does not have. , To improve the bearing gravity, even the third runway of the Hong Kong Airport built on the water is the product. In fact, as long as you observe carefully, you can see the workers’ high -intensity septum into the roadbed and runway at Jining Taibai Road and Jining Airport for reinforcement to ensure safety.


Wet sewage out of water


Dilment to the problem


“Weishan Lake Ecological Repair, Xiaoqing River resuscitation, Suzhou River Water Management, and Field Fields in the South China Sea have all been widely used in our pipe bags.” Han Guangdong said that the product is very popular in the field of environmental protection. The black and odorous water body in the Suzhou River is extremely serious. It should have stinky all day in a beautiful place, and pedestrians often walk around. Based on past experience, the treatment of black and odorous water bodies is to dig out the bottom of the river and dry it directly, but this will not only further pollute the air, but also pollute the land. “Pour the river water mixed with sediment into the pipe bag, and then add the corresponding chemical raw materials, which can quickly solidify the mud to stay in the bag, and the river water will become clear water.” The pollution problem solved, and the Suzhou River was clear.

According to Cui Xin, the size of the pipe bag is generally about 20-30 meters, but the longest pipe bag used on the coast can be more than 90 meters and a perimeter of more than 50 meters. The huge amount of sand seawater is mixed in the pipe bag. The superb shock test tests the load -bearing capacity of the pipe bag. Especially as long as there is looseness at the suture, it will cause the bag to be scrapped like an ant hole. Not only that, under the hot sun on the seaside, it also requires the pipe bag to have good anti -ultraviolet radiation capabilities. The conditions of use are more harsh than the general scene, but they are extremely confident that “our products have been used for three years.” This foundation originated from their unremitting pursuit of “production, learning, research”.

Cui Jinsheng, chairman of Hao Ke Technology, is a special allowance of the State Council. He has formed a core technical team of more than 40 people under the leadership of him, and even spent more than 20 million yuan to buy a test machine to highlight the determination of enterprise R & D and innovation. In addition, Hao Ke Technology cooperates with top domestic textile colleges such as Shandong University and Southeast University to set up research institutes and post -doctoral innovation demonstration bases to create a good innovative ecology and continuously stimulate innovation vitality. Today, Haoke Technology has won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, and has launched nine invention patents, 53 utility model patents, drafting the four safety production industry standards, and obtained the EU CE product certification, firmly occupying the forefront of the development of new materials position.

Cui Xin said that it has planned to promote the business layout of the new energy field, trying to start a new chapter and create new advantages. He said that Hao Ke Technology will continue to adhere to innovation genes and continue to practice the original intention and purpose of “weaving to make the project full of wisdom” with high -quality products.

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