CPB skin key to the new clean skin series Jingyao listing

CPB skin key to the new clean skin series Jingyao listing

In December 2021, Temple -level beauty luxury, Clé de Peau Beauté’s key to the skin renewal, showing a clean skin series. Subverting the traditional cleansing is the skin injury mode, and the skin care is forward to the zero step. The original triple wisdom skin cleansing system has achieved the skin cleansing effect of “cleaning”, “moisturizing”, and “protection”, making the skin purifying and purifying the skin while purifying and purifying. The upgraded and upgraded net collection and clean skin series contains five major cleansing and makeup remover products, and launched a new net cleaning skin to create a sense of clean skin with extravagance, to achieve the effect of cleaning skin, that is, skin nourishment, so that the skin from the inside to the outside to the outside world Huan is shining.

“Daily Jieyan” -the net cream

CPB skin key to clean noodle cream

Open the zero skin concept with the extraordinary effects of smart technology -the skin care experience of the extravagant pets from the cleansing steps. The upgraded packaging is made with eternal gold with pearl light and white, and the clé de Peau Beauté logo is engraved in the golden color of the pump head to highlight the artistic details and outline the exquisite and elegant brand style. The upgraded opening packaging design is more in line with ergonomics, bringing a more comfortable and convenient sense of use.

The key to CPB skin and the professional scientific research force of Hokkaido University in Japan, focus on developing a new generation

“Barrier Consolidation Technology”

Improve the problem of skin water loss caused by traditional cleansing, improve the arrangement of interclass lipids during cleansing, to achieve the effect of locking water and tough skin. Also add a new specialized research

“Urban Dust Clear Powder”

, Efficient adsorption of pollutants, completely bring the pollutants from the skin during the cleaning process, make the skin clear and translucent, and resist oxidative damage caused by the external environment. Contains high -concentration amino acid ingredients, add brand soul skin care ingredients

“Bright muscles to live essence”

While gentle and clean, make the skin tender and translucent.

The key to CPB skin adheres to the concept of adapting to the skin, provides corresponding skin care solutions for different skin types, new

Clear Clean Cream

Still divide


As well as


Two types, bringing exclusive cleaning experiences for skin -making customization.

Suitable for neutral and dry skin, which can create dense and elastic foam texture. The size of the foam is smaller and rich, which can be softly wrapped in the skin. After touching the skin, the foam is tough and soft.

It is suitable for the use of neutral to oily skin. It contains mild matte particles. The upgrade and purifying foam formula can produce a light and clear foam with a sense of air. The skin is instantaneous.

CPB skin Key Clean Clean Noodle Cream (humid/refreshing)

Price: 480RMB/125ml

“Deep Cleansing” -the Jingcai Yan Fruits

CPB skin Key to pick rejuvenating frosted

Strict selection from the collection from the Apalachi Mountains in the United States

“Rare and natural kaolin”

, Rich in minerals, can effectively soften the stratum corneum of the skin and absorb oil. and

“Extracting scrub particles”

Can gently remove the dark and old horny and blackheads that have been softened. Also incorporate

“Smart Nutrition Lotus Fog Leaf Essence”

It has the effect of excellent antioxidant, and can activate the skin’s self -reinforced muscle energy, making the skin shiny. also,

Jing Caihuan Flat

It can not only carry out daily deep cleaning, gently remove the old waste horny, and can also be used as a cleaning mask to improve the problem of dull complexion, promote skin restoration and tenderness, and always exudes soft and shiny.

Price: 520RMB/90ml

“Almighty Makeup Removing” -the clean skin water

CPB skin key to clean skin water

In order to pursue the use of gentle makeup users, the water texture is fresh and not heavy. Election exclusive

“New Generation of Plastic Skills”

The horizontal extension of the beam structure of the extension is achieved, and it is more efficiently adsorbed and dirty like magnets. At the same time, add



“Hyaluronic acid complex”

, Effectively retain skin nutrients, keep the skin pH balance, long -term moisturizing, and enhance protection. The skin feels refreshing during use, mild and moist, and does not irritate the skin. After removing makeup with cotton pads, you can directly perform subsequent maintenance without rinse, suitable for all skin types including sensitive muscles.

Price: 550RMB/200ml

“Fine Makeup Remove” -Eye Lip Makeup Remover

CPB skin Key Eye Lip Makeup remover

As a targeted makeup remover, after more than 60 tests, the golden ratio of oil layer and water layer after more than 60 times. Fusion of multiple nutrients

“Hyaluronic acid”


“Gold Witch Plum Leaf Essence”

, It can effectively condition the skin and make the skin bright and tender. Add

“Smart Nutrition Olive Leaf Essence”

It has the effects of excellent antioxidant and activating the skin’s self -neonatal muscle. When used, the oil layer and the water layer are mixed with the water layer, and the cotton pads are gently applied to the eyes and lips, which can remove excess makeup including waterproof makeup. The skin feels moist and not sticky. While efficiently removes the waterproof eye lip makeup, it can also take care of the delicate eyes and lip skin.

Price: 360RMB/125ml

“Convenient Makeup Remover” -the clean -up makeup and remover scarf

CPB skin key to clean up makeup and remover

It can quickly and effectively remove all makeup and give the pores deep cleaning. It can be easily carried and easy to use. After upgrading the packaging, it is easier to open and close and keep the opening at the opening. It is suitable for going out or traveling. Makeup remover innovation adoption

Water -based base formula

Perfectly takes into account the efficient makeup remover and refreshing and moist skin. Add wisdom nutrition

“Mint Essence”

“Mountain Camellia Oil”

The ingredients have the effects of moisturizing the skin and antioxidant. Also integrate

, Strong tough muscle bottom, activating the skin’s self -neonatal muscle energy. Select the top 100%natural high -quality cotton cloth. The texture is delicate and soft to the skin. Compared with the old version, the area of ​​about 2.5 times increases by about 4.8 times the hydraulic power. Use one to achieve full face removal. Sticky. There is no need to clean it after removing makeup, which can be directly maintained.

Price: 280RMB/50 pieces

The key of CPB skin is based on the pursuit of excellence and the spiritual research spirit of intelligent ingenuity, inheriting the superb craftsmanship of the brand’s hall -level, and showing a new and upgraded CPB skin key to clean the skin. Starting from the zero steps to open the skin of the skin, the purification of the skin also makes the skin full and full, from the zero -light, tender and transparent skin state. With the extravagance of the extravagant skin cleansing experience, the foundation of the skin care for subsequent skin is built, and the advanced layer of diamond light muscles are created, and the skin is released from the inside to outside. (Yu Yan)

“Bright muscles to live essence”

“Bright muscles to live essence”


As well as

As well as


CPB skin Key to pick rejuvenating frosted

CPB skin key to clean skin water

CPB skin Key Eye Lip Makeup remover

“Hyaluronic acid”



CPB skin key to clean up makeup and remover

Quality fabric recommendation: 100% Cotton Fabric.


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