Goddess of “BMW”: Belon Division C896 Baby carts use one week experience

Goddess of “BMW”: Belon Division C896 Baby carts use one week experience

Regarding the question of whether to buy a cart, the goddess in his home has been fighting with my wife. I have always felt that buying is not very useful, and there is no private car at home. It is inconvenient to carry it (especially the crowded bus, and it is uncomfortable to squeeze the bus with a cart). But my wife always said to buy. Recently, his wife said with a tide to say that he paid for it. Since my wife pays money, I don’t care so much, I don’t need to pay for the small vault ~~~~

My wife is Virgo, Virgo is particularly troublesome, and everything is pursuing perfection. It’s right to pursue perfection, but my wife still has difficulty in choosing. One hand -to -hand car has been tangled for almost half a month. My wife said that the hand cart is both cheap, the shockproof effect is good, and it is lighter. Selected, finally selected this.

This product has a flagship store in Tmall. Aunt Zhang asked to provide a link for Tmall. In fact, I did not buy it in the flagship store, but in Taobao store. The price of Taobao stores is similar to the flagship store, but it is a bit more attached. Some stores also have cashback or coupons can be used. Use a coupon when buying, plus the cashback, it took 759 yuan to start.

The logistics speed is relatively fast, and it is Zhongtong. The size of this guy is really small. The entire packaging is almost as large as one air conditioner, but fortunately, it is lighter. It is recommended that the conditional friends still let the family, men or courier deliver the goods to the door. Here we have to talk about it. The courier here seems to be uncle. It is said that there are children in the family that are inconvenient. Troubled him to send it, but he is always unwilling. In the end, you can only put the goods at the nearby Tongtong’s receiving point, and wait for me to get it off from get off work.

When the cart was delivered, those cushions were installed. But I personally have a habit, that is, I have to wash it for new things. It’s like clothes or something, always watching the news and saying that the new clothes have left what chemical ingredients have been left. It is recommended to wash it. Since the cushion was dismantled by me, there was only the basic framework left here.

This is used for water blocking, and the specific usage is to cover the cart. I understand all the use, and I have n’t used it to see how to use it.

This is the unlock and unlock switch. This cart has a one -click opening function.

This is a slider. Raise up to change the position of the armrest.

There is a basket below to install some stuff. It is not recommended to install heavy objects. Considering that carts may often be folded, it is not convenient to fold heavy objects.

The four wheels have brake devices, which is more reliable than two -wheel brake.

This is a pedal pad. When the goddess can sit up, you can use this foot pad.

The product parameters, read it yourself, don’t say more.

The vehicle is made of aluminum alloy. It is made of iron, and the aluminum alloy is lighter. But I personally respect the carbon fiber material, but there are not many carts currently using carbon fiber.

The attached two hooks are good at practicality.

The seat back can be pushed forward

There is a clip on the back, which is used to fix the back, and it is very simple to use. Because it is too simple, I ignore it directly.

This is to regulate the calf. When you mention the “agency” online, you can put the calf down.

If the baby is too small, you can also go up.

Wash the cloth pads and use it. It is recommended to add some salt and vinegar during cleaning, which can neutralize some residual substances on the items. Consumption of vinegar is OK.

The fixed seat belt, the material is OK, which is worth the price.

The goddess in the family slept in the car and looked a little crowded. The goddess is currently 6 months old and weighs 14 pounds. The weight of this age is lighter.

This is the official size. I personally recommend that those who have the conditions are best to go to the physical store to see if there are similar specifications of hand carts. The parameters written on the Internet are different from the actual experience. If there is no time or no hand -made trains nearby, use the measurement of ruler to compare when buying.

After folding, it doesn’t seem to take advantage of the place (actually the visual poor)

If you change it to a drag mode. Note that the dragging is also divided into positive and negative. If the direction is wrong, the wheels will not be able to touch the ground.

Using a week of experience: I haven’t used other strollers before, and I can’t compare it. I can only talk about the daily experience. If two people go out, they take a cart, and one person holding the goddess, the problem is not very big. If it is a person, it is a little troublesome, because the car needs to be two -handed. If one hand holds the baby, it looks a bit embarrassed when receiving the car. In terms of weight, the problem is not large in one hand, but it is still a bit tired after a long time. Those weights are not very meaningful. At most, it is only for reference. You can really try to feel the differences in different weights.

In terms of shockproof, many Ma Ma said that the trains must be good for shock -proof, avoiding excessive vibrations affecting the baby. But in my opinion, your cart is not for you to run, and the degree of jitter always has a limit. Although this car claims to have a shock -proof, no matter how good the shockproof is, it is also watching the operation of “driver”.

Advantages: 1. Light weight;

2. The overall design is closer to the habit of carrying the baby to carry the baby.

Insufficient: I really didn’t expect any shortcomings.

Goddess of “BMW”: Belon Division C896 Baby carts use one week experience

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