Recommendation for home standby non -prescription medicines

Recommendation for home standby non -prescription medicines


“Jilian Mei Tan: Chinese people should use medicine like this”

Common symptoms selected medicine recommendation

The prescription medicine is not introduced here, only some commonly used non -prescription medicines. This list is not to let everyone grab the medicine, but hope that everyone can familiarize themselves with these medicine names and uses in advance, and they can remember them when needed. In addition, I do not advocate that family can have too many medicines, especially residents living in the city. There are pharmacies in three or five hundred meters downstairs. If you have too much, it is easy to abuse when taking medicine; if you do n’t use it for a long time, the medicine is easy to expire, and there is a risk of accidentally taking the expiration medicine. My family’s small pills are only available to the acetaminol, oral replenishment salt of the hydraulic, disinfected iodine, cotton swabs, and band -aids covering the wound.

Anti -fever and relieving medicine: acetaminol, ibuprofen

The first thing to prepare in the family medicine box is to reduce the pain and relieve pain. Anti -fever and painkillers are usually recommended for acetaminol and ibuprofen, and their antipyretic effects have been explained earlier. In addition to antipyretic effects, these two medicines are also commonly used painkillers, which can be used to relieve many pain symptoms such as headache, toothache, and menstrual pain. Ibuprofen also has anti -inflammatory effects, which is also used to treat inflammation caused by rheumatism, bruises, sprains, etc., but ibuprofen has a stimulating effect on gastrointestinal tract, and patients with gastric ulcers cannot be used. The medicine in the family medicine box should be stored separately for children and adult dosage forms. Like ibuprofen and acetylphenol, adults use tablets or capsules, children must use ticks or suspension. Because the children’s dosage forms of these two medicines are very good, the baby likes to drink, parents should put the medicine where the baby cannot get it, so as not to cause the baby to cause poisoning by accident.

Anthough and expectorant: Aurbinate, acetylcysteine, hydrocero and hydromodium hydromodium hydrochloride

Most of the cough is because there is sputum in the body, so the treatment of cough is mainly to reduce phlegm. Elephant drugs can usually be used to use hydrochloride and acetylcysteine. Auroxyl hydrochloride to eliminate the promotion effect and the characteristics of dissolving secretions through mucus, promote the discharge of sputum in the body, and play a role in relieving cough. Acetamine is thinner and easy to cough through the sticky protein in the sputum to achieve a thin and easy cough. These two medicines are also divided into two adult and children: adults have tablets, and children have syrup or granules.

For irritating dry cough, general cough medicines that suppress the cough reflection center are generally used. Most of these medicines are prescription drugs, such as syrup containing cocaine, and abuse will be addictive. The only non -prescribed medicine is hydroceroide, right Mishafin, with syrup agents commonly used in adults and children, as well as adult tablets.

Relieve nasal congestion and runny nose medicine: physiological seawater nasal spray, hydroxyl hydroxymetholine nasal spray (product name: Dafenlin)

Babies of less than 6 months can directly use the injection level of physiological saline, that is, 0.9% sodium chloride. Take a little bit with a small dropper and drip into the baby’s nasal cavity to moisturize the nasal cavity. For infants and young children of more than 6 months, we usually recommend using children’s physiological seawater nasal spray.

Adults alleviating nasal congestion can be used with hydroxytoline nasal spray (5 mg/10 ml). It can alleviate the symptoms of nasal mucosal congestion. Many times the nasal congestion is due to the congestion of the nasal mucosa, which can alleviate the symptoms of congestion. Hydroxyloline also has a dosage form (1.25 mg/5 ml) for children aged 2 to 6. This medicine is used up to two times a day, and it should not be used for more than 3 days, because some studies have shown that if this drug is continuously used for more than 3 days, it will have a rebound effect to make the symptoms of nasal congestion more serious. When someone is flying, the nasal congestion of the air pressure is very serious, and it can also be used to relieve the symptoms.

Common cold medicine: See the relevant content in the “cold medicine only cure the standard” on page 023: Antitaminant drugs: Malacca acid chlorophenamin, chlorraceta

Malaysian phenyamin (also known as poker Minamin) and deretthebers are definition of anti -allergic drugs, which can be used for allergic rhinitis, chronic urticaria, itching skin diseases and other allergic skin diseases. Treatment. The difference between these two medicines is that the chloro -phenyamin of Malayson is a generation of antihistamines. The effect of relieving itching will be slightly stronger. Clothes. Anti -allergic medicines that also belong to this generation also include benzarara and Ceutamine. In order to reduce the adverse reactions of the first generation, the second -generation anti -allergic drug deraz was developed. In addition to the small adverse reactions such as drowsiness and weakness, the second -generation anti -allergic medicine also has a long -term effect, usually only once a day. Sitrizine also belongs to the second -generation anti -allergic medicine. In addition, there are only adult dosage forms in Malaysic acid chloropenamin, and in addition to adult tablets, there are also syrup or drops for children.

Drug medication: oral replenishment salt, monopoly, micro -ecological regulator

Diarrhea, the most afraid of dehydration, so it is necessary to supplement electrolytes and moisture when diarrhea. You should prepare oral salt salt in your home. The usage of oral replenishment salt has been explained earlier, so I won’t go into details here.

There are many diarrhea, accompanied by fever, pus and blood stools, etc., you must not only take oral replenishment salt, you need to see a doctor. If the vomiting is severe, you cannot get water or urine without urine, and you should seek medical treatment immediately. You cannot buy a strong anti -doctrine to eat it by yourself. For example, the oxylidamine hydrochloride is a kind of strong anti -laxative. You must know that diarrhea is also one of the self -defense mechanisms of the human body. The process of diarrhea is also the process of discharging bacteria or viruses that are unfavorable to the human body. Strong diarrhea is to inhibit the intestinal reaction and slow down the intestinal peristalsis to force the diarrhea to stop diarrhea. of. In other words, after taking strong diarrhea, the virus or bacteria cannot be discharged, which is not good. However, some adhesive antidiarrheal medicines can still be used, such as monsters. It will be attached to the intestinal mucosa, which plays a certain protective role in the mucous membrane, and can also absorb the bowel virus and bacteria. It is not like a powerful antidiarrheal medicine, which will stop diarrhea immediately, but it will shorten the time of diarrhea. For example, if you do n’t take medicine, you will pull your diarrhea for 5 days, but if you use a monk, your diarrhea time may be shortened to 2 to 3 days. In addition, in the process of diarrhea, probiotics in the intestine will also be lost. Therefore, some micro -ecological regulators can be appropriately supplemented during diarrhea, such as Peifang, intestines, and Lizhu intestine. Pay attention to this type of medicine. It is usually required to be stored in the refrigerator.

Constipation: Kaisylus, Lactan

The active ingredient of Kaisu is glycerin, which is stimulating laxative. It is administered by anal insertion. The drug lubricates the intestine and stimulates the intestinal tract for defecation reflection, stimulates intestinal peristalsis and defecates. For short -term use, long -term use is likely to lead to dependence on drugs, and formation of unwillingness to defecate without strong stimulation. Therefore, Kaisu can only be used to relieve the stool. Lactan is artificially synthesized non -absorbant bisirfraum. It is oral dosage type and is not absorbed in the intestine. P upper to facilitate its discharge, so it is a permeability laxative. Because it is not irritating to the intestinal wall, it is often used to treat chronic functional constipation.

Gastrointestinal flatulence: Silicon oil

Treatment of flatulence of gastrointestinal can be used, also called Silicon oil. Both children and adults can be used. Its role in the intestine is to turn the air bubbles in the intestine into small bubbles and excrete the body, and we can also call it a foaming agent. This medicine is very safe and can be used by babies. It is often used to relieve the baby’s intestinal colic symptoms. Because it only walks in the intestine, it will not be absorbed into the blood by the intestine, so there will be no side effects of the whole body.

Anti -heartbolic anticuria: sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate, aluminum magnesium carbonate, aluminum hydroxide, Renitidine, Famodidine, omepizole

When the stomach is acidic, you can take some acidic suppression agents, which is the drug resistant. Commonly used acid -resistant drugs are divided into three categories: the first category of drugs can neutralize gastric acid, reduce the stimulation and corrosion of gastric acid to esophageal mucosa. Such drugs include sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate, aluminum carbonate, aluminum hydroxide, etc. Drugs can reduce gastric acid secretion and alleviate symptoms. Such drugs include Renitidine, Famodidine, etc.; The third category is a proton pump inhibitor. After being absorbed by small intestine Stomach acid, such drugs include omeprazole.

Skin care medicine: low -sensitivity moisturizing cream, cooker glycone washing agent, 0.1%l -ittic acid hydrogenated pine, erythromycin eye ointment

Slight dermatitis, eczema, etc. will improve as long as the moisturizing is done, so it is necessary to prepare a box of low -sensitivity moisturizing cream in the home. Whether it is itching caused by mosquito bites, itching caused by long mules, or skin itching caused by other unknown reasons, it can be used to relieve itching. Hydrogenated loosening can treat dermatitis and eczema, and has the effect of relieving itching and anti -inflammatory. There are many 1% hydrogenation on the US non -prescription drug counter, but China does not have a pine ointment that can be bought in China Pharmacy. % Of hydrogenated pine ointment is equivalent. Treatment of mild and moderate dermatitis eczema, hormone ointment usually uses up to twice a day, not too much, and it should not be too long, generally 5-7 days. The amount of medicine you paint should not be too much, just a thin layer. Too much nose in rhinitis can cause nasal ulcers, and erythromycin eye ointment can be used to treat bacterial infections. Eyes can also be applied when suffering from bacterial conjunctivitis. Although erythromycin itself is antibiotics, injecting and oral erythromycin is a prescription drug, the dosage type of erythromycin eye ointment is non -prescription drug, and the patient’s use of eye ointment has little effect on the resistance of bacteria.

Trauma care: iodophor, Mupro Star Oint

When people are inevitably falling and scratching their skin, they generally do not advocate disinfection with alcohol. One is that because alcohol is irritating, the wound is painful; Wash the stains on the wound. If the wound has bleeding, you can use a cotton swab dipped in iodine to wipe, so iodine can be kept in the family medicine box. However, after the iodine was opened, the preservation time was very short, and it quickly volatilized, so a small bottle was available.

If the wound is bleeding, after rubbing with iodophor, you can use it to stick it to it to prevent the dirty things on the top. In addition, iodine can only play a sterilization effect and cannot treat bacterial infections. If the wound has symptoms of bacterial infection such as pustules, the following two ointments can be used: one is erythromycin ointment and the other is Muproxing ointment. Although these two medicines are antibiotics, they are less likely to produce antibiotics that are not easy to produce bacterial resistance, and they are external medicines in themselves. They are relatively safe and effective to use, so they are non -prescription drugs.

When we were young, when we bumped or scratched, we would use red potion and purple potion. In fact, these two drugs are currently disabled internationally. Red potion contains red mercury, mercury is toxic, and it can be absorbed by the human body through the broken wound. The ingredients of purple potion are dragon purple. Its sterilization effect is relatively weak, and spots will be left on the wound. Some people say that iodine is used, but iodine contains alcohol, and the scams will be very irritating and painful. In addition, the wound wound of iodine is not conducive to the recovery of the wound later, and it is not advocated at present.

When dealing with wounds, there is a way to make a folk approach to open the needle of Gyamycin and apply it on the wound. I don’t recommend this approach. The dosage form that needs to be used as an injection without external use, indicating that it affects the resistance of bacteria. If you open it, it is easy to increase the resistance of bacteria. When the clinical clinical needs to be used to ahomycin injection, it may not be used. Therefore, for antibiotics without external dosage types, do not easily use it as an external medicine. Moreover, injections are prescription medicines, let alone use it casually.

Standing medical equipment: thermometer, gauze, bandage

The thermometer is best to use electronic thermometer. The thermometer of the mercury is easy to break. The mercury flowing out of the out of the crushing will cause damage to the human body. The pharmacy can also buy sterile gauze, cotton balls and bandages, and can also prepare some to stop bleeding and cover the wound.

Generally speaking, the purpose of family preparation is to temporarily relieve symptoms. For mildness, relieving symptoms supplemented by rest and strengthening nutrition may cause patients to avoid the suffering of medical treatment. In terms of severe illnesses, temporary use of family preparation is to reduce the further harm of patients to patients and fight for time to seek medical treatment. Therefore, accurately judging that your condition is the prerequisite for medication. Generally, the severity of the condition depends on the mental state. People with good mental state can observe at home first. People who have a weak mental state and obviously different people should seek medical treatment in time.

Master the mystery in the pharmaceutical manual

Whether it is the medicine you bought or the medicine prescribed by the doctor, it is necessary to carefully read the medicine manual before taking it. Only by mastering the mystery in the manual can you really take medicine.

The “Investigation Report on the Status of Public Safety Drugs” issued by the State Food and Drug Administration in 2012 shows that residents who will read the drug instructions carefully before taking the medicine, Shanghai is 52.4%, Beijing is 50.3%, and half of people who eat medicine do not read the instructions. What’s more optimistic is that the “Survey Report on the Community Medicine Medicine Medication” published by the Beijing Drug Adverse Reaction Monitoring Center shows that more than 80%of the investigators do not read the medicine instructions when taking medicines, but instead according to previous medication habits or obedience to obey Relatives and friends introduced medication. There are also a considerable number of people who do not understand the drug, which causes the drug to be unreasonable. At the same time, a considerable part of the drug manuals have also made patients discouraged, and it is difficult to play a role in accurately guiding medication.

Strictly speaking, there should be two types of manuals, one for medical staff, and the other is medication guidance for patients. Depending on the knowledge background of medical staff and patients, the text content on the two instructions should be different. The content for professionals should be professional and comprehensive, and the content for patients should be popular and simple. Look at the general imported medicine, the manual is very thick. The more people look at the people, the more scared. The above talk about the side effects is several pages. In fact, this instruction manual is given to the medical staff abroad. When the common people go to the pharmacy to take medicine, the pharmacist will give the patient a simple and easy -to -understand manual Essence The information on the instructions given to the professionals should be comprehensive. The information above is very needed by medical staff. Professionals can understand what the specific mechanism of this medicine is. What are the clinical test data? Essence The instructions for patients are usually to tell patients how to take this medicine in simple and easy -to -understand languages, and pay attention to the possible adverse reactions. No patient instructions are provided.

Recommendation for home standby non -prescription medicines

So, when we bought a new box of medicines and faced a lot of information on the instructions, we should focus on what content should be seen before taking the medicine?

See clearly

Indication certificate refers to the disease directly treated with the drug. Self -treatment is very important to see an indication certificate. It is necessary to carefully check whether your symptoms are the same as the instructions. Choose medicines against your symptoms. If necessary, please consult the pharmacist to determine whether the purchased drugs correspond to your physical symptoms.

Division of “Commodity Name” and “General Name”

In the instructions of the medicine, the names of “product name” and “universal name” will be written. You may have doubts, how can there be so many names in the same medicine, what is going on? The common name of the medicine is generally used in the world, and generally represented in English translation. For example, “acetaminol” is a common name. When different pharmaceutical factories produce this medicine, in order to establish their own brands, they often register their unique products to show their own drugs to show differences. Therefore, the names of “acetylinophenol” are “hundreds of clothing” and “Tyno” “Tyno” Forest “” must be reasonable “and so on. When you use the medicine, regardless of the name of the product, you must recognize the general name, that is, the legal name of the medicine. This name is unique. You should notice that in the drug list listed above, all I use is the common name of the medicine. Because it is not so easy to remember the names of the products, and sometimes even professionals are easy to be confused. As a professional pharmacist, I can’t remember all the products of all the medicines, but as long as I tell me the common name of this medicine, I will I just tell me, I will I just tell me, I will just tell me, I will just tell me. Knowing what the drug is for this medicine.

Recognize effective ingredients

The “effective ingredient” column is also important in the manual. Especially for compound cold medicine, a medicine contains a variety of active ingredients. If you don’t pay attention to, you may eat the same ingredients and eat too much.

For example, the cold medicine named “day and night”, by looking at the effective ingredients in the instructions, we can know that it contains: three effective ingredients of acetaminophen, pseudo ephedrine hydrochloride, and hydroceroide acid. The therapeutic effect of effective ingredients is completely different. Among them, acetaminol is used to reduce pain and relieve pain. Puppet ephedrine can relieve nasal congestion. You can be used to cough. If you eat “Xin Kangtaik” while eating “Hundred and Night”, you may think that this is a different medicine, but if you look closely at the effective ingredients of Xin Kangtaik, you will find that it also contains pseudo ephedrine hydrochloride. If you eat this ingredient, it is easy to cause excessive drugs. Therefore, it is necessary to see the effective ingredients, especially when multiple drugs are taken at the same time to avoid repeated medication.

Repeated medication is actually the most common medicinal error. Even some medical staff will make such errors. Sometimes you go to the doctor, and the doctor may prescribe a bunch of medicines. There is a medicine containing the same effective ingredients. If you do not seriously check the effective ingredients of the drug before taking the medicine, it is easy to take the medicine. It is right to see the help of professionals to see a doctor, but sometimes professionals also make mistakes, so you must be responsible for your body. Before taking any medicine, you must carefully check its active ingredients.

Read the dosage of usage, use the correct medication

Dosage and usage refers to the dosage and method of taking each disease. It should be noted that the dose mentioned here is the general recommended amount. For individual patients, due to the differences in individuals, the recommended dose may not be due to individual differences. Suitable for you, you must go to the hospital to ask your doctor to adjust your dosage.

At the same time, it is necessary to see the method of taking the drug: whether to take it before meals or after meals. Whether it can be taken on an empty stomach, you must swallow it or you can take it open and take it several times a day, how much each time, etc. It is also important to see the description of the drug specifications in the instructions. For the chemicals of a single ingredient, the specifications usually refer to the drug content, which is often represented by units such as grams, milligrams or micrograms. It should be pointed out that there may be several specifications of the same medicine, and you must see the specifications before taking it. For example, amoxicillin capsules have two specifications of 250 mg and 500 mg. The dose of 500 mg is double the dose of 250 mg. If the doctor’s order is to let you eat a capsule of 250 mg each time, but you eat a 500 mg capsule, the dose is wrong.

See the precautions clearly, objectively understand adverse reactions

The precautions of the drug include a lot of information. If there is any situation, you should consult a doctor. Under what circumstances should be used with caution. What should pregnant mothers, elderly people, and children pay attention to, what should I do after the drug is missed. The interaction of drugs indicates that the medicine is not suitable for the use of the medicines at the same time, and it will enhance or weaken the effects of which drugs. The efficacy of strengthening other medicines is not necessarily a good thing, because the effect is too strong and sometimes it will be transformed into a harm. At the same time as the efficacy is enhanced, adverse reactions will also be enhanced.

There is also a “adverse reaction” column in the manual. This column mainly explains the side effects of this drug. Through this column, we can predict the potential danger of the existence of this drug. In fact, each medicine has adverse reactions, which is the inherent attribute of the medicine. For example, drugs such as ibuprofen are irritating to the gastrointestinal tract. I can expect to reach its adverse reactions. If the patient’s stomach is not good, I will not recommend using this medicine, or if you have to take this medicine, to avoid adverse reactions to the patient’s stomach. Mucosa protection medicine.

Generally speaking, the more detailed the adverse reactions are listed, to a certain extent, it reflects that the medicine has done sufficient pharmacology and clinical verification, and the safety may be better. Some people are accustomed to using drugs that have not written any adverse reactions or adverse reactions, which are marked with “unclear” medicines, and mistakenly believe that this shows that the drug has no adverse reactions, and some of the adverse reactions listed in some drug manuals are doubtful and dare not dare to dare Drugs are actually misunderstandings.

Clear taboos to avoid danger

The pharmaceutical manuals are “disabled”, “avoid” and “use cautiously”.

“Disable” means that some patients cause serious adverse reactions or poisoning, so use. For example, aspirin indicates that “patients with gastric duodenal ulcers are disabled”, if patients with gastric duodenal ulcers are used, they may cause digestive tract bleeding; Using it may further increase blood pressure and bring danger.

“Avoid” means that some drugs may have serious adverse reactions to patients with large differences in certain individuals, so they should be avoided when they are not enough. “Use with caution” is a warning proposed by some special crowds such as children, elderly people, pregnant mothers or liver and kidney dysfunction. It is cautious when reminding to use it, but it can still be used. If you don’t pay attention to the taboos on the instructions, you will ignore the danger and the unexpected dangers. Therefore, you must check carefully before using the drug.

Follow the drug approval number

The approval number is equivalent to a drug ID card. You can check whether it is a fake medicine based on the approval number of the medicine. The query method is very simple. As long as you log in to the website of the State Food and Drug Administration, enter the approval number to enter, you can find out whether the drug is available

Approval documents for listing. If it is not found, it means that the medicine in your hand is fake, and its approval number is also fake. Through the approval number, you can also know whether this medicine is Chinese or western medicine. The approved number starts with the uppercase letter H. At the beginning of Z, it shows that it is a Chinese medicine, and Z is the pinyin of the “Chinese” word “Chinese medicine”.

Follow the product batch number

There will be product batch numbers on the packaging of medicines. What does the product batch number mean? In the process of production, although the raw materials are the same as the process, the medicines produced by each batch are still different in quality. So for each batch of drugs to prepare a fixed serial number as a batch number, it consists of a set of numbers or letters plus numbers. Once a medication accident occurs, you can track the whereabouts of these drugs after the batch number. You may have heard that there is a recall system for drugs. When the drugs have problems, the regulatory authorities will recall the medicine according to the batch number. In other words, which batch of medicines have had quality problems, which batch of drugs are recalled. In addition, when we manage drugs in pharmacies, we are also managed in accordance with the batch number. The hospital will record the batch number of each medicine when it is in the warehouse. If there are serious adverse incidents in the drugs, the drug regulatory authorities will announce the announcement that the pharmacies will be recalled, and the pharmacy will find the medicine out of the shelves according to the batch number.

Check the validity period to ensure storage safety

Check the effective period of the medicine before taking the medicine. Do not take the expired medicine, throw it if you throw it.

The validity period of the medicine is usually expressed in valid or failure. The validity period refers to the period that the drug can meet the prescribed quality under the prescribed storage conditions. If the pharmaceutical period is valid for November 2013, it means that the drug is still valid on November 30, 2013, and it will fail on December 1, 2013. The failure period refers to the time after the expiration of the pharmaceutical date to the validity period from the date of production. If the failure period of the medicine is November 2013, it means that the time that this medicine can use is October 31, 2013, and

It will fail until November 1, 2013.

If the medicine can’t be eaten at a time, it must be preserved properly. After some people bought the medicine home, they removed the packaging and threw them away. Some people poured the medicine out of the aluminum foil and packed them into a small bottle. They poured them out when they were eaten. They felt so convenient. In fact, it is wrong to do this. Putting the medicine in the aluminum foil vacuum environment is to prevent drug degradation and prevent drugs from oxidizing the air. Pulling the medicines out of the small bottle is convenient to eat, but after a long time, the drug has no effect, and it will not work if you eat it.

Pharmaceutical storage precautions will have related instructions on the instructions. Some say that they should be placed in a cool place, some say that they need to be refrigerated, some need to avoid light, and some are stored at room temperature. Generally, room temperature refers to below 25 ° C. The cooling place is stored in the environment below 20 ° C. The refrigerated temperature refers to the temperature of 2 ° C to 8 ° C in the refrigerator, that is, the temperature of freshness. Frozen is about -18 ℃.

Another point is that the medicine cannot be stored in a humid place, and the drug is easy to mold and deteriorate, so the kitchen and bathroom cannot be placed. The following is often easy to be ignored: Many medicines open the bottle cap and find that there is a cotton or a bag of desiccant. Do you throw it directly, or do you put it back to the medicine bottle after taking the medicine? Many people’s subconscious movements are to put it back. It’s wrong to do so. Cotton or desiccant plays a drying effect in a sealed environment. Once the pill is opened, the cotton or desiccant will absorb the water outside the medicine bottle. Essence Therefore, the correct way is to throw away the cotton or desiccant, and then tighten the bottle cap. Moreover, do not throw away the packaging box of the medicine. It is best to write the name of the medicine, use method, use the symptoms, the bottle opening date, and the validity period. The medicine must be placed where children cannot touch. Many careless mothers put the medicine in the place where the baby can get. The baby may be taken by mistake because of fun, which will cause the consequences of drug poisoning.


Introduction to Jilian Mei:

Pharmacist Pharmacist, Director of Pharmacy, Beijing Human Mujia Rehabilitation Hospital

Master of Pharmacy of Xiehe Medical University, Chinese Pharmaceutical Pharmacist, and passed the same qualifications for foreign pharmacists in the United States. Before joining the Beijing Human Family Rehabilitation Hospital, he successively worked at the Beijing International SOS Rescue Center, the Wal -Mart -chain pharmacy in New Jersey, and Beijing Hoomu Family Hospital. In addition to work, he is committed to popularizing the knowledge of safe medication and reasonable medication to the public through the Internet, television, magazines, newspapers and other media.

Sina Weibo:@新 新 新 梅 梅 新

WeChat public account :: Jilianmei Pharmacist

Personal works: “Jilian Mei Tan: Chinese people should use this medicine”

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