Attention to buying a car! Spend a few thousand dollars more, only to buy it back and find it fake?

Attention to buying a car! Spend a few thousand dollars more, only to buy it back and find it fake?

If Chinese consumers care most about the configuration of car interiors, then the seat material is often one of the most agreed answers. Indeed, if the seat material of a car feels delicate and the visual effect is luxurious, it will definitely improve the comfort and sense of grade of the vehicle a lot, and in so many kinds of seat fabric materials, consumers’ favorite is undoubtedly “leather” or “leather” fabric seats, but do you know that the “leather seat” on the configuration sheet is not necessarily leather material, and the professor will tell you about the doorway today.

We must first understand the three major types of car seat fabric materials: fabric, leather, and synthetic materials.

Fabric seats on the Toyota Century

The first type is fabric, which is actually textile cloth or flannel, which is generally more common in low-end models, but this is not necessarily, such as the Toyota Land Patrol parallel import Middle East version priced at sixty or even millions also mostly use fabric seats, and the production cost of some flannel fabric seats is not low at all, and it is used in high-end flagship cars, such as Toyota Century.

Leather seats

The second type is leather, which strictly refers only to “genuine leather”, that is, real animal skin. Most of the genuine leather fabrics of cars are skinned from cows, sheep, horses and other animals, and are made after dyeing and processing by various different processes, which is complex and costly, and we will continue to elaborate later.

“Suede” seats

The third category is synthetic materials, commonly known as “imitation leather” or “artificial leather”, which includes Alcantara “suede” fabrics that have been common in recent years on high-performance and sporty models.

“Real” cowhide

As mentioned earlier, only after peeling off the animal, the processed leather fabric can be called “genuine leather”, so the “leather seats” marked on the model configuration sheet are not necessarily leather.

imitation leather

Generally speaking, most of the low-end models below 300,000 are limited by manufacturing costs and prices, and the material of their leather seats is almost all “imitation leather”, and only models priced above 300,000 or luxury brands will really use genuine leather fabrics. But this is not necessarily, such as Lexus ES in luxury brands, the middle and low configuration is imitation leather seats, and the high configuration is leather.

Take the real Lexus ES imitation leather seats

However, imitation leather fabrics are not necessarily bad, imitation leather is also good or bad, some high-end imitation leather is even almost the same as genuine leather in the naked eye and touch, to the point of being fake.

Although some high-grade imitation leather can achieve a similar texture to genuine leather, we can still use some simple ways to distinguish between genuine leather and imitation leather.

The first method is to press the seat fabric with your fingers, if it is genuine leather, when pressing, there will be obvious wrinkles on the surface of the fabric, and after the fingers are removed, the wrinkles will disappear immediately, and if it is imitation leather, even if it is made soft, the hand feels delicate, and there will be no wrinkles when pressed hard with your fingers.

The second method is to smell with the nose, for new cars, if it is genuine leather, the nose is attached to the fabric, and if it is carefully smelled, there will be a unique protein odor of animal leather, and if it is imitation leather, it will usually be a pungent plastic smell.

Some luxury brand models are equipped with leather seats on the table, with some proper nouns added to the front, which usually represent different craftsmanship and grades of leather fabrics.

Nappa leather

Nappa: This process originated in the United States and was carried forward in Korea in the 70s, when it was mainly used in the field of fur and bags, this process is not sanded and embossed, only slightly coated to ensure the most original breathability and touch of the leather, the surface is mostly grained soft grid, smooth and soft. The disadvantage is that leather is more delicate, the durability is average, generally after tens of thousands of kilometers will begin to appear some irreparable wrinkles and scratches, and the breathability is not very good.

Mercedes S-Class Designo leather

Designo/Artico: Designo fabric is the highest specification of Mercedes-Benz’s many seat fabrics, leather from the best calf back leather from northern German farms, delicate texture, soft, breathability and comfort are excellent, usually at the seat back will have Designo nameplate, using two-tone or diamond style, commonly found in Mercedes-Benz S-Class and other high-end models, and Artico is just a texture close to leather imitation leather fabric, everyone should be clear.

BMW 7 Series Merrino leather

Dakota/ Merrino: Dakota is a common high-end leather fabric on BMW models, its feel is not as delicate as other types of leather fabrics, but special attention is paid to slip resistance, and there is obvious graininess when touched, while Merrino fabric is more delicate than Nappa material, comparable to Mercedes-Benz’s Designo fabric, which is currently mainly used in the flagship model 7 Series.

Range Rover aniline leather

Aniline and semi-aniline leather: aniline leather is the most high-grade type of genuine leather fabric, it uses aniline as a dye to highlight the natural texture and touch of the leather, imperfections are difficult to hide, so the raw material must be 0 disabled animal leather. Semi-aniline leather, on the other hand, uses leather with a small amount of imperfections and a small amount of other types of dye to mask the imperfections on the leather, so it is slightly lower grade than aniline leather.

After reading today’s article, everyone must have a certain understanding of the material of the car seat fabric. Although fabrics of various materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, but with the increasing number of models that use “leather seats” today, it is still necessary to know how to distinguish whether these “leather seats” are genuine leather or imitation leather, so that you can have a number in your heart and avoid unnecessary embarrassment when chatting with others!

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