Aerospace cloud clothes full of true color TPU color mask surprises listing

On the afternoon of November 23, 2021, the Space Cloudy “Next” The new product conference and the brand strategy summit kicked off in the beautiful Shanghai Bund. The leaders of the group, the leaders of SWM China, and the leaders of the Kyushu Exhibition Media Group attended the conference, gathered together with partners from the country, gathered in the brand, and founded the new product.


Innovative products, glow brand new potential energy

The new species in the field of automobile membranes is born, both of them will be a blue sea for brands or partners. As a star product in the history of China’s aerospace, standing in new historical turning points, aerospace cloud clothes open up market space with new products, using the brand to master market initiative, create more new possibilities, let the space quality constantly glow The new value of the aura, lead the market consumption trend with colors.


At the press conference, the group leaders Tian Dong said: the exploration of aerospace cloud, not the passive water, but based on the insight into the future society and the concept of creating value for customers, the birth of aerospace cloud clothes, not only marking the brand by mass Going to the international cutting edge, also marks the breakthrough progress in the Group’s automotive services. In the future, the aerospace clouds will take the new track with the trend of the lead.

Strong union, continuously deepen international cooperation

Open is the background of innovation, the new motivation of the inclusive development, and the aerospace clouds will stick to the cause of hard work, brave to the difficulties to attack the difficulties, and open up the market, to open the market, with freedom, inclusive, open business philosophy to open the market pattern. Combine the development of its own development with the industry, constantly explore international cooperation, leading the development of China’s car film market. In 2021, he joined the international top material supplier SWM, customer-centric, with space spirit as this innovation to create a full-fire color film.

All-in-one real color, open industry new field

From the space products to the art, from the follow-up market to lead the trend, the aerospace cloud clothes break the industry imagination, the breakthrough can use the true color efficient polymerization technology, use the functional layer and the perfect combination of the substrate, successfully created the new species of the automobile industry Take the real color, truly realize the double fusion of paint protection and paint coloring function, open the new field of the film market.

Eternal master, reproduce master artistic color

It depends on the chance of baptism, but also pass the artistic breath and rich emotions, and the distinctive color system is the core competitiveness of the aerospace cloud. It is derived from the color inspiration of 8 world art painting masters, breaking the traditional constraints. Surprisingly, let full protection and true color, support the harmonious balance between technology and art, give the space cloud 360 degrees. Bring a wonderful product experience for every car owner, leading the new trend of consumption in the car market.


Hug market, marketing driver channel development


The new release will only start, hug the market is the ultimate goal, in addition to the product quality is hard, in the marketing level,


Aerospace clouds are bold through, cross-border cooperation, innovation, integration, with all true color, continuously strengthen the comprehensive publicity operation of the media, combined with the Internet new media operation, effectively promote the depth spread of the new product; simultaneously focus the terminal shop, from the perspective of consumption Departure, the establishment of the new visual image system, accurate marketing strategy, help merchants quickly lock consumers, greatly enhance brand new marketing efficiency, help sales growth.

In the era of homogenization, new species brings new opportunities. In terms of users, the true color of the whole rush has solved the pain points of the car life, and it has a total protection and artistic color, bringing a better consumer experience; The outline of aerospace cloud clothes will be further branded into the user’s mind; in the industry, the influence of the new species of color will lead the progress and development of the car industry. As a new generation of TPU color changing flagship, the official release of aerospace clouds, has been signed with all guests and distributors, and signed a contract, Zhang Nan, General Manager of Aerospace Cloud, to issue a brand for the first partner Certificate of Authorization.

The next one, better, the market is the future, and the aerospace clouds will continue to inherit the space spirit and take the road to the times. Join hands with the national partners to hold the initial mission, play a pioneering role, promote the ecological construction of the entire car, contribute to the space force.


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