38-year-old Chen Yuxi wearing a skirt! Curve is a beautiful skin whiten, and the husband is so sweet.

Recently, Chen Xiao and Chen Yuxi have photographed the spring cover for a magazine. In the photo, Chen Xiao’s value, as always, I saw him smiling and looking at her wife, and her eyes were full of love for Chen Yuxi. Chen Yuxi also looked at Chen Xiao, the two veins Broken a netizen.


Chen Yizhi wearing a tender yellow hollow sweater, with a high-open fork knit, sitting on the cabinet, showing a pair of beautiful legs, and the desire to add a unique sexy to Chen Yuxi. Chen Xiao took a card, and the clothes were sitting on the ground. He closed his eyes and lighted his eyes on Chen Yuxi’s legs, enjoy the exclusive time of the two. The light shadow sprinkled in the face of two people, and the atmosphere was full.


In the subsequent screen, Chen Yuxi lies in the bed to pillow his arm, close your eyes, can’t help but rise to the rush to reveal the highly iconic sweet smile. Chen Xiaoyu took his upper body probe to see Chen Yuxi’s sleep, seeing his wife’s smile and couldn’t help but laugh, the old husband of the old husband is naturally warm.

Chen Xiao and Chen Yuxi were in a semi-stair in the context of the year, and Chen Yuxi, who was wearing a strong sense of conflict with surrounding a sense of conflict, reached the deep feelings of the entire picture. She is like unintentional to Chen Xiao’s collar. White rabbit, look at the look innocence of the camera. Chen Xiaoji, the hand-held railing tried to escape Chen Yuxi brought him a shock, but a trace of confused in his eyes exposed his heart being “rabbit”.

Chen Yuxi helplessly squatting on the side of the ground, the desolate in the eyes, Chen Xiao is sitting on the chair to show a beautiful side, and the Jieji star seems to be tailored to him, but tall The nose also added a lot of infantiles. When Chen Xiao and the two were separated, they were both low thinking. After losing their love, they came together.

Chen Yuxi lying alone on the floor, the tight-fitting dress will show her good figure. Slightly messy hairstyles let Chen Yuxi have been fascinated, but the right hand of the sofa has added some of the vitality of the sofa, and the two temperament filled with the contradictory feelings are integrated with Chen Yuxi. Her The fashion expression is worthy of being affirmed.


The high level is full, the tip is full of sweet small details. Chen Xiao and Chen Yuxi looked at each other when shooting, but in a few seconds, two people couldn’t help but hanged the smile of death. Chen Xiao was shy, and the line of sight was moved elsewhere. Chen Yuxi exposed two charming small dimples, and the two were ashamed like a little couple just determined.

Chen Xiao and Chen Yuxi have been married since marriage, and they have repeatedly passing the divorce rumors. However, Chen Yuxi will only emphasize the relationship between the two people, the marriage life is very happy, and Chen Xiao is in his opinion. Maybe two people do not need a foreigner.

Marriage and whether the happiness is always just two parties, and the outsiders are governed by the side. I hope that Chen Xiao and Chen Yuxi will continue to live in a happy life, and crush all the rumors in actual actions.

# 陈晓 #


# 陈妍希 #


# 陈晓 陈 希 同 #





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