What kind of experience is it from KTM RC390 owners?

To be honest, as a rid of a cross ride, I really refused my rider.

从KTM RC390车主换成巡鹰,是一种什么样的体验?

Especially when the truck is still a KTM brand, the feeling of suddenly turned from the wolf into a small sheep who slaughtered, the difference is really huge.

Have a cross-ride scooter?

Just, as a family member, what is the mouth that needs to spend money at home, the Lord said to buy it, if you want to ask why you want to buy, then you are like, not so much. Why.

Looking at the broken electric car, I bought a pedal, I’m very good, at least she occasionally can bought the food.

Since it is necessary to buy a scooter, then affirm the first push Yamaha, don’t think. As a local rider in Hunan, the famous Zhuzhou Yama, who has never heard.

Considering that it is certainly two people, Xiaoge Fuxi will be a bit restful, just caught up with the patrol release.

This big cushion, love; domineering body, proper

从KTM RC390车主换成巡鹰,是一种什么样的体验?

Although many people are called fat fish before released, this is nothing affected, it may be a little better.

从KTM RC390车主换成巡鹰,是一种什么样的体验?

Holding such an idea, but also tapping the dealer for a car, as the saying goes, I will buy early, buy three days later, don’t buy a regret for three years. On this matter, the pursuit is a fast.

There is also a small episode, and when the car is fixed, there is a gray green wheel, and there is a radio orange, which is the so-called Tu Haojin. These two colors are really hesitant.

Later, considering the wheel is too easy to dirty. Every time you have to clean it, you have to choose the flow orange.

On the day of the car, it is actually a little excitement. I thought that this scooter should not make me feel, it is not a tens of thousand pedals. After seeing the car, I feel that this TM does not match the picture, the real car is better than the picture! ! !

从KTM RC390车主换成巡鹰,是一种什么样的体验?

Vehicle configuration

从KTM RC390车主换成巡鹰,是一种什么样的体验?

The origin of the fat fish name is inseparable from the front headlights, and the front headlights account for one-half of the front face, it looks full.

从KTM RC390车主换成巡鹰,是一种什么样的体验?

The car is like the front headlights, big! gas!

从KTM RC390车主换成巡鹰,是一种什么样的体验?

Common pedal motorcycles, the instrument is placed in the middle of the steering handle, used to save space, so that the vehicle looks more smart. The patrol is reversed,

Separate the instrument with the handle, which is why the front of the patrol will look so much reason, but the benefit is in the process of riding, the reading of the vehicle data is more convenient.

从KTM RC390车主换成巡鹰,是一种什么样的体验?

It doesn’t need to be special to see it.

The brake design of the front disc rear drum is very common on the scooter.

The most familiar thing is this

Blue core engine

From the beginning of the birth, almost every car, I ride,

从KTM RC390车主换成巡鹰,是一种什么样的体验?

Quiet is the biggest impression that left to me.

The vehicle can only hear very slight engine sound.

从KTM RC390车主换成巡鹰,是一种什么样的体验?

Have to admit that Yamaha did one hand on the craft of the scooter, and many unrearer small details will make people feel very intimate.

In addition to touched the touched ability, the small object bar before the car is secretly equipped with a USB interface, which can bring a lot of convenience.

Although it is not very big, the half helmet can be accommodated, and the built-in small light bulb can be convenient for us to find what we want.

The position of the pedal is not too wide, but it is absolutely enough. It is not everyone who wants everyone to put the suitcase on the foot. If it is a normal riding environment, there is enough stretch space.

从KTM RC390车主换成巡鹰,是一种什么样的体验?

The biggest difference should be comfortable.

从KTM RC390车主换成巡鹰,是一种什么样的体验?

Qiao and Fu Yu don’t have to say more, with a small suit, if you ride, you will feel a little exhausted. The patrol is better, thanks to the large cushion, and the ride feels quite comfortable.

Yamaha patrol, really fragrant!

I have never been a happy monitian, at least in the motorcycle. The RC in the home is not used by the homework, and the backache is back pain.

But this patrol, I have to say it, it is really comfortable.

When I was sitting on the first time, I feel that I never want to ride RC. I am a little disappointing from buying a car. I don’t want to come down after riding. I can only say a sentence: true fragrance!

从KTM RC390车主换成巡鹰,是一种什么样的体验?

The identity of the car is still very high

Plus on our eighteen small cities, the right is relatively small, and you can recognize it. Tu Haojin color, extraordinary appearance of the cranes.

Occasionally and friends go out to run running mountains, and it is easy to come and meet, and the scooter is very advantageous.

Summer riding a car, don’t say, bring full weird armed arms, it is a very tired thing. Drinking this kind of coffee, give it over to the patrol, a helmet can be happy, save a lot of cumbersome operations.

从KTM RC390车主换成巡鹰,是一种什么样的体验?

Many people buy a car, and want to pursue performance, I want to look at it, I want to be cheap, what is the reality?

从KTM RC390车主换成巡鹰,是一种什么样的体验?

More realistic, no matter how many motorcycles have you bought, there will be a pedal! that is because

从KTM RC390车主换成巡鹰,是一种什么样的体验?

On this matter, there is no other model to surpass the pedal.

Yamaha patrol oil, quiet, 30 yuan 92 gasoline, 250 kilometers is more than enough, usually there is no problem with a weekly oil.

125 The driving force is enough for everyday use. The maximum form is 90 yards, it may actually be 80, but this is also related to personal weight, if a 200 pound fat man rides, it must be faster.

There is of course a shortcomibility, first I hope that the manufacturer can upgrade the brakes, then the reducing, reducing, the feeling is not very good, encountering the pothoration section, the damping will be slightly insufficient, if it can shock the shock after the barrel It should be more comfortable and stable than now.


Although I bought a patrol, it was purely for the opportunity, but I wanted to think about it. Although the pedal is worse than talking, it is a perfect choice in the daily use, and when the traffic jam is If you buy something, you can put it down, and you will be quite convenient.

从KTM RC390车主换成巡鹰,是一种什么样的体验?

Never thought that he had a day, it would become a true fragrance party, another car in the garage, it seems to be really gray.

从KTM RC390车主换成巡鹰,是一种什么样的体验?

* Thanks Hunan patrol users: Tiantai Motor Picture provides graphic, video.

▼ Riding a patrol, call the gift ~ ▼

从KTM RC390车主换成巡鹰,是一种什么样的体验?

Weibo / shake / WeChat three platforms

Welcome the national patrol owners to engage in things!

从KTM RC390车主换成巡鹰,是一种什么样的体验?

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